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First Semester Russian

by: Dariana Christiansen

First Semester Russian SLAVIC 101

Dariana Christiansen
GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dariana Christiansen on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SLAVIC 101 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/205262/slavic-101-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Slavic Languages And Cultures at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
GDGSA Minutes March 2 2006 Members in Attendance Lynn Sarah K Miranda Julie Mike Helena Geoff Elliott Stella Regina Kris Tyler Ben Jenny Karen Old Business 0 Keep working on those documents that explain what your committees did last year and what your role was There is a le for each committee in the box in the Schlauch place your record in the appropriate le when you re nished Sarah has threatened to provide cement shoes for those of you who don t comply For those of you currently serving on committees continue to keep a record of what you ve been doing this year to add to the le at the end of spring semester Don t like your blurb or photo on the departmental website Send an update to Sarah 0 Film Festival March 69 Committee Reports 0 Presidents Report Tuition for PA s There will be a report on March 610 that will outline which PAships are affected by the 8000 tuition raise If the university is reasonable it will not affect internal funding ie through the department or the university of PAships If the university is not reasonable there will be a BIG executive committee meeting soon after the report to discuss remaining options Only professors with tenure can attend these meetings Recruitment We have two university fellowships and three Deuss fellowships so we will make at least ve offers Secretary s Note Rob reported to me at the conference dinner this weekend that we ll probably actually be able to make seven offers Some of our candidates have very high offers from other institutions Several prospies were here for the conference 0 The university gave a total of thirteen fellowships to advanced grads across campus This number is down from forty fellowships in recent years Katerina got one so this is very good 0 O o Monika gave her proud mother report and bragged about everything grads are doing for the undergrad program minilectures miniseminars Podcasts Julie and Jennifer s Saturday sessions for kids etc 0 German Day is April 27 Charles James will be asking for judges and volunteers after Spring Break 0 Bonn Summer Program Tell your students that applications and letters of recommendation are needed by March 10 roughly Ask Charles James for more information The French Department has a reception each year for all of their undergraduate majors Rob suggested we might want to think about doing this 0 o This is Rob s last year as department chair Miranda and Sarah suggested getting him a thankyou gift for all he s done asking each of us to give a dollar or two The idea was supported by those present at the meeting 0 Nancy Kaiser is teaching a course next year entitled Literature in Translation 270 German Women Writers and has suggested that she should ask the Women s Studies Department to crosslist the course The credits would go to the German Department The German faculty were in favor of this so now she ll try asking the Women s Studies faculty 0 Marc Silberman has been working on nominating a Germanfriendly person to the humanities grad program committee The applications were due on February 24 and he was going to contact Pam Potter Music and Susan Brantly Scandinavian to ask if either of them were interested German Day The event will be on April 27 Charles James will start looking for volunteers after Spring Break He s also looking for someone to design a logo for this year s event so if you re artistic and interested contact him But be aware that your design might not necessarily be chosen so don t waste your time if you re concerned about this Undergrad Hasn t met Dutch Hasn t met Graduate Program Hasn t met Brown Bag Suggestions Have Jost Hermand give a lecture about something Have Nancy Kaiser give her lecture on I am My Own Wife again Recruitment Is currently underway General signup sheets are on the door of the Schlauch specific signup sheets for each student will be in the main office as they visit Website Podcasts are up thanks to Mike TA website is back up and semistable Scheduling Courses are all set for next year The list of courses I sent out with last month s list is the most recent schedule Lectures and Roundtables Kaffeestunde dates have all been set the next one is after Spring Break hosted by Elliott and Monika Gerhard Weiss visit is still tentative based on scheduling issues GDGSA conference Went off without a hitch TAA 0 Members have approved the contract The next step JOCER must approve the contract and send it to the legislature The legislature must approve the contract and send it to the governor to sign Don t pressure the politicians at this point Emergency meeting on Thursday March 9 to discuss plan of action to ensure timely resolution 0 Air quality study in Van Hise is currently taking place It has been discovered that there is now air circulation in 807 other than through the door The university does not yet know about this secret study 0 Keep track of the hours you work Slavic lOl TAs are at 41 appointments Keeping track of our own hours will thus help to request equal pay for equal work New Business Do we want GDGSA Tshirts You would have to purchase them yourself and they would run between 12 and 15 depending on the amount and the Tshirt style You could also opt for sweatshirts We still need design ideas so let Sarah know if you re interested Karen is planning on ordering German stamps for grading soon Let her know by the end of Spring Break if you d also be interested in ordering some in order to save money on shipping Meeting to discuss the literature side of the dept Appropriate classroom behavior 0 For us as students Participate actively Raise your hand before speaking Be punctual and prepared Stay on topic Take notes Don t do homework for one class while in another 0 For us as teachers Always use appropriate language Stay professional Appropriate office behavior Keep personal comments to yourself There is a time and place to discuss personal issues and the office is not it Although we do many things together and many of us are friends outside of the work environment the office is still a work environment so make sure you are acting in a professional and appropriate manner which may include the following 0 Keep your desk clean Don t wear too much perfume cologne Don t play loud music Use your twelveinch voices AKA inside voices Work with students elsewhere ie in the Schlauch seminar room or conference room if it would be an imposition to your office mates Don t interrupt or undermine a colleague while she is working with a student What is the GDGSA A continued discussion 0 Is there still a needdesire for an introductory course on literary theory and scholarship Could it be offered without being mandatory Could it be olTered every other year What about enrollment issues 0 Could we have a brownbag on navigating your way through the gray area between coursework and prelims Should we devise pamphlets with advice for incoming students geared for the different issues for literature linguistics and SLA 0 There will be a special meeting to discuss similar concerns on Tuesday March 21 See Miranda s email for more info Miranda and Sarah will meet to discuss these issues with Rob on March 22 before the next departmental meeting on March 23


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