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Government and the Individual

by: infiniti williams

Government and the Individual ISS 230

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Social Work > ISS 230 > Government and the Individual
infiniti williams
Critical examination of the role of government in regulating individual behavior. Implications for cultural values and beliefs and modes of behavior. Analysis of consequences of different theories for resolving, or creating problems in public policy.
m. cowley

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About this Document

One week of notes on war
Critical examination of the role of government in regulating individual behavior. Implications for cultural values and beliefs and modes of behavior. Analysis of consequences of different theories for resolving, or creating problems in public policy.
m. cowley
Class Notes
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Popular in Critical examination of the role of government in regulating individual behavior. Implications for cultural values and beliefs and modes of behavior. Analysis of consequences of different theories for resolving, or creating problems in public policy.

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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by infiniti williams on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 230 at Michigan State University taught by m. cowley in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Critical examination of the role of government in regulating individual behavior. Implications for cultural values and beliefs and modes of behavior. Analysis of consequences of different theories for resolving, or creating problems in public policy. in Social Work at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
0 18901914 international labor force and lots of immigration to emigration from western europe 0 New industries drove economic growth and urbanization Growing capitalism led to rising inequalities industrialization changed how and where people worked widespread rural to urban migration from the land to the cities cities had diseaseridden slums small peasant farms 0 O O O O 0 Few Restrictions anywhere until 1914 O Exceptions l 1905 Britain restricted any of the jew l Poles restricted from entering german empire l Russian empire internal passport controlled much of the migration 0 But most viewed immigration as a positive force in the economy 0 WW1 signals increasing state regulation or sponsoring of migration 0 Migration abroad nearly ceased in 1914 0 some foreign workers forced to stay to contribute to war labor force 0 some foreign workers recruited from other areas of Europe colonial conscripted Q Armsistice in 1919 O Refugees from russian civil war war between russia and britain 0 set off refugee crisis 0 France employed foreign labor more than any other European country in the 1920 s 0 Force laborers were prisoners also 0 Worldwide economic depression in the 1930 s stock market crash 0 immigration heavily restricted O victims of persecution tried to emigrate jews political ethnic minorities within some countries 0 face heavy barriers O depression felt in europe as well german needed Us to help pay off war debts to france and britain 0 Types of Migration during WW2 O examples l troops and POW s l displaced persons and refugees I forced laborers l labor and death camps and victims of the holocaust FILM NOTES WORLD WAR 2 AND THE HOME FRONT TOTAL WAR 0 1939 people go to war TOTAL WAR 0 1936 film whats next to come showed what war was to come 0 1937 l shinghai is bombed l peoples were bombed O 1939 ngh explosives gas attacks Hltlers invasion of poland started the war in europe children moved away from the citiesBritish children moved to US No us civilians were under attacked O Germans felt they were safe on the home front I School girls worked on trains School boys went to find burns I all unmarried women between 2030 were drafted to work in factory production made them targets in total war GOOD 0 British bombings Q 1940 O Hltler attacks almost every night 0 more than thousands were killed 3000 were injured in the raids O plymouth city the worst 0 the attack on the people was sort of an accident 0 january 1942 O factory production became war production 0 US joined war President roosevelt O shipyard US liberty ship was created on the homefront hoping to protect from war 0 whole families were working on shipyard 0 Soviet Union 0 1941 soviets were invaded by german troops ordered to kill enslave the people and take over the land 0 hit the borders of SU in many places 0 British ordered for the men young boys included to be shot and the area burned 0 September 1941 l winter where food became scarce 0 bread rations became terrible the food was terrible 0 weather fell below 40 degrees 0 on christmas day 3700 died 0 those who laid down died those who stayed on their feet lived 0 bread was made from saw dust Q soup was made from glue 0 Summer of 1943 0 allied bombing of hamburg liquidation 0 42000 in one week were killed 0 Japanese attack on the chinese 0 liquidation of the chinese 0 japanese troops were given the order to make the land unhabitable O burn all kill steal all see a house burn it see a family kill them see a animal slaughter it Q seized chinese people to force labor 0 students were taken out of school to become full time workers 0 1945 americans began bombing attack 0 b29 attack 0 raid of tokyo was the worst I sent half a million bombs in one nightweek I children lied around like dummies l 334 planes l 120000 civilians in hours more than any other I japan surrendered Q 55 million lives 6X as world war 1 O 6 million jews 0 more civilians lost their lives than soldiers 0 European origins of the Great Depression 0 AustriaGermany borrow money from us to pay war debts to france and england O france england pay debts owed to US for WW1 0 system dependent on flow of cash from US 0 investors begin to pull out in 1928 Q WW2 and European migration 0 Sept 1 1939 invasion of poland official start of WW2 O Blitzkrieg lightning war strategy I sent tanks in first then came soldiers O Lebensraum and resettlement of ethnic Germans in occupied territories to the East 0 1940 germany occupies denmark norway belgium and france O W1 2 years Germanyit control virtually of all W Europe 0 Bomb british cities the Blitz 0 leaves only britain fighting the germans others were completely wiped out 0 Operation Barbarossa O Lebensraum living space 0 stalin ignores warnings of impending invasion 0 june 221941 Massive german invasion 0 12 million forced laborers to germany Q Nazi camps and genocide O 23 Europesjews O gypsies O homosexuals O communists O slavs O Einsatzgruppen mobile killing squads follow germany army into USSR with operation Barbarossa Q Holocaust O jews deported from ghettos all over Europe in cattle cars spring 1942 O 6 specially designed death in camps in E europe O Murderpoison gas 0 Estimated number of jews killed 6 million 0 Postwar to 1973 0 large scale demand for labor I migration from countryside to cities I migration from less industrialized to more industrialized european countries I importation of labor foreign guest workers to germany l migration from former colonies to france and britain 0 economics benefit to importing country considerable and native population tolerated foreign labor more when there was need for it and labor shortage until early 1970 s 0 why profitable to importing country foreign laborers I not incuded in union agreementsthus represented very little longterm cost to the employer I held generally in entrylevel positions and wages I lived apart from native population in many cases in poorer developments in suburbs outside of cities 0 for the first time europe a continent of immigration with different races a visible presence 0 commonwealth immigration act of 1962 in Britain places controls on nonwhite immigration to the UKrestrictions tightened more in 1968 and in 1971 a further act was overtly directed at limiting a nonwhite immigration 0 Cold war migration 0 construction of the Berlin wall 1961 I 19491961 35 million east germans fled to west germany 0 oil crisis 0 OPEC countries institute oil embargo against western powers 1973 0 second oil price rise in 1979 O stagflation wageprice inflation and economic lowdown at the same time Q hardening of attitudes towards foreign workers l 1977 report of a federal commission in germany stated germany is not an immigrant country 0 Late 20th century 0 19741989 great oil crisis and prolonged unemployment problems Attempts to send immigrants back home backfire 0 19892004 Lots of east to west migration after dissolution of Soviet Union and communist governments in eastern Europe 0 Creation of European Union and idea of fortress Europe 0 yugoslaviacommunist country I wars seccession eghnic cleansing genocide Q croatia199192 Q bosnia herzegovina 199295 0 kosov019992000 0 300000 killed 0 millions exiled 0 21st century I wars in Iraq Afghanistan and Syria produce large numbers of refugees seeking to reach Europe I European Union EU 0 28 member states 0 fortress europe Q Schengen area most EU states plus a couple of non EU european states 0 intended to abolish borders within this area


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