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Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 1-8

by: Ke'Ania Hall

Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 1-8 75032

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > Foreign Language > 75032 > Uncle Tom s Cabin Chapters 1 8
Ke'Ania Hall
GPA 2.73
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery

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About this Document

Here is the second set of notes dealing with the summary of Chapters 1-8 and extra notes
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ke'Ania Hall on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 75032 at Bowling Green State University taught by Allan Emery in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 115 views. For similar materials see topics-Amer Renaissance in Foreign Language at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
Chapter 1 Uncle Tom s Cabin Notes Chapters 18 0 Arthur is worried because he is facing debt decides to sell some of his slaves to Mr Haley 0 They discuss the selling of Uncle Tom the best and most valued slave onhis land Mr Haley refuses to take just Uncle Tom and asks for a child They discuss the possible selling of Harry Eliza and George s son 0 Eliza talks to Emily Shelby about her worry of Harry being sold Chapter 2 Emily reassures her that Harry won t be sold 0 The life of George and Eliza is discussed Chapter 3 They are married Eliza is a maid while George is a factory worker who invented a machine to increase the speed of cleaning hemp George was removed by his owner to work menial labor due to making the assumption that George only invented because he was lazy George and Eliza lost two of their children and are very protective over Harry 0 Eliza more so than George o Fed up with being mistreated George visits Eliza and tells her of his plan to escape to Canada and buy Eliza and Harry s freedom 0 Eliza encourages George to practice Christian restraints and trust in God I George tells her of his master s desire for him to take another wife despite Eliza s protests George reminds her that marriage between slaves is unlawful 0 Chapter 4 0 It s nighttime when Aunt Chloe is cooking dinner while Mas r George is teaching Uncle Tom to write the letter G o All of the gathered slaves join in prayer and sing hymns while Mas r George reads the last chapter in Revelations 0 Arthur Shelby signs the papers that complete the selling of Uncle Tom and Harry I Arthur makes Mr Haley promise not to sell Uncle Tom to any mean slave owners I Mr Haley lies 0 Chapter 5 0 Arthur tells his wife Emily about the sale of Harry and Uncle Tom I She is appalled and scolds him for it I They argue I She tries to stop it but he says that the papers have already been signed 0 After overhearing the conversation Eliza takes Harry and warns Uncle Tom about the transaction I Uncle Tom pleads for Eliza and Harry to escape but he will stay I She tells them about her plan to escape to Canada and tells them to tell George to nd them when he reaches Canada too 0 Extra Notes 0 It is here that the reader can see the pure hatred Emily Shelby holds for slavery in the fact she calls it a sin 0 Mrs Shelby is used as a model by Stowe for how women should be in any time period 0 Here the reader can see that Stowe is showing that women have a secret voice and in uence over their husbands and what happens when the slaves are involved I The reader can also see the empowerment women have in their ability to think eely to a certain extent and be able to express themselves 0 Eliza is an important character here I She is seen as an empowerment just like Emily I She is seen as a strong intelligent caring mother and woman despite the fact she is an A ican American slave I Stowe uses Eliza to hit her targeted audience of women in general 0 Even though some of her audience may or not be mothers she is playing on their emotions to get them to see that slaves are humans and are mothers too 0 She wants her audience to feel sorry for the slaves while also showing that they are not helpless nor are they too ignorant 0 Chapter 6 o The next morning The Shelbys nd that Eliza and Harry have escaped Although Emily is happy Arthur is scared that Mr Haley would think that they helped them escaped 0 After hearing that Harry and Eliza had escaped Mr Haley decides to look for them himself 0 Chapter 7 The slaves and Emily try everything they can to stall the process 0 Here is one of the most famous scenes in the book the scene where Eliza is crossing the Ohio River Eliza is carrying Harry as she heroically jumps onto the ice after allowing Harry to rest at an inn When Mr Haley Sam and Andy nally arrives in the town where Eliza and Harry are staying Sam alerts Eliza to their arrival she grabs Harry and makes a run for it During her escape Eliza is racing across the rushing icy river 0 When she nally reaches the other side a man om her past Mr Symmes helps her nd shelter for the night 0 Extra notes This scene is very power 11 It can be seen as an act of a true mother and woman Only a mother would be this dedicated to protect her child om being separated om her This is one of the methods discussed earlier about how Stowe uses Eliza to touch the hearts of her female readers in a sense this could be viewed as her way to get more people to understand and believe that slavery is truly wrong and should be abolished 0 Chapter 8 o Angered that Eliza got away Mr Harley hires Loker and Marks to retrieve Eliza and Harry with the promise of 50 and Eliza if Harry is brought back


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