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SMPA 2102 p1

by: Morgan Routman

SMPA 2102 p1 SMPA 2102

Morgan Routman
GPA 3.62
Introduction to Political Communication
Entman, R

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About this Document

Here are my notes from this week!
Introduction to Political Communication
Entman, R
Class Notes
SMPA 2102
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Routman on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMPA 2102 at George Washington University taught by Entman, R in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Political Communication in Cinema And Media Studies at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 09/16/15
SMPA 2102 09172015 Power and Illusion Reality is Constructed 0 Why Milgram is important Must analyze things in full context Political Communication 0 Framing to construct reality Frames in text Schemas in mind Power 0 Ability to get others to do things Coercion money persuasion exchange Ideology o Clusters of related schemas Democratic Accountability and Responsiveness o Reciprocal power ow from government to people 0 Public opinion as framed and constructed Response 0 Must decide of info given can be interpreted or framed differently May be moved to be interpreted that are valid or correct Theories of US Democracy now violated o Theories don t match reality 0 Party elites are misbehaving Media role in US Democratic Dysfunction Constructing the Political Spectacle 0 Trying to understand why people give autonomy to different authorities o The Edelman Challenge 0 People don t respond to information rationally Instead individuals subjectivity are constructed by elites through media a Individuals respond to the news used to generate support or opposition Constructed realities have real consequences a le Fear of black people and crime Schemas Mike Brown KAL and Iran Air Tragedies or Attacks 0 Levels of framing o Communicator 0 Text 0 Audience 0 Culture 0 Functions 0 Casual Analysis 0 Moral Evaluations o Remedy Power of Frames 0 Guide initial interpretations 0 Screen out contrary information 0 Difference in framing 0 Importance Moral vs Technical Discourse Agency IdenU cann Categorization Generalization OOOOO Framing quotPublic Opinionquot and Democratic Accountability 0 Use of Passive voice to remove agent Chong and Druckman 0 Thinking Feeling Attitude Framing tries to in uence attitude Framing of question effects weights and attributes considered Raises question about what version of public opinion we favor To be effective with Political Communications regarding Public Opinion 0 Availability 0 Accessibility 0 Applicability o If all of these are together then the frame is more likely to succeed o Emotions make things more accessible and applicable 0 Successful frames involve presence and absence Powerful frames compel obedience Framing Iraq and Falling Statues Genuine Democratic Accountability is Possible 0 We need Political Theory for Framing o What is left out o What are the emotional components 0 What are the visual or unconscious components Have to look at the creation and circulation of frames Frames are at multiple levels of association l schemas 0 Networking 0 Policom attempted to spread networks of association n mind Between individuals Between organizations Between elements in a text Between thoughts and emotions Between visuals and text ect o The framing process in com works at each level Political communicator Media communicator Communicating text Audience 0 Levels of Hierarchy where framing occurs 0000 0 Culture core values beliefs Strategic power holders NonStrategic mainstream media Communication texts on and of ine news Public Opinion Indicators Polls and elections Journalists like stories that are easy to report and understand Subverted contradictions contradicts dominant frame and is often ignored


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