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Mathematical Statistics

by: Mrs. Triston Collier

Mathematical Statistics STAT 709

Mrs. Triston Collier
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Triston Collier on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 709 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/205087/stat-709-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Statistics at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
I 1f IQ pl 3 IWQ1Q 1 lnl m Smutbeng am Sum1 39u q noua 981m 103 pm 0 u u v mamaq up aw oz 3mg sagdmg sgql mtmgumum m pamnsw s 4 Zn 3mg mom go 9136 OOH 390 W xmn mg 30 3th 39 A A w u u 5 4 u u 5 A 0 lt 9 mutugqm m 29 lt ltl RHIZXxy 31gtltmgtm 29 gt lt30 309mm uompum Ag 1f 3 1 I 390 1 a 021 I 1 mm ugmqo am uompum Sugsn pm 1 mm Sugmmng 39 Z39WX39U E XHzi f wl Sq papunoq Sg ngm Zquot X Izl X2lH gtquot X Igllt X lH Sq papunoq sg g 30 apgs pImq m gx am 0 lt 9 Km 101 39WXWA go 9qu 2 l X1l zlmxilhm 51 S I a fog I 1 sagsmzs X 30 39j39lp am Smutbeng am 1101 39uaAg aq 2L 9 1 331 300m Sm u go pm 0 Xg amnsmz Kmn am Knpzwua 30 ssq mmmm uoWXg MX Sugxapgsuog 300ch x1 zmugm S gzxzi mm 1 mm 1 MD a 39I 0N XE HZ T 3 uaq 1f MD A u w n Ju I 0 lt 9 mm m 0 lt mltl XJ AHIZUMXE qu 2T 91 31 lt u 0c lt 31 pm quotquot731 u oc gt X 153 2A go gt 0 mm SMQREJRA mopmu umpuadapug aq My quotquot 1 quot5 X 3 91 39 l1 s wqapun grt maxoaql u oaq 39030111wa 123989238 u amx mummzputg p sKmd pgqm Hg mama1 174147 7041 am asn o3 paw am 39SquRgJRA mopmu umpuadapu 30 sums pazgmmou 30 suopnqmsgp am Sunmngxoxwip ug mast aq mu 5mm N115 pm N115 aql maman 1mm lemmas sq 91 axmaaq 391 thSM 103 Smssaaau my 8 0c lt o uompum aq 3mg aspmxa umoqs aq um 31 1 MD A 39I 0N W gt03 T u g39 116 qu Sq anl 391 9 mm smoq 9 uompum S Aounmhzn quotM og S away LXg15 mth 39Ld Vela S Ld 5614 Ma d gLXg LXg pm Ld yg g qsz 103 lt u 0c lt W W 13 39LX A ii 20 m3 pm I L 1 Wm Honnqmsw mmwiq aq SRq LX 3mg asoddng 39sa11gt mx mopmax umpuadapug aq ZX lX 331 591 aldmexg 1f u I 9 390 lt9 mm w H 9zl XH XIEI PM W IKJEJGA o3 mgsm 31gtqmamos s pgqm uompum S Aounodkn Sumoqtg aq s Immpum s wqapun m Ixompum mamth V 391 aspmxg 2 thSM 103 Smssaaau s uompum SCXGHQJ xou uompum s mqapun mtmau 3mg MON gig gig dd 361 Saxs ugmg ug puth aq um jomd V 13 mx3 31Mppun among Ham aq s qagqm zj mme m Smssaaau asp mq mangth Spm 301 s uompum s mqapun uaq paumssv s uompum SCXGHQJ 31 lt u a 8 8m S mm um am 0153 0 mm M 3 In wxm p 3m 3 wmm 0 mm mm q n a qu 413 h z M 3 1 q 1 J U UNqu 39uompum spmqaj paqm s qagqm g saqdm uompum s mqapun jomd aq 111x013 39uompum s mqapun pasz 8 uompuog mono msm aq 639 um qu S3 391 SwAa 103 1 0 A 30 319 aq o3 safimAum X1753 30 39j39qa aq 3mg smoqs sgql i6 1f 39I0 my 10 Wm H 1 XeJ H 5 3 anl 39p Sq 0 03 safimAum aauaq ptw p 30 apgs pImq gax aq uo Smumxb aq Sq papunoq sg 1r 16 I a I H w H 1 1 Y v 5 4 03 4 go 4 go 1613 pm S 3g gzx S 1 mugs 0 lt hgo 51gt5x12mt1 S 0 153 4 Sq papunoq sg qagqm 1 16 16 4 u M Z gt I a 202 I H z vzaj H 5 2021 I z za 3mg ugmqo am m m I 1 S Qg pm S W mm 8ft pm 8ft gmqmnu xaxdmm Sm m lseful corollaries of Theorem 115 and Theorem 19iii Corollary 12 Multivariate CLT Let X1Xn be iid random k vectors With a finite Z VarX1 Then H Xi EX gtd NAG Z l l 7 Corollary 13 Let Xm 6 7U 27 1 k7 be independent random vectors with mi 3 m a fixed integer n 12 kn gt oc n gt 30 and infm VarXm gt 0 Where A is the smallest eigenvalue of Let cm 6 Rm be vectors such that kn a y 2 a y 2 7 9320 1223 Ilcmll lllcmll 0 i Suppose that supm EHXMHZM lt 30 for some 6 gt 0 Then 12 kn kn chfXm EXM Z magma gtd1z01 8 i1 i1 ii Suppose that Whenever mi mj 1 iltj 3 k7 n 1 2 Xm and Xm have the same distribution With EHXWAH2 lt Then 8 holds Proving Corollary 13 is a good exercise Applications of these corollaries can be found in later chapters More results on the CLT can be found for example in Serfling 1980 and Shorack and Wellner 198639 Let 1 be a sequence of random variables 7 and an be sequences of real nui nbers such that an gt 0 for all n and YT 00 gtd NO 1 Then by Proposition 116 gggosgp InfPW x lt1gtxl 0 lt9 Where lt1gt is the cdf of N0 1 This implies that for any sequence of real numbers an limH00 PYn g in 0 ie 190 3 in can be approximated by lt1gtquot lquot regardless of Whether 3 has a limit Since MS is the cdf of NW 03 1 is said to be asymptotically distributed NW 03 or simply asymptotically normal For example 221 fgiXm in Corollary 13 is asyi nptotically normal This can be extended to random vectors For example 221 Xi in Corollary 12 is asyi nptotically distributed NdnEX 1 n2


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