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HIST 177 Week 10 Notes

by: Rachel Sung

HIST 177 Week 10 Notes HIST 177

Rachel Sung
GPA 3.51

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About this Document

Week 10 Notes "Post-War CA Megatrends"
California History
Gregory Graves
Class Notes
hist, history, hist 177, history 177
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Sung on Monday March 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 177 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Gregory Graves in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see California History in History at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 03/07/16
California Post-War Megatrends Wednesday, March 2, 2016 8:49 PM ***Midterm 3*** - Party 1: CA agribusiness, Grapes of Wrath, subsequent agricultural migration to CA ○ Pay attention to the questions to help lead you through the essay - Part 2: CA growth since 1900 ○ 3 main subjects or events (2 will appear on exam, write about 1)  1 oil business and highways  Movie business/entertainment industry  WWII ○ THEN tie it to post-war CA megatrends and growth GI Bill - 1946 passed bill - Gave veterans cheap loans for houses and education - Lead to housing boom and more educated peoples - Huge population growth - Between 1940-60, CA grew faster than any decade before then ○ Why? Because millions of service people & families came to CA during the war to train and they just stayed ○ In 1962, CA becomes most populated state in the union (surpassing previous most popular Reasons for population growth state, New York) - Millions of service people & families came to CA during war to train & decide to stay Big league sports - GI Bill gives veterans cheap loans for houses & education - CA finally has big league sports ○ More people buying houses ○ Showed that CA was important cuz it had a big attraction that the important states had - Big league sports attract people to come to CA - Space Race against Soviets ○ Now CA had big attraction, making it a go-to place - Ex. Football (49ers, Rams come from Cleveland), baseball in 1958 (Giants, Dodgers) Response to population growth Urban sprawl - Urban sprawl/urbanization ○ Huge housing developments using tract home style - Basically major urbanization, moving from city like, to urban life where a bunch of houses are systematically built on a - LA is greatest example of this - Huge housing developments in LA using idea of Tract homes tract of land ○ Bunch of houses are built on a tract of land & look all the same - Expansion of public education ○ JCs, CSUs, UCs - Leads to Suburbias LA is biggest city in the world Sputnik - First orbiting satellite by the Soviets - Sent shockwaves in America and space race was on - So govt. poured huge amounts of money into space program to get ahead of Soviets - Since CA was already a major player in space engineering, only helped CA even more ○ Huge contracts were given out During WWII, Bay area was the center for developing Semiconductors - Made chips covered in silicon so today, this area is calledSilicon Valley During WWII, baby boom - After WWII, lots of these baby boomers were going to college and CA needed more education systems in place! - Lead to creation of Community colleges ○ Over 100 by 1970s - Expansion of California State University - University of California: At end of WWII, there was only UCB, UCLA, UCD, and the med schools ○ Expansion leads to UCSD, UCSB, etc. (now there is 10) - CA has the largest public educational institutions in the world Growth interruptions… in 1970s, rate of growth slows - 1971 - CA has big Sylmar Earthquake ○ Killed ~100 people ○ People get scared of this - Lots of delays ○ Since CA was growing SOOOO fast, there was delay in getting of water ○ Highways weren't keeping up with the population  Bad traffic, bad smog ○ Phones: took forever for you to receive a call because of all the relays that were being put in - 1973: OPEC Oil Embargo ○ Decided to withhold oil to the US ○ Caused spike in gas price and gas shortages ○ Great effect in CA since had lots of cars  People thought, "let's not move to the city right now" or they decide to leave - Peripheral Canal ○ In 1980s, CA says no to this canal ○ People were against bringing in more water to CA because that would be more growth, when CA was already growing TOO much - Loma Prieta Earthquake 1989 ○ Huge earthquake happened during Giants game ○ Double decker freeway collapsed ○ Most people were watching the game, instead of on the freeway, so not many people killed (compared to what could have been) Domestic immigration - From WWII to 1970s, most people came to CA from other states - But since then, CA has a lot of International Immigration from various parts of the world ○ At end of Vietnam War, large influx of people from Vietnam, etc. since the route would be HI, then CA  So many people stayed ○ Same thing happened after Korean War ○ So whenever there was a trouble spot in the world, people would immigrate to CA  Since CA was a major flight stop, many people just stayed in CA  (have to fly to CA before flying to another state A minority-majority state - So now CA is a minority-majority state Week 10 Page 1 - So now CA is a minority-majority state ○ White population is less than 50% - Second minority-majority state in USA (1st is HI) Week 10 Page 2


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