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Islam Religion and Culture

by: Heber Fisher

Islam Religion and Culture LCA 370

Heber Fisher
GPA 3.61

Anna Gade

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About this Document

Anna Gade
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Heber Fisher on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LCA 370 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Anna Gade in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/205263/lca-370-university-of-wisconsin-madison in LANGUAGES & CULTURES OF ASIA at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
1 Life of the Prophet Muhammad a Dates H i ii39 iv Birth Year of the Elephant in 570 Year he received revelation 610 Hijra pilgrimage to Medina 622 Death 632 b NamesConcepts i1 S Quraysh Muhammad s tribe Hashim Muhammad s clan Khadijah Muhammads wife one of the first to accept Islam Iahiliyya Era ofIgnorance PreIslamic Arabia Ansar Helpers helped prophet and followers emigrate to Medina they are from Medina Muhajirun Emigrators the first people to accept Islam emigrated to Medina with the Prophet from Mecca 2 Early Muslim Community Succession and Leadership a The Saquifa Incident b Four Rashidun Caliphs Rightly Guided i ii i i i Abu Bakr 63 2634 Umar 634644 Uthman 644656 iv Ali 656661 c First Fitnah Civil War i ii i i i Some former companions wished to avenge Uthmans death they went to Kufa Iraq Confrontation at Battle of the Camel 655 near Basra In Syria Muavviyah is governor and challenged Ali iv 657 battle of siffin long ends in arbiration but Ali s V supporters opposed it quotkharijitesquot decision goes against Ali s caused d Second Fitnah and Karbala 680 i ii i i i Yazid I now Ummayyad Caliph Group is Kufa pledges support to Husayn second son ofAli and Fatimah daughter of the prophet Husayn and his supports set out to Iraq from Medina and meet with Yazid s Army Battle of Karbala e Words to know i i i Nass designation Shi a Muslims have imam which is a faith driven leader spiritually chosen Sunni s have a caliph politically chosen 3 OrthoPracticeFive Pillars a Five Pillars ii39 p Shahaddha testifying only 1 God and Muhammad is the Prophet oneness of God Salat prayer practice five times a day toward Mecca SaumSayum fasting during Ramadan iv Zakat almsgiving give to charity V Hajj required pilgrimage to Mecca 4 Religious Sciences Muslim Approaches to the Quran a 9 00 999 General i Tajwiid orthopraX vocalization strict rules for saying the Quran there are seven modes ii Tafsir interpretation of the Quran exegesis Specific i Qira at variant authoritative readings cannot miX readings Tawhid unity of god monotheim Omniscient god is all knowing Omnipotent god is all powerful Omnipresence god is all present closer than the jugular vein Transcendent 5 Religion Sciences Muslim approaches to law a b qarhrvslo The quran Hadith i Sunna actions and sayings of Prophet Qiyas legal rational for one thing applied to another another Ijtihad Ijma consensus Naskh abrogation literally wiping away Sunni Schools of Law 39 Maliki i Hanafi iii Shafi i iv Hanbali H


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