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General Physics

by: Nichole Keebler

General Physics PHYSICS 104

Nichole Keebler
GPA 3.95

Kiritkumar Makwana

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About this Document

Kiritkumar Makwana
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nichole Keebler on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSICS 104 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Kiritkumar Makwana in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/205216/physics-104-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Physics 2 at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Physics 104 Exam 2 Mumrs Thursday March 27 39om 545 700 PM Sections 302 303 307 309 311314 315 317 318 320 322 324 326 TAs Gonderinger Gray Divergmg Convex Kern Lewis Squires meet in 272 Bascom 7 Radius ofcmame Focal length Sections 301 304 305 306 308 310 312 313 316 319 321 323 TAs Makwana O39Conner Parola Tregre meet in B10 Ingraham YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BRING YOUR UW STUDENT ID CARD AND KNOW YOUR SECTION NUMBER 301 326 Spherical mirrors 7 Converging Concave 7 Image Position Magni cation and Type The exam will cover chapters 1922 msiznnz U Wisconsin Physics 1045an 2cm 1 zizsannz U Wisconsin Physics m4 Spring 2cm 2 C u rved mi rro rs Pre ight 1 An organic chemistry student accidentally drops a glass marble into a silver nitrate mirroring solution making kind of Concave the ouwide of the marble re ective What light ray a mirror mirror is the marble now principal 1 Concave C axis 3 F at Convex light ray R mirror principal c axis c Center of curvature in front positive ofconcave mirror Behind negative convex mirror msizvvt u WisconsmPhysics inASpnngznn8 3 ZIZSDEIEIX u WisconsmPhysicslm pnngZDDX 4 Concave Mirror Principal Axis Rl2 i Rays parallel to principal axis and near the Rays parallel to principal axis and near the principal axis paraxiai rays all pass through principal axis paraxial rays appear to the Focus F originate from the Focus F The distance from F to the center of the mirroris called the Focal Length f zizsannz U Wisconsin Physics m4 Spring 2cm 5 The distance from F to the center of the mirror is called the Focal Length f msiznnz U Wisconsin Physics 1045an 2cm Yhe a ame mrmnme argerlheradmsm wrvature leg heeanmsrmnd hmmmgual Concave Mirror Pnnupd Ra mamgthmugmoms Dame mm mm are mam my 9 Wmupa Ax s Ra haxamg paraw m Vnnc va Ax have mm mm ye mama mum Vows Pre ighM Which ray is NOT correct 1 2 WWW mmev mm M an 5quot Pre iihts 2 amp 3 Wm Wave 5 Rea UvaavS aduaW ms wene mku pm mm mm wheus us How he m a ha mmmmgm mm at mm mgm 0 1 mum mm m mm 2 mauth ve e s mum WW xs mm cemev mm mm 5mm mwunmncaxeur mmx 31 meg a mmmepioambe grmm mm M be haw haw mm umer ncave Mirror Rays mm m mumm awed my my my m abyed v Wm Ms mm W Mmmm wave v Ple lght 5 Campaved m he mm anan wage 57 Lavgev 1 3 mg same sue Mirror Equation dEl distance object is from mirror in front behind d distance image is from mirror in front behind f focal length ofmirror in front behind do j j Mirror Equation do i arrow is placed 6 cm in front of a concave mirror I Witn focal iengtn r2 cm Determine tne image iocation d 3 cm in front of mirror msiznnz U Wisconsin Physics m4 Spring 2m 13 Concave Mirror Preflight 6 The image produced by a concave mirror f a real object is 1 Always Real 2 Always Virtu MJ Concave mirror gt I Real Object means in front ofmirror dEl gt 0 Mirror Equation 1 1 1 1 7 7 77 7 do f d f at d can be negative or positive msiznns u wiseeesie Physics m45pnngznn2 15 Convex Mirror Preflight 7 The image produced by a convex mirror of a real 39 39 3 Some imes Real Sometimes Virtual Convex mirror flt 0 Real Object means in front ofmirror dEl gt 0 Mirror Equation 1 1 1 7 77 7 do di f d f at d is always negative msiznns u wiseeesie Physics m45pnngznn2 17 dn positive is side light comes from before hitting mln ur Dr lens d positive is side light goes to afterhimng mln ur urlens pusitive is REAL image negative Virtual f positive is side light goes to erhimng mm ururlens pesitive is eenverging negative diverging d d I E E 39 2f f d Mirror L en s d zizsnuns u wiseeesie Physics m4 Spring 2m 14 Convex Mirror Question Where should you place an object in front of a convex mirror to produce a real image Mirror Equation 1 1 Object close to mirror 2 Object farfrom mirror 3 Either close or far Convex mirror flt 0 Object in front ofmirror dugt 0 g is negativei g is gt s Real Image means d 0 MS game Mme zizsnuns u wiseeesie Physwst A pnngZ X 16 Concave Mirror Question Where in front of a concave mirror should you place an object so that the image is virtual M39 E t39 Object close to mirror quotTo qquot quotm1 2 Ob39ect farfrom mirror do di f 3 Either close or far 4 Image can never be virtual i l 1 d f at Concave mirror fgt 0 Object in front ofmirror dDgt 0 Virtual image means behind mirror d lt 0 When dEl lt f then d lt0 virtual image zizsannz U Wisconsin Physics m4 Spring 2m 18


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