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by: Mason Notetaker

notes history 1020

Mason Notetaker

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Notetaker on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to history 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
World War II: Beginnings Failure of Collective Security Nazi Expansion  Race & Space o Believed the German “race” was superior to everyone and they were growing very fast and they wanted to gain more “space.” Also believed all Germans should be in one nation. There were many Germans still living in Sudetenland, Alsace Loraine, and Austria. (Lebensraum = living space)  Rearmament (1933) o Begins to secretly rebuild the military. Started off with building planed and equipment. Then he decides to hold a draft, and remilitarized the Rein Land. (These are all violations of the Treaty of Versailles). o 1936 creates an alliance with Mussolini o Chamberlain & Daladier are concerned with what Hitler is doing. Their response to his actions is appeasement. They just wanted to keep Hitler happy, because the last thing the British people wanted was another war. They also kind of felt bad for the people of Germany from the harsh agreements of the Treaty of Versailles. The British also saw Germany is a buffer to communism.  Anschluss (1938) o This is when Hitler annexed Austria, bringing even more Germans together. Chamberlain & Daladier are still appeasing Hitler.  Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) o Chamberlain and Hitler have a meeting in Munich and they agree that Hitler would only take the Sudetenland and then stop. But that doesn’t happen, Hitler first takes the Sudetenland and then the rest of Czech  Pact of Steel o Strengthens alliance with Mussolini  Nazi-Soviet Pact o In the event of a war, they would not attack each other, and if there is war in Europe then they will split the winnings. o Everyone wanted the Soviets on their side because of their size, and the fact that they could bring so many troops to the table.  Poland 1939 o Germany wanted West Poland, and the Soviets wanted East Poland, so they decided they would split it. Early War  Blitzkrieg o A war of movement, covering a lot of land. o Luftwaffe = German air force o Poland is bombed so heavily  Fall of France o France and Britain mobilize for war o France fell in the matter of weeks, was still weakened from WWI 2 o The Nazis occupy France into two parts. Vichy government in France collaborated with Hitler. The government was ran by Petain.  Battle of Britain o RAF = Britain Air Force, much smaller than the Luftwaffe, but their pilots are superb to the German pilots. o Hitler sends Goering to take out Britain’s RAF before actually invading Britain. At first they went after air bases then they turned their attention towards civilians. Civilians were instructed every night to take shelter, some people would sleep in the London subway during the bombings. o Churchill, had the ability to move a nation, “keep calm and carry on.” Brought together a coalition government. Churchill was an orator; he could easily inspire the British people to fight on. The RAF who are outnumbered, began to pull it together and took out crucial numbers of German planes, and Hitler decided to back off. To learn more and get OneNote, visit 3


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