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Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature

by: Violet Gutmann

Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature THEATRE 120

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > Theatre > THEATRE 120 > Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature
Violet Gutmann
GPA 3.89

Jeffry Casey

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About this Document

Jeffry Casey
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Violet Gutmann on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEATRE 120 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Jeffry Casey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/205244/theatre-120-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Theatre at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
THEATRE AND DRAMA 120 Midterm Exam Study Guide Midterm Exam Wednesday October 27 12051255 Exam sites Niccole Leigh and Jeff s sections 7 3650 Humanities our regular classroom please check in with your TA before taking a seat Jessica and Mary s sections 7180 Science please check in with your TA before taking a seat Tim and Sandy s sections 71131 Humanities please check in with your TA before taking a seat McBurney students please see me immediately after class if you have NOT already made arrangements for alternative testing If you require alternative testing give me a copy of your visa 7 you ll then be eligible to take the exam in an alternate location 6181 Vilas starting at 1130 for those who require extra time Please know your correct section number Please bring a sharpened 2 pencil t For each of the plays we ve read you should be able to Describe the plot and its relationship to the story told by the play Brie y describe the structure of the play Linear plot Simple or complex see Aristotle Flashbacks Logically arranged incidents Choral odes and episodes Describe the language of the play Verse Prose Colloquial speech Other distinguishing features Identify the setting of the play as described by the playwright What elements if any have metaphoric meaning in the play E Identify significant propscostume elements in the play and explain their relationship to plot and character F Describe the actions of the central characters What factors in uence those actions G Identify major ideas in the play and explain how they are developed in the text H Identify the author and approximate date of first performance within a decade or so 03 U0 2 I assume factual knowledge of the plays and of the supplementary reading including the Guide to Basic Elements of Theatrical Production Pay particular attention to details of staging and character history or appearance as indicated in the dialogue and stage directions Drawing on your lecture notes you should be able to describe the basic configuration of a typical ancient Greek theatre an Elizabethan outdoor theatre such as the Globe and a modern stage such as the Mitchell Theatre Locate the audience the performance space and the scenic space and describe the relationship between audience and performance What were the technical capabilities of each theatre What were the conventions of performance for the Greeks vs Elizabethans vs modern American theatres E 4 You should be able to identify the following characters in terms of their significance to the action of the play Fires in the Mirror Anonymous Lubavitcher Woman Aaron M Bernstein Reverend Al Sharpton Letty Cottin Pogrebin Minister Conrad Mohammed Anonymous Young Man 1 Angela Davis Norman Rosenbaum Roslyn Malamud Carmel Cato George C Wolfe Know the content of their monologues It will be helpful to know the titles as well Death of a Salesman Willy Linda Biff Happy Bernard Uncle Ben Charley Medea Chorus Nurse Medea Creon Aegeus Jason Messenger Othello Othello Desdemona Iago Cassio Brabantio Roderigo Emilia Bianca Montano 5 You should know the following terms plot exposition action myth Dionysus City Dionysia satyr play agon chorus theatron orchestra skene parados episodes exodos antagonist protagonist ekkyklema mechane deus ex machina hubris hamartia catharsis Aristotle s definition of tragedy Aristotle s six elements fourthwall staging mimesis genre ode homosociality bearbaiting groundlings Bankside masque 6 You may be asked to associate quotations from the plays with characters in the plays You won t be expected to recognize language but you will be expected to associate the ideas and attitudes expressed in the quote with a specific character 7 I assume a factual knowledge of all lectures guest lectures and videos shown in class Fires in the Mirror is on reserve at the College Library Death of a Salesman Othello and O are available at area rental stores The Medea clips are not available unless your absence was due to unusual circumstances Please check with your TA SAMPLE QUESTIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE Select the best response 1 In Medea Jason A Dies when he kisses the poisoned Princess B Is stabbed to death by Medea C Kills his sons D Flees to Athens E None of the above Aristotle can be identified as A the King of Athens B Medea s father C the author of the Poetics D the author of Medea E None of the above N 3 Anna Deavere Smith creates the text oth39res in the Mirror from A Television interviews that took place in Crown Heights following the riots B Conducting personal interviews C Newspaper and magazine articles D Radio segments E Imaginary interviews she developed herself 4 In the film version of Death of a Salesman we viewed in lecture starring Lee J Cobb ashbacks to the past were indicated y A Changes in costume for Linda and the boys B Greenery and owering plants strewn about the yard C More liveliness in the actors movements and voices D All of the above E None of the above TRUE OR FALSE Mark A for true B for false 5 In the text of Fires in the Mirror the monologues are arranged in chronological order 6 Exposition can be defined as the revelation of important information or backstory through dialogue MATCHING Match the character to the line from Death of a Salesman 7 When I was seventeen I walked into the jungle and when I was twentyone I walked out And by God I was rich 8 Whoever heard of a Hastings refrigerator Once in my life I would like to own something outright before it s broken 9 You re a pair of animals Not one not another living soul would have had the cruelty to walk out on that man in a restaurant 10 I looked at the pen and said to myself what the hell am I grabbing this for Why am I trying to become something that I don t want to be A Linda B Biff C Willy D Uncle Ben Answers 1E 2C 3B 4CD 5B 6A 7CD 8C 9A 10B HAPPY REVIEWING AND GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAM


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