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Resume and Cover Letter (Week 8)

by: Alexis Liberatore

Resume and Cover Letter (Week 8) STCM 10800 04

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Strategic Communication > STCM 10800 04 > Resume and Cover Letter Week 8
Alexis Liberatore
Communication in Organizations
Professor Kristina Harrison

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About this Document

Here is how to write a good resume, cover letter, and how to behave in an interview.
Communication in Organizations
Professor Kristina Harrison
Class Notes
Communication in Organizations, resume, Cover Letter, interview, notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Liberatore on Monday March 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to STCM 10800 04 at Ithaca College taught by Professor Kristina Harrison in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Communication in Organizations in Strategic Communication at Ithaca College.

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Date Created: 03/07/16
Communication in Organization Notes Resumes and Cover Letters 3216 How to write the perfect resume What is a resume Personal and professional 0 Has info about you Educann Career Objective Work Experience activities AwardsHonors Other Special Skills OOOOO Essentials 1 page 1012 pnt font Readable font Use spell check and triple check for typos Top 10 pet peeves Spelling Errors Grammar and Punctuation Too DutyOriented Inaccurate dates none Inaccurate or missing contact info Formatting Functional Resumes Long Resumes Long paragraphs Unquali ed Candidates 10Personal info that is unrelated QWFP P PWN Begin Resume Put your name address email and phone number at the very top of the resume Bold Name Name Name 123 Stress address Someemailjobcom Home123456789 Cell987654321 What is your Objective A statement that is the rst line after your personal info Sentence fragment with descriptive phrases and minimal punctuation Include Skills Avoid being to general Avoid being Stupid Be clear and Concise Educann Do not include your high school Only include your GPA if it is above a 30 Academic honors Recent graduate Ma Communications May 2013 Ithaca College Ithaca NY Dean39s List 35 GPA Relevant course Recent Still in school should include extracurricular actives projects or academic achievements Work Experience and Quali cations This section should either foIIow Education or come before The goal is to stand out Paid jobs volunteer Internships Include company name and location job title dates and duties Make this section clear concise weIIspaced organized bad use bullets Use action phrases Take out pronouns Specialized Skills This is usually the last section Sometimes it39s before work experience Similar to other sections Computer Skills such as specialized computer knowledge foreign language miIitary musicaI Additional Info Awards Testimonials Endorsements Patents Public Speaking Willingness to Travel Portfolio or Writing Samples References 0 Include name address email address and phone number of each reference 0 Make sure you ask their permission from your references before including their personal info 0 Consider giving your references a copy of a short bio and a copy of your resume 1 academic 1 job 1 other Organizing Reverse chronological Functional Imaginative Resume Style Organize experiences by type of function preformed Under each function give speci c examples 0 Place things in order of importance Ignore experiences that do not relate to the job 0 This type is appropriate for people with periods of unemployment jobs Resources at Ithaca Career Services Cover Letter What is a cover letter A supplement to the resume that provides more info Highlights key points from your resume Expresses your interest in a position Shows off quali cations Before writing 0 Research 0 Review websites brochures pamphlets If possible try to speak with the current employees 0 Figure out how to separate yourself from the pack Brainstorm and list reasons why you39re the best choice Remember 0 Don39t use Focus on the employer 0 1 page 0 Selling points Beginning the Letter 0 You should address the letter to a speci c person at the company o If you can39t nd it write quotDear hiring Managerquot 0 Don39t use quotTo whom it may concern Dear Sir or Madamquot Opening Paragraph 1 Grab reader s attention 2 Discuss the position 3 List references how you heard about the job 4 Highlight the main points you ll focus on later Body Paragraphs Refer to points in resume Emphasize strongest quali cationstop selling points Show how these quali cations will bene t the company you39re applying to You may provide examples of your achievements Be speci c PWNE Closing Paragraph 1 Ask for the interview 2 Set up a possible time and date 3 Try to use an active ending tell them that you will be contacting them in a few days 4 Thank them for their time Don39t forget to sign your letter Double and triple check SPLELLING Don t go over a page Customize cover letter Maintain friendly Interview Dress Code There are always exceptions but it39s better to be safe than sorry Always dress 2 levels above what you39re going for What you wear says a lot about you Black Charcoal or Navy are the best colors Should look good with a white collar shirt Men and Women Know the industry norms and make informed decisions based on that What to wear Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes Women no more than a 23quot heel Always wear a shirt with a collar Men Test Drive out t Don39t wear a heavy perfumecologne Make sure shoes are polished wear a belt Not too much makeup and accessories Be aware of your posture Hair should be neat Piercings 0 Men Remove all piercings 0 Women Earrings only Simple and conservative Cover Tattoos 0 Turn off cell phone Once you get the job 0 Dress for the job you want 0 Wear what your manager wears


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