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by: Mason Notetaker

notes history 1020

Mason Notetaker

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Notetaker on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to history 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
Imperialism: The Process What is Imperialism? (Buxton  The process of creating empire.  When people expand away from someone/something Causes of Imperialism  Economic o Markets overproduced and now they need to dump their extra product somewhere else (Africa & Asia) o People wanted raw materials for cheap. Leaders found out that if they took over control over raw materials politically and militarily then they could dictate who gets it, and they could also promise security for their own markets.  Lenin is a Marxist, he believed Imperialism was the highest stage for Capitalism. He thought it became parasitic for the rest of the world. He also thought it allowed companies to create monopolies much easier with unregulated capitalism.  Nationalism – the pride and glory of their nations state to get colonies and empires. Wanted to show off in a way, show that their nation is prestigious.  Balance of Power, was thrown off when everyone started to scramble to get colonies.  Careers, were very sought after and colonies provided jobs. This may have not been the sole reason for imperialism but it did play a part  Racism, o Gobineau tried to assign characteristic, qualities and behaviors to people around the world. Stated that there were white people, black people, Asians, and Indians. He then went on into talking about cranial capacity and said that white people were the smartest. o People started to argue that it was the whites job to go on ‘civilizing missions’ and bring civilization and colonies.  Missionaries (Buxton, Livingstone) & Adventurers o Ivory was in very high demand, and Ivory was found in Africa. This deamand singlehandedly kept slavery in Africa alive, maybe even allowing it to grow. o Livingstone went to Africa to spread Christianity. Doing this caused curiosity with people back home. It eventually ended up leading towards the spread of Imperialism into Africa. When Stanley found Livingstone and interviewed him it only brought more attention to Africa. Now Leopold II wanted it, so he went and conquered the Congo. Technology of Empire  Steamships & Railroads o Steamships decreased time for travel, didn’t have to rely on wind. o Railroads allowed leaders to send troops rapidly, and people could also travel  Suez Canal & Panama Canal o Suez Canal made the trip from Europe to East Asia much shorter. The Panama Canal did this as well.  Military technologies o Rifles (vs. muskets)  Rifle is much more accurate and faster at reloading than the musket. 2 o Machine guns – The first machine gun was the Maxim.  Communication o Steamships and telegraphs  Medicals Improvement o Quinine is used in making tonic water. Tonic water actually helped with malaria. To learn more and get OneNote, visit 3


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