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Week 4 Lecture notes History 2030

by: Maria Martinez

Week 4 Lecture notes History 2030 HIST 2030

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > History > HIST 2030 > Week 4 Lecture notes History 2030
Maria Martinez
GPA 3.5
Tennessee History
Derek W Frisby

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About this Document

These are the notes over week 4 of the lecture.
Tennessee History
Derek W Frisby
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Martinez on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Derek W Frisby in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see Tennessee History in History at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Week 4 Lecture Notes History 2030 Archaic Period 10000 years ago 8000 BC The ice caps that allowed the PaleoIndians to cross have melted by this point due to global warming Mammoths and mastedons began to die out leaving a gap in the Indian s food supply The nomadic people had to find a new food source and began to hunt small game like deer This led to development of AtlAtl A tool where the spear is attacked to handle increasing accuracy and lethality when thrown Allows distance hunting Was more successful than mammoths and mastedons Led to more food so more people this resulted in organized labor More work done more supplies will increase the population Developed aqua culture used hollowed bones as fish hooks Moved seasonally instead of nomadically because of the organized labor creating a society Burial techniques depicted social status When buried the bodies would also be buried with objects showing a belief in the afterlife Woodland Period 1000 BC500 AD Characteristics of this time are bows and arrows and pottery Important because they develop agriculture this ended the nomadic lifestyle It is thought that agriculture was discovered by crops growing from what is that to be seeds that were in the excrement of the people that ate the fruitsvegetable were fertilized and grew The pottery was used to store food Food sources have improved so population has grown leading to more labor organization More jobs were able to be distributed such as jobs of the astrological nature like deciding when the best time to plant the seeds is or how long till the sun goes down There are 2 sights we have found that are of the Woodland Indians 1 Pinson Mounds in Jackson TN It is thought that Saul s mound and its surrounding mound were built in the shape of animal heads could have astrological meanings 2 Old Stone Fort in Manchester TN The Europeans who came across it thought it was a battle fort as they thought the Indians were an aggressive violent people from the Spaniards It is believed now that it was a ceremonial place since there hasn t been any thing to indicate that any warfare happened there It is possible that it was seen as a spiritual energy pit since the door entrance was aligned with the summer solstice Mississippian Period 9001600 AD Characterized by corn which is high in nutrients and calories Corn and its growth is a powerful element to this period People begin to play sport activities and even wagered on the outcomes These cultures were first discovered by the Spaniards like Hernando DeSoto and will be seen through the Spaniards interpretations They were organized so that every village was a part of a chiefdom that was a part of a larger chiefdom so a hierarchal system Improved jewelry and the effigies were in human form The metal work also improved When DeSoto arrives they bring over crops bees livestock and worms This began the Columbian exchange in which goods form other places were introduced This will dramatically impact the environment DeSoto went looking for gold but doesn t nd that much gold and in the further attempts to get and find more gold DeSoto and his men anger the Indians resulting in them having to fight their way home DeSoto eventually dies and the Indians wrap him in clothes and throw him in the river but not as a sign as respect but so that he no longer resembles a human for at that point they didn t see him as one When the English and French arrive after 200 years the Spaniards leave they find a smaller culture of Indians unlike that the Spaniards described It is believed that small pox and other disease brought over by the Spaniards pigs killed a large portion of the population The Mississippians creatively adapted by quarantining the sick and separated into small isolated tribes Principal People Cherokee Cherokee was coined by the English The Indians called themselves the Aniyunwiya which means principal people indicating that they believed they were higher in some sort of status


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