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by: Mason Notetaker

notes history 1020

Mason Notetaker

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Notetaker on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to history 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
WWI: Course of the War Idea of Lecture – A 19 century offense cannot beat a 20 th century defense. Strategies  Schlieffen Plan o In 1905 the Germans put together this plan. They wanted to invade the French from the North, which they didn’t think the French would expect. They wanted to go through Belgium, in doing this the Germans violated an International Law of neutrality. They would invade in a wheeling motion so they could surround Paris. Assumed they would be able to knock out the French very quick.  First Battle of the Marne (1914) & the advent of trench warfare o This is when it becomes a world conflict. This occurs when Germany goes through Belgium, but the Schlieffen Plan doesn’t work and the Germans stall at the Marne. The French joined by the British dug in and created 475 miles of trenches where they stood their ground.  Machine Gun – Changed the way armies played offense in wars. They could shoot so many bullets in a short period of time. This caused the war to become…  War of Attrition – a war where you keep grinding on  Barbed Wire – This was used as reinforcement in no mans land. Either had to go over or under it.  Verdun (1916) – 700,000 deaths o  Somme River – 60,000 British in one day  Life in the Trenches o You would be rotated, 7 days in front and around 3 days in the back to recover. Spring brought a lot of rain and since they are in trenches water collects there, soldiers were very often up to their knees in mud, sometimes even up to their armpits. Many rodents also infested these trenches, they would feed on the carcasses of soldiers.  Over the Top o An offensive strategy used in WWI, once you go over the top you have to crawl under the barbed wire, with artillery round landing everywhere.  Stalemate & Choices o New Allies o New Fronts – Wanted to distract the Germans and their allies o New Weapons – Tanks were made in an effort to pass no mans land, this was its early testing ground. Planes were first used in this WWI and Planes engaged in dogfight. Gas was also used in WWI. These gasses consisted of tear fluorine, and mustard gas. Fluorine gas would kill you, but Mustard Gas was the worst of them, it is said to be the most excruciating death.  Entrance of U.S. o Submarine warfare is what eventually brings the U.S. into WWI. In 1915 a German Submarine attacks a British Ship named the Lusitania and Americans were on this ship and were killed. 2  Withdrawal of Russia  Battle of Galipole – Wanted to take over Istanbul o Wanted to create another distraction, but this ended in disaster.  T.E. Lawrence  End of War  Treaty of Versailles o The “War Guilt” clause said that Germany caused this war. They gave out many punishemnts to Germnay. These consisted of Germany paying a huge fine, and they were demilitarized. All but 100k troops were taken away from Germany. o Territorial provisions – The French get Alsace and Lorraine back from the Germans  Effects o Loss of Life & Demographic Effects o Colonials o Women – Keep the home front moving/working during the world and now that the war is over the o Psychological Impact: Lost Generation – People don’t think the same o Fascism – The struggle to recover after the war had people give a lot of power back to the government To learn more and get OneNote, visit 3


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