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by: Mason Notetaker

notes history 1020

Mason Notetaker

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Notetaker on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to history 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
Russian Revolution Russia on the Eve of the Revolution (Major Revolution)  Rapid social & economic change o Middle class becoming bigger & more prosperous due to industrialization. The middle class is now going to want political power. There is a real disconnect because things are changing but there is still a czar and monarchy. 80% of the population are still peasants, even though they are going through industrialization. All peasants wanted was to have land that they could farm on and make money for themselves instead of aristocrats. Stolypin brought some of these wishes true, he had land reforms that gave some peasants land and the others have to go work on the Mir.  World War I o Russia fought valiantly, they committed 15 million troops for this conflict and lost half of their soldiers. They were losing a lot of soldiers and this caused dislocation with the economy. The government looks so bad in the eyes of the citizens.  Government o The government look very bad now. While Czar Nicholas is on the front trying to fix things, Rasputin becomes very prevalent in the government. Rasputin is a “con-artist” and he convinces Alexandria that he can heal their son who has hemophilia. The son stops bleeding for a period of time, and Alexandria believes him. This allows Rasputin to climb the ranks in the government, and get his own cronies in government too. March Revolution – 1917  Strike in St. Petersburg o Food riots started by women started off the strike in St. Petersburg. More and more people gather for the riots, so the Czar sends in troops and he abolished the Dumont. But the troops are sympathetic for the people rioting, and they take a vote on to not shoot at these people. They eventually switch sides and join the riots which are slowly turning into the first Revolution  Provisional Government o The Dumont now takes over as the new government for Russia, and Kerensky was chosen to be the leader of this government.  Problems of the War o This government has to still deal with the war. This government was all for staying in the War and it went terribly, this was the ultimate demise for this provisional government.  Soviets o During this time the Soviets are first formed. There are Marxist political parties who helped form the Soviets. Bolshevik Revolution  Arrival of Lenin o Very talented intellectual, very bright, spent some time in a prison in Siberia, when he got out he was exiled from Russia, he returns to Russia during the war. He is assisted by Germany to get back, once he gets back he begins to campaign. 2  Lenin’s Interpretation of Marx o Lenin decided to push for a Marxist revolution unlike Karl Marx, who thought it would happen on it own. Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin will rule under the slogan “Peace, land & bread”  St. Petersburg Soviet o They take this over and it allows them to take over all of the Soviets. This marks the end of the provisional government.  Civil War o Whites vs Reds, Counter-Revolutionists vs Revolutionists. The British and US were very concerned of this revolution because they still need their allies in WWI. Lenin’s Russia  New Economic Policy (NEP) o Was supposed to be temporary. This policy went back to the idea of capitalism, he wanted to use individual or fit to jumpstart productivity and it worked  Constitution & the Communist Party o Controls the Politburo, this is where all the policies To learn more and get OneNote, visit 3


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