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Marriage and Family

by: Deron Effertz

Marriage and Family SOC 120

Deron Effertz
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deron Effertz on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 120 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see /class/205182/soc-120-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Sociology at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Sociology 120 The Working Poor Families 2008 HHS Administrative Poverty GUIdelines Persons in Family 48 Contiguous Alaska Hawaii or Household States and D C 1 104EIEI 5 DD 13000 11960 2 14EIEIEI E73 17500 16100 3 17EEIEI 846 22EEIEI 2B 240 4 212EIEI1EI1B 26500 24 BED 5 24BDD1192 31000 2B 520 B 28 ADD 35500 32 BED 7 32 EIEIEI 40000 36800 8 5 EDD 44500 40940 Fur each addltlunal persunadd SEED 45mm 414m sggnce Federal Register Vol 73 No 15 January 23 2008 pp 3971 Numbers lrl red represent the equivalentwage based un 4n huurvveeks and 52 Weeks Current federal mlnlmum Wage lS 5 85 and Will increase in 6 55 July 24 2EIEIE The Working Poor Working Americans who live at or below the Poverty Threshold In 2005 39 offulltime workers were poor 226 of Jlltime female workers heading households with children under age 18 were poor 20 of poor families had at least one person working fulltime 43 had at least one person working part time The Working Near Poor 25 ofworking families were poor or nearpoor in 2002 Causes of Poverty for the Working Poor 3 proximate labor market causes 1Low Earnings most common cause 59 56 ofthe Working poor usuallyworked full time 2005 Mll llmum Wage l5 5 85 perhourbut to support family or4 Sll lgle earnerneeds to earn gt 10 19 in 2008 2 Involu ntary Unemployment 3 Involuntary Underemployment Parttime High turnover low benefits low training Decline in Unionization Purchazing Power of the Minimum Wage has me Children in Poverty Almost 15 of all children live in poverty More than 13 of all poor young children live with married parents Almost 12 of all lowincome ie 200 poverty threshold children live with married parents V sconsin Children In Poverty 2004 Wiscurrslrr mana Menominee 325 Richland iaa Lacrusse iao vvinneoaoo ii Milwaukee 297 ciaMoio iaa Donn i3 Mannonoc m5 2n Rel 157 EauClallE i3 FundduLac lEI3 iaa Earrun iaa Flurence is Dan lEIZ Asniano iaa Maieoene i5 Elmn no law ini Doooias iaa cnippen iai GreenLake m Snebuvgan ini Sa ei iaz Jacksun iai Wooo m oieen in im Vilas Ma amiaio iza Doooe as Fures1 ix Lalavelte in riempeaieao iza Culumbla 97 aoinen no Penn in meulrr i2 Je ersun ao iion no Kenusha M0 Maiainon ii omaoamie a 173 Price Ma e no Kawaunee EB Lanoiaoe 171 Grant Ma oconio M7 llEE 77 Waanooin i7 Mannene Ma Wamunh M7 Calumet ea aayiieio me on in Dooi M5 Wasninoion as Juneau ioa snawano iao Pulk ii CYEIIX 0 Waosnaia ioa oneioa iaa s k ii Waukesha 55 in Tl i u A inure 1 mm Oukomes The Effects of Poverty on Children s Health Only 68 of poor children are in good health compared to 86 of middleclass children Children in the poorest 10 of population compared to richest 10 have 2x as hig mortality rates Why Bad Effects of Poverty on Children s Health Diminished resources ofpoor families and diminished resources in poor communities Poor nutrition Living in toxic environments leads to exposure to lead alrporne l0XI39IS waterborne l0XI39IS lead paint Poor access to critical and preventive health care e ICII39Iev Low Quality Jobs low pay few bene ts little exibility Disadvantaged Schools Family policy today Responsibilities to children subject to policy and regulation Marriage currently regulated Indirect policy Direct policy Policy and the Poor General tendency towards welfarization of family law and policy If you are going to have policy on family should policy have to apply to everyone not just on basis of whether woman receives public benefits When does it make sense to only apply to welfare participants Advantages of focus on welfare and marriage Research suggests that children fare better in twoparent families cohabitation is not equivalent Focus on marriage recognizes legal and cultural importance of marriage current policy importance of marriage and marriage promotion Middle class families already have access to couple counseling and role models of stable marriages Advantages of focus on welfare and marriage Children in lowincome families are particularly vulnerable to challenges facing singleparent families Current welfare program and marriage disincentives Challenges of focus on welfare and marriage Connection between economic status and family formation Do lowincome families face different issues What policies would address these issues Ability to effect change Risks of Marriage Promotion Opportunity Costs of Policy May not produce stable or health marriages May not produce positive effects for children if marriages are not with Effects of stepparent on Complicated families Marriage promotion policy discussions generally presume two parents with children in common Case 1 MDSH Kid Kid u 1 Mom 1Dad 1 Sibship 1 Household Case 2 MDSH Mom Kid Kidzu 1 Mom lDad 1 Sibshipf 2 Household Case 3 MDSH Kid Km 1 Mom 2Dads 2 Sibships f 3 Households Case 4 NIFDF9H Mom A ad Mo Kid Kim12 Kidl a 1 1Mom 2Dads 3 Sibships f 4 Households more 1 Fam y swam moms Mewmm mm m mm moo m


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