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Nutrition CH.2- Nutrition tools (week 2)

by: Samone Hodges

Nutrition CH.2- Nutrition tools (week 2) NUTR 214 - 01

Marketplace > Radford University > Nutrition and Food Sciences > NUTR 214 - 01 > Nutrition CH 2 Nutrition tools week 2
Samone Hodges
GPA 3.0
Introduction to Nutrition
Rachel Werkheiser

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About this Document

If You have any questions, feel free to contact me. My way of taking notes may not be the way You are used to. So, I am more than eager to explain and help You get the most out of Your investment.
Introduction to Nutrition
Rachel Werkheiser
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samone Hodges on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NUTR 214 - 01 at Radford University taught by Rachel Werkheiser in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Radford University.

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Date Created: 09/16/15
Nutrition 214 01 CHAPTER TWO Nutrition Tools week 2 1 Dietarv reference intake DRI sets values for nutrient intake of why people a 5 categories i RDA recommended dietary allowance ii AI adequate intake iii UL tolerable upper intake level iv EAR estimated average requirement 1 Nutrients and policy 2 Forms a basis of DRI based off of population V AMDR acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges values for carbohydrates fat and protein expressed as percentage of total calorie intake The brain and red blood cells use glucose for fuel 2 AMDR healthy balanced meal guide i Carbohydrates 50 ii Fat 25 iii Protein 25 Solid fat anything solid at room temperature DRI is based off of your demographic group pregnant breast feeding etc b Dietary guidelines i Science based 1 Balance calories to manage health 2 Increase intakes of certain nutrient dense food 3 Reduce intakes of certain foodscomponents 4 Build a healthy eating pattern ii IMPROVE ON 1 Choosing more amp fewer more nutrients less toxins 2 Decreasing alcohol intake moderate 3 Joys of eating iii Having a food group plan 1 Detrimental to people With diabetics 3 Nutrients in concern in the US a Kids iron deficiency b Pregnant women folic acid deficiency c Vegetarians vitamin B12 deficiency d Fiber e Calcium f Potassium g Vitamin D 4 Food subgroups a Vegetables i Darkgreen ii Red amp orange iii Legumes iv Starchy V Other vegetables b Protein i Seafood ii Meats poultry eggs iii Nuts seed soy products 5 Discretionarv calories allowance a Weight maintenance vs nutrient supplies b Sources c Nutrient dense foods 6 Diet planning a USDA food patterns i Minimum amounts needed from each food group ii Achieve the goals of the Dietary Guidelines 7 Exchange systems a Useful for everyone b Estimate values for Whole groups of foods c Focus on energy yielding nutrients daily value used for comparing foods good source 1019 comparing fOOdS 8 Structurefunction claims a no FDA approval b required label disclaimer c notification of FDA is sufficient Important Terms Antioxidants compounds that protect other compounds from damaging reactions involving oxygen Functional foods Whole or modified foods that contained bioactive food components Phytochemicals compounds in plants that confer color taste and other characteristics Probiotic good bacteria that confers a health benefit on the host Prebiotic food for probiotics that promotes their growth


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