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The Making of Modern Europe 1500

by: Remington Haag Sr.

The Making of Modern Europe 1500 HISTORY 119

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > History > HISTORY 119 > The Making of Modern Europe 1500
Remington Haag Sr.
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 50 page Class Notes was uploaded by Remington Haag Sr. on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HISTORY 119 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/205308/history-119-university-of-wisconsin-madison in History at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
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Madison Rankings WWWle madlxommm The tateeapnat ttytop many wnh a poputztton 0122mm bext m Here arejuxt a ew Mamxon otterxthe Meat ombmze reltent rankmg Mon at a d e n m t The natton martextqty tth the naturat beauty mmum byzoumak 2m ne 015 peueq onegetown Xmanerme mm 9 nu quot qgeg gfym 3 mm We ne ommenea39 10 moxthvabte me Nam murmanaezm m fytorthean man cm Group 200 m watkmg cltyU mventva W One 0110 bext outdooreonented town yahoorkearmaezm m clfylorthng armmgzws e Atop 10 green nywntryHome m7 twmt a39 mars mm nurn A tsudamnrgy I mnrrtm 7 pixpt trwmmm W my t mm quot4413 m Mex91W w s can imam Wm am waste mantaf maltng mew 1 walking city Nation s smartest city 1 cityfor the arts One Miracle in the Midwest State Street mat Outdoors Weather in Madison M rr r WM 4 on H r i a r r r i i r 39n r a q r i a r r i a t ltalian japanexg Nepalexe and and u eomervatron park rn winter are old and mom From Vietnamexelood n nightxpotx 6 addition tomore trran 150 mile N vember through Maren high umx theorpheumThezterthe mm Market de me buteantau belowzero Overture Center and moretrran so Trrrnt oi rt thi way Madixon r Every ummer aturaay Madixon peialtyhop and boutique bio wing and lt r hexpring quot m e m WWW hotandxunnyinthe mmer ichonxin Film rznival Mamet currently rated a the numr 39 Prexented helmArt imtrtute berronemarkminthenation lt quot 3 quot p quot 3 quot 39 mourrdaylexthlleatmex more held ont captoi mare and ear 1e 3 WW WWWquot 3 th niSOlil Ti ket m1 turexisovend r em ytm bem mallm lm give tudentxtheopportumtyto tromtrem produceto baked good ex erreneeneNAmerreanr depenr tomeztand heexetollower crreet rt out olwwwwlilmlext org of 5 perfect college towns a One of the 10 most livable cities 1 cityfor cycling Atop 10 green city ORIENTATION AND THE EIRSTeYEAR EXPERIENCE The Uansmon to coHege rs ah excmng and chahehgrhg trme for stud h Wrscohsrh our professors adyrsors House EeE ows and especrauy your feHoWsLudean wru chauehge you to embrace the rdeas opportunmes and expe 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adeney Student muxt ako ubrmt rexun tronr a tandarmzed wrrtrnd text tne ACTAxxexxment brutneAcTWrtrndTextortnew Ourtextmde areA S tortneAcT and mo tortnew Student Enghxh a a rorerdn tanduade TOEFU a Statement abbrreatron Theyareyourh2netoteHutmng tor or eoaen Rememberthatquzhty r nrorernrbortant tnan quantnyiz tom ottwo or tnree r umerent u Counselor Slgnalure Vow nrdn hoo ounm or wru need to eonrbrete tne ounm or emon otyour r r rrn H n r need toeonrbrete and rdn eetron E sen Aeoby onhne at www adrnrmon Wm edu 24 VIEWBOOK 2009 10 TRANSFER ADMISSION Each year we welcome close to 2000 transfer students to UW Madison These students come to us from a wide range of colleges and universities but when they arrive on campus they become members of the Wisconsin community In fact one in five UW Madison students begins as a transfer student Minimum Requirements for Application To apply students must have com pleted the following minimum requirements To be admitted students need to present academic achievement significantly more competitive than these minimum requirements 24 transferable semester credits excluding AP and other test credit transfer students are not accepted at the freshman level Algebra one year high school or equivalent Plane geometry one year high school or equivalent must be regular collegeetrack not lower track such as modified basic or informal College preparatory math one year high school or a college level course Single foreign language two high school years or two college semesters Academic Course Preparation Competitive academic course work will include Breadth English composition collegeelevel math science social science humanitiesliterae ture and if appropriate foreign language Increasing level of difficulty Course rigor approprie ate for continued study at UWeMadison Appropriate preparation for major Grades and GPA Most transfer students admitted in recent years have a cumulative GPA of at least 30 on a 40 scale However students with a strong GPA but weak curriculum will not likely be admitted We look at Grade trends steady or improve ing but not declining Grade patterns consistent across all academic areas not weak in a particular area Cumulative GPA must be com petitive not only for university admission but for admission to the intended major as well High School Record The fewer the number of college credits earned the more important the high school record becomes In these cases we consider Rank in class Academic GPA Trends in grades Curriculumrigor of courses ACTSAT score Standardized Test Scores Results from the ACT or the SAT are not required of transfer applicants However if you ve taken either test we encourage you to provide us with your scores Your results will be considered as supplemental aca demic information