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Class Notes 9/15/15 Socialization

by: Dominique Curry

Class Notes 9/15/15 Socialization SOC 100

Marketplace > Ball State University > SOC 100 > Class Notes 9 15 15 Socialization
Dominique Curry
GPA 3.8
Principles of Sociology

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About this Document

These are the 1st part of the notes of Socialization from Tuesday September 15th, 2015. Other half will come after 9/17/15(Thursday) of this week.
Principles of Sociology
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dominique Curry on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at Ball State University taught by Petts in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
Soc 100 September 15th 2015 Notes Socialization Process by which individuals develop their human potential and learn patterns of their culture society through social interaction 0 Develop human nature 0 Need society to develop fully Primary socialization basic understanding of lifeleam Ex toddlerstalk laugh eat solid foods smile Secondary socialization occurs later in life act differently according to surroundings Ex Specialized form careers majors Which is more important Nature Plays an important role in human development Nurture 0 Children in isolation 0 feral kids 0 Anna and Isabelle O Danielletextbook 0 development grossly stunted 0 doesn39t receive socialization and nurture by a certain age late Ex Sees fire and touches itdoesn39t know not to touch it never learned the do39s and don39ts BehaviorismSocial Learning Theory behavior is something that is learnedtrial and error 0 Trained his dog39s to know that when he rang a bell that meant it was time to eat sometimes he had no food but they still came Self ideas and concepts we have about who we are as our own person 0 learn our place in the world where we fit in in this big world our calling Charles Cooley 0 looking glass self 0 self is the product of our social interactions 0 form re exive behavior Ex Body image issuesteasing verbally society fitting the mold others want you to fit into George Herbert Mead 0 Development of the self is rooted in social experimentation and develop in stages 1 PrePlayImitation because you laugh baby laughs 2 Play Understanding of roles kid vacuum39s because parent does it 4 year olds playing soccer 3 Game Understanding of how multiple things interact cohesively at the same time 4 Generalized Other Understand societal expectations learn that theyYOU are not the center of the worldthings do not revolve around yourself anymore also the end of primary socialization 8 total but there are 4 main ones Family Education Peers talk act and dress like them do what they think is cool Mass Media we are involved subconsciously Others religion work place economy government etclimited access It allows us to know what to expect based on certain social settings and how to behaveact It maintains a social structure and social control For safety and comfort Makes us humanfeelingsemotions radical change of personality by altering environment discarding former behaviors and adopting new ones Takes place in a total institutionregulate life 0 isolated from society 0 activities conducted in groups 0 uses rewards and punishments to break down ones old identity EX prison religious cult militarysemi


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