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History 101, Notes on the Ancient Anasazi Civlization

by: Catie Naylor

History 101, Notes on the Ancient Anasazi Civlization HIS 101

Marketplace > History > HIS 101 > History 101 Notes on the Ancient Anasazi Civlization
Catie Naylor
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes cover the Anasazi Civilization that lived in the south west of North America.
Dr. Chambers
Class Notes
history 101, Anasazi, pueblo, Navajo
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Catie Naylor on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 101 at a university taught by Dr. Chambers in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
PUEBLO/ANASAZI CIVILIZATION  Anasazi means “ancient ones”  Located in the south west region of North America o This region is the high desert o Very dry region o Just enough rain to support a short farming season o Water shortage was a problem  Only rained June-September  The Four Corners: where New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado meet. o This is where the Anasazi civilization was located o People lived there for a thousands of years o 700-1200 CE the Anasazi lived here o ½ of the area of the Four Corners is Navajo reservations (today)  The archaeological proof of the Anasazi lies there  Hopi: a group of people who claim to be the direct descendants of the Anasazi o They believed that they had always lived there (Four Corners). They believed that they had come out of a hole in the Grand Canyon (which is extremely sacred to them)  Old Oraibi: the oldest pueblo of the Anasazi o Pueblo: Spanish for town o Oldest continuous town in North America o Built on the edge of a mesa Chaco Canyon o Located in New Mexico o Anasazi created a new civilization o Sparked their golden age o 6000 ft above sea level, 18 miles long, 30-100 ft high o Threatening rock: a portion of the canyon where the canyon wall looks like it is about to fall  97 ft high, 140ft long, 34 ft thick  They created their town underneath it  They built their first Great House here o Great house: the temple or religious center for the Anasazi  Not designed for defense, designed to welcome people in  They built a small wall around the great house  From above it looks like a D  The great house was built next to a road  They had a very advanced network of roads connecting the great houses and pueblos  The roads were perfectly straight  Made travel easy  It had 3 story high apartments  More for storing things, no one really lived in the great house  Then it was filled with 20 ft perfectly circular holes in the ground called Kivas  These were the actual temples  They performed a ritual to keep the threatening rock from falling  They would bury prayer sticks to hopefully keep the wall from falling o Their civilization was based on the belief that the gods favored them  Their prayer caused the rain  Every June before the summer solstice the priests gathered into the kivas and perform a ritual  They came out masked in Kachinas  Carved figures and masks  Distribute seed corn and then it would rain  3 symbols of the Anasazi Civilization o The sacred water wave  Drawn on the caves  They were a dry region so water was important to them o Hand prints  Also on the cave walls  They were saying and leaving proof that they were there o Kokopelli  Greatest symbol of the Anasazi Golden Age  Usually represented as a hunchback with a flute  Actually was not a hunchback, he was carrying a bag  He was traveler and would play his flute while he travelled  He tells us that it was safe for the Anasazi to travel  Pueblo Bonito: the biggest Great House o “beautiful town” o Very few people lived there (50-100 lived there) o Had around 700 rooms and was 4 stories high o Built out of stone and adobe (hardened clay) o Had 40 Kivas  1100-1130s the Anasazi were facing a drought o 1130s the drought was the worst one in a 1000 yrs o Priests did the rituals, but the rain never came for years  They were starving and began to eat the seeds  They thought they had lost favor with the gods o For 10 yrs they had no rain at all (1130s) o People abandoned the towns (they thought they were cursed)  They believed everything happened for a reason  They believed they had done something to curse the land  They still needed a place to live  They built their towns on the edges of the mesas and on the cliff wall itself (cliff dwellings) o Mesa Verde: one of the best preserved cliff dwellings o These were designed to keep people out and protect the Anasazi  1200s people began to move back into Chaco Canyon but on the opposite side of Threatening Rock o They began building new settlements along the west side of the Rio Grande  they had gone east searching for water  1300s new people migrated into the region o Dine’ were nomads. They became the Navajo people. o Believed each family should live alone o Began in Michigan but had found their way to the south west o They found the abandoned towns and named the past inhabitants “the ancient ones” aka Anasazi  Hopi still believe that they are in favor with gods today o Since 1945 they have been going to Old Oraibi to perform a ceremony to keep the world safe  Because of the nuclear weapons that had been developed


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