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Cooperative Education Program

by: Genevieve Harvey

Cooperative Education Program BSE 1

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > Bioengineering > BSE 1 > Cooperative Education Program
Genevieve Harvey
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Genevieve Harvey on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSE 1 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/205130/bse-1-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Bioengineering at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Pisamg immjg gimmadiwa and Wigwmsmc M m m Ci Amzmw I l raiggy 19mm mmmjawmg Jw gam 831w 1ng 72m Mka k Gr wam f 1mrg 1rz amm 19mmmgm 4 Wargmm mmmm Ou ine IGenomicsTrackTaskOveIview ISystem0veMew I Reranking wingAbsarblng Randmw Walks I Results I Discussion u 3 wam WYii 07972 7 12h W a FM and mm a uwam mmch a wwnm xd mm gmb m i fgd 3 Wigwam mum J mwmngm mm UWQ39EX ng f HdhKanr hQJf 11R mcgmmc th mm WEE mm Performed one time only IR Engine Indexer 39 IE Mrew mammr l 139 gm 116 m mm mm 310 umgg Amm y x umr39 33 l U Perlormed once for each qu Query Genevauon Phase In O 1 gt Pavsmg I Expansmn j V Slmclured 7 Query ryQ II a mp e y emere m What is the role of PrnP in mad cow disease 339 u ung f39i39lr eq band syn l PrnP l prion protein syn 1 mad cow disease l BSE 1 Bovine Spong39ifor m Encepha39lopathy comb39ine l PrnP l prion protein 1 mad cow disease l BSE 1 Bovine Spong39ifor m Encepha39lopathy m Rm awry mm f dmc bgsfhra f 11R gamma Wm a Perlormed once for each query 0 Remeval Phase m mmng mm A m w 1 39 A I 4 E LWF IE IR Engme u in J Vi Q 4 law passage mm rowimrg In December 1984 a UK farmercalled a veterinary surgeon to look at a cow that was behaving unusually Seven weeks later the cow died Early in 1985 more cows from the same herd developed similar clinical signs In November 1986 bovine spongiform encephalitis BSE was first identified as a new disease later reported in the veterinary press as a novel progressive spongiform encephalopathy Later still the causal agent of BSE was recognized as an abnormal prion protein Since the outset the story of BSE has been beset by problems W Rammme 5 RM msz m k mg a m mmmg a Perlormed once for each query 0 Rerankmg Phase M 7 7 H k i a 55 39 LV 93 K i szl Ranking w n m 1 c ClusteringBased Reranking Cluster passages using bagofwords vectors and cosine slmllarity I Assume clusters represent aspects IInterleave multsfrom clusters to achieve aspect dlverslty a R a mkmg 4 Emma w td Wm rswmwg 39 Emma 413 Ammmg Reramk wg u w raw mk mg tam A WWW re 2 quot 3639 E km Mn 2 2 mm m mg pm mmvzme ge a 1mm Mgn lg 335mm mm quot H g1h12L anl Wavy if Angigr i hm u waJk m gmth yo a Ram iQ J bg m bmg a o 6 mm rag Jmm mxw um gamma immeamkxic a Maw y Jn ar mbm y m kgd mwmoj a Mgmii hm MM 1 J lplfn ngezmzcga m w w MWJJQWE mamx waigjhi mn aamg a Pmr 1739 quot 511 9mm walking Hme mm mm Wrng mmmgns 1er my mkmg m fmm IJJ a CE 31 2 a39 mg f 7r Finding the First Item to Rank uTeleporting random walk I Random walker moves around graph Wlth pmbabmty 1 Wa cstoandohbormbmdonedgewdgmw Imuknlymwllkmumlhrm Olherwise Tdaponm1domtyamordngmr IMomlMytovdkbmwmghlnmm Finding the First Item to Rank Create transition matrix by normalizing rows of W weight matrix 4 wig Pij f k1 wile Transform into teleportlng random walk by interpolating each row with prior r P A13 1 A T u ginr m m f ma bm WEEK go no bjc 5mm F mm a mggbm f g d han high memm a Hm db nb m m y mmt nm jm mn Mtge Uigrg i 39hm Finding the First Item to Rank 3 Find unique stationary distribution 7r 2 PTS T 4 Select rst item as the state with the largest stationary probability gl 2 argmaixi1 7n i4 Bg jih ii jiei 2nd highest stationary probability g Mejia Jmiii 2 7r ma a it i wiiisy mmm di W3 M Divnewl s ty u 2 Wm Kdmm m mm mu a Wa tyz W s witamrgg l iiiCam am Q m QM Em WE 639 V R 3 d ga bmmm mw m mm m mwg J ixin WMJ q 1m Remaining quot a New Mignon mam rec 0 rawrlber a how this Walker spends less time in states with high probability of being absorbed Walker spends more time in dissimilar regions of graph before getting absorbed Ranking the Remaining Items While more items to rank Turn ranked states into absmbing suites Compuneexpeched numberofvisits per unranked item Selecttheltemwlththemaadmum apectednumberofvisits ti ie Wm ram M t 2 xi 1 f 1 u a gig with iraimiketdi iUiimifi iimi imith zabaoribimig J 19 w m4 1 h i i a W4 i g I a rigt1 39 r 47 Q J if Ranked items z 7539 7 I 777 I Unranked Items i Ni expected number of visits to state j before absorption if the walk started in state i ne lit The g 1 vi expected number of visits V g to state j before absorption 7 39 3 regardless of starting state Jkdk ngj n 7 I 6 t 7 mmmmmnwmm mammmmmmmm Parameters in Run 3 I Weight matrix W Symmetric 10NN graph using cosine similarity of bagofwords vectors I Initial ranking distribution r m on n initialRank 1 I Tradeoff parameter 3 Arbitrarily set to 06 to put more emphasis on graph but still have influence of initial ranking x m Mmma mg gmg ma 39mrg AB LICSJ u Wxa m swam man a mga a igmq m 111 Lao war u C a m My w w i fie a Pg mag mm m g m 1 2 13mm 2 ag qua y rw t ii b mmgm s M39M g Rg amk myg n ag u Jmmgm s warae Emmremdw mm Hm mm a g m m a byj rgnph my 1w mam 13 mo quotg m l m THE WEE EDIE m L l f l i a a m lmig mg Iaa nmram Emtgm Thank You Questions


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