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Biochemical Methods

by: Dr. Pablo Pollich

Biochemical Methods BIOCHEM 651

Dr. Pablo Pollich
GPA 3.75

Anne Gillian

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About this Document

Anne Gillian
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Pablo Pollich on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOCHEM 651 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Anne Gillian in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/205189/biochem-651-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Biochemistry at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
30 m WW Car th FW um w K items aw Wm gt L u nkmbe 191 MMWec v Kc VLE 3mm UM FM rlMmm39 mews Ki mmwapyww WWW WLJ 395 Mimts VJTTH Kw gt7 AP 39 14 o LIL Lqu 39 UL Jo FOL Mvvum LLS hm 39Kgfltk l gm I 5 L is mmgt V UOUC 39 08 MUD Elem Lg1 was Fwd M mcdgut Va pm 1w T g9 I 1 3 MTVSuf atasz D 4 i 39v Ebt gm WW 739 WW I WW m Semi me 0 Mg m um PMT Pms Av IHMMNJL WM sum CW Wilma W314 but W5w1Hquj mew 4 garbng smmw mu m m Wu E 494 mwrmutw W W F 1114341 Hquot 3W5 WW hams M 0m 19M quot Arbsoov39nod 426994 a mm l MSW WM 14me WM gm 39 39 25 WW Z ulum ev vnou 3 Mia MM D PQ dxuvL mMmeh WW Lei WW9 gamw 3429 04 6W1 39 LWW wwgma comm WM wwuHYwnws4mmwg3WM Q mW39UVMh M3MM 5uri W 91 calMali W 1W at M 3m WILMIS 401er a mot i mmmnwum FaaA 6 Wm quwk Hugs 0H a 3quot 6F 4mJ 7 m9 1 M L btuw W mu kwy t u mm an mw Ihg two t1 mm M SJ r W14thth W LH IS w 111 sz nag 90 wmwuuma FWK WHWLFMM S 2 M Z39F MW Q4 A I co Nnbr IMOKS39 zw b z K Kvaum T Z 4 Mam Elm3813 11gt 16 ma 33W 551 W5 T39KWM H4MHK L 5 E hquot 39FW Whamnix W YM Wu 2 WM Wm an 47 9 sz Nw saywag L ant W 199 PW M WhamJ 3 MM 1MtbA M LET gtTvzv FF K aquot mew Lh wslb L9 Mo kmstw W 39 ail gt1me WSWtQJLUFL P 77 MW 3 YW 39au 9509395 LAL W mm 3m iLtLQb W Mo wwa hasM r Fume lm W 13 Yxa w nus tum Pavia m mew Q Burma 111 c w 9 WIM39 39 UM Ma mm M WgmwWb page C3 U 1 mk ba cm K09 N 2 r KQO s 9 s L NL a 4 Lea 09 N g f 39 G lt5 M Wh ko Bum M S ks 4 9 U374 fume Lulu F Di Benedetto et al H H a soi CH2 d x CH2 c i0 i0 nlle ling a T r x CH2 0 39 n CH2C I o 393 0 blle bler l x CH2 C I Co C3O l NH2 n NHZ H 39 o n 7 c 504 CH2 C CH2CH C NH l2 CH2 CO NH2 oonH CONHz CH2 CHCH2 CH CH1 CH CHz CH ONH H CH2 CH2 OONH GONH2 N CHr CH CHQ H CHZ CH CHFCH ONH CONHz 39 CJNH CHg CH CHF CH CHr H CHz CH ONH ONH aim in NH OONHZ CONH L n ru an 12 vnz r u LONH Figure 1 Free radical polymerization of acrylamide a Persulfate free radical formation in water the ammonium peroxydisulfate forms radicals that react with acrylamide to form acrylamide radicals b polymerization of acrylamide acrylamide radicals react with acrylamide monomers to form linear polymer chains c cross linking reaction in the presence of a crosslinker the acrylamide chains form a large network Inset schematic representation of a polymeric network swollen by a solvent solid lines polymer chains dots solvent molecules Unfortunately the liquid state of the starting monomer inorganic surfaces including photo 11 and soft 11 12 mixture does not allow for patterning these compounds lithography methods For instance Yu et al realized a by conventional photolithographic tools In fact the sandwich arrangement covering the gel thus allowing a very fast evaporation of the low molecular weight safe contact with a photomask and ensuring a uniform monomers makes it very dif cult to use spin coating polymerization 11 Another interesting technology is methods at the base of photolithography For this based on sol gel processing by which micro patterned gel reason several groups have explored different approaches structures with immobilized immunoglobulin G antibodies aiming to produce microstructures of hydrogels onto solid were produced by rnicromoulding in capillaries on glass 12 AA A g Q 4 A 4


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