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Unit 3: Elementary Chemistry and Molecules for Energy

by: Gabriela Alboucrek

Unit 3: Elementary Chemistry and Molecules for Energy BIL 150

Marketplace > University of Miami > Biology > BIL 150 > Unit 3 Elementary Chemistry and Molecules for Energy
Gabriela Alboucrek
GPA 4.1
General Biology (Lecture)
Michael Gaines

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About this Document

Basic Chemistry dealing with types of bonds, the atomic structure, features of organic compounds, isomers, functional groups, carbohydrates (monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides, glyc...
General Biology (Lecture)
Michael Gaines
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriela Alboucrek on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIL 150 at University of Miami taught by Michael Gaines in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see General Biology (Lecture) in Biology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/16/15
BlL150 General Biology Prof Michael S Gaines University of Miami The Big Ideas 1 Structure and function are directly correlated Structurefunction Cells are the structural and functional parts that make up an organism Organisms interact with their environment by exchanging matter and energy The continuity of life passes on through hereditary material known as DNA Feedback systems regulate biological systems Evolution unifies all areas of biology 933538 Definition of Biology the study of life The Hypothetico Deduction Method GOOD SCIENCE 1 Starts with an Observation 2 Then you ask a question 3 Then you create a hypothesis by using inductive reasoning going from a specific observation to making a general observation 4 Then you create a prediction by using deductive reasoning going from a general observation and applying it to a specific scenario 5 Then you test your hypothesis with an experiment 6 If the experiment supports your hypothesis test is again repetition is important 7 If the experiment does not support your hypothesis fix or change your hypothesis and retest Experimental Design made to falsify your Hypothesis 1 Make sure you have a treatment group and a control group 2 Make sure you have independent and dependent variables 3 Look out for confounding variables 4 Repeat your experiment four or five times Oxpeckers feed off of ungulates creating a symbiotic relationship known as conditional mutualism Symbiosis a relationship with when species live in direct contact with one another 3 types Conditionality 1 Mutualism both species benefit 2 Commensalism one species benefits and the other doesn39t benefit nor suffer 3 Parasitism one species benefits and the other suffers Oxpeckers eat ticks mites lice and facial secretions which provides protection for the ungulates Ungulates fed off of by oxpeckers have a lower risk of catching diseases from ticks have a lower tick reproduction rate on their bodies and have better appetites However when the tick count is low on an ungulate the oxpecker will become to wound the animal sucking it s blood Oxpeckers LOVE blood If the tick count is high on an ungulate the oxpecker will leave less wounds on the animal but if the tick count is low on the ungulate the tick will be more likely to wound the animal in order to feed Hypothesis a causal explanation for an event and is used for further observationsexperiments Theory an explanation that is broad and supported by A LOT of evidence Law a generalization that has been observed for a long time and never changes Bad science is science that was proven to be incorrect Example is Craniometry the belief that the shape of people s heads determines what crime they ve committed Ugly Science is unethical science like the medical experiments conducted on Jews in Nazi Germany CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING THINGS Order Reproduction Energy utilization Respond to the environment Homeostasis the steadystate physiological condition of the body jack rabbits have big ears to keep their body temperature the same Evolutionary adaptation Growth and development 535333 93 HIERARCHY OF BIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATION from bottom to top molecule gt organelle gt cell gt tissue gtorgan gt organ system gt organism gtpopulation gtcommunity gt ecosystem abiotic and biotic gt biosphere Biology in the 21 st century 1 Interdisciplinary different disciplines 2 Multidimensional uses different levels and aspects 3 Multimodal using different approaches to analyze problems 4 Technology enabled high through put technology Bioinformatics using computing power software and mathematical models to process and integrate biological information from large data sets 5 Emerging disciplines emergent properties systems biology looks how different organisms react to each other


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