and may help strengthen your application Nonacademic Quali cations Numbers alone do not determine admissibility Nonacademic face tors may also be considered We look for students with special or unique talents who bring signifie cant extracurricular or employment experiences and those who give of themselves and will enrich our campus community While none academic factors will strengthen a good application they will never make an academically weak applie cant admissible Application Process and Deadlines You can apply for transfer admis sion beginning September 15 We use rolling admissions reviewing complete applications in the order received All complete applications received by the dates indicated below will receive equal consider ation for admission Applications received after these dates will be considered only if space is available FallSummer Terms February 1 Spring Term October 1 Admission to Majors All students are initially admitted to the university and not into specific programs and majors Admission to the university does not guarantee admission into a specific major pro gram or college In all cases admis sion to intended majors requires a separate procedure application andor review process Transfer Credit After a transfer student has been admitted and has confirmed his or her intent to enroll we will perform an official evaluation of transfer credit Credit is generally awarded for collegeelevel course work com pleted at degreeegranting accredited institutions Continuing education courses and courses that are remedie al vocational technical or doctrinal in nature are not transferable UW System Transfer Students Students transferring from UW System schools or the Wisconsin Technical College System should consult our online Transfer Information System TIS at wwwuwsaedutis to determine exactly how their credits will trans fer to UWeMadison Transfer Application Checklist A template applkallon onxlm 0 me lollowlng u Applkatlon lorAdmlxxlon w eaxy to away at app y Mxonxm edu or vmwwwadmwmonxwmedu to punts eopy onneappneauon i lt i 5 a Hdn hoo Equwa enq D p oma HEED you wm need to brmt your 01km ore report m addmon tothe mdn hoomanmm u Olfklzl ollegeTrznxtrlplx 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appropnate hoo to mm more W mw iir I mrw m mamKg mmmt may Wm Wilma mmdmkl39m x gm max f 1 my 3mmquot mil Irreilkagys maxim mum autism Mm dkannwmmc gunmg Rummy mrmmm Transfer Admlss o 39I Expedations INTERNATIONAL ADMISSION th m cam umversmes w To be onmdered or 02ther or tamer adrmmon rnternatrenaI tudent muxt rneettne xame expeeta Ion o otner uwemamxen appIKant Ht r an ore than 3 pus tne Unrversrty ofWIsconsIn ranks among the top 20 u rtn L rrmmmum Enghxh prom n as on tne Internmrbaxed text m on tne omputerrbaxed em I REENTRY ADMISSION attended UWrMadIson but courses for a sernester or more need to submrtan apn pIIcann rn order to reenter the unrversrty Howlo Apply www adrmmon Wm edu urrkulum Vou nrue ompIme a entrer Enghxhapeakmg ountry Re u n n r to documentthev abIInyto pay Applimlion Deadlines a orthexprmgterm Toguzrzntee pIetren eertmeate or deIoma that 3 r u r r n In r r r appIKant muxt ubrmt mun tronr theTet o EngIIm a a Formng Language TOEFLMMI ountry Vou mun ompImethe uwemammn FmanoaI Ventreatron r t an ngInaI bank Iett orm an ubm erventyrng at Ieaxt 40000 u x on depoxwt Howlo Apply InternanonzI tudent houId m7 at appIyMonIn edu oryou an tron atwwwadmwmonxwmedu appIKatIoH mdudmg tranxmptx bytheIoIIowmg deadhne FallSummerTermx ruaryl 09 Term 0 g we a appIonHeadmImon thwww tor ompIme aetan 28 VIEWBOOK 2009 10 Barron s includes Wisconsin on its annual list of Best Buys in College Education stating that UW students quotmay just be getting the biggest bang for the buck in American education FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS Wisconsin s combination of academic excellence and great value places us at the top of many quotbest buy lists include those in The Princeton Review Barron s Best Buys in College Education and The Fiske Guide to Colleges In 2008 Kiplinger s Personal Finance ranked Wisconsin as one of the 20 best values in American public higher education While we make every effort to keep our tuition rates affordable we realize many students rely on financial assistance to help meet the difference between their resources and the cost of college Each year 60 percent of Wisconsin undergraduates receive financial assistance totaling 163 million Awards are based on demonstrate ed financial need and in recogni7 tion of academic merit athletic ability and artistic talent Aid comes in three forms Scholarships and Grants which do not need to be repaid Loans which are generally based on financial need and have to be repaid WorkStudy which provides aid in exchange for work Scholarships Wisconsin offers hundreds of scholi arships each year in recognition of academic achievement athletic ability and artistic talent View our Guide to Undergraduate Scholarships online at wwwfinaidwiscedu for detailed information on the scholarship programs available to incoming freshmen Also keep in mind that there are a great many other sources of scholarship and grant money including business and professional groups service organizations churches and alum ni associations How to Apply for Aid and Scholarships There are a few steps you need to take to apply for financial aid at Wisconsin 1 Apply for Admission and Financial Aid While we cannot begin to process your financial aid application until you have been admitted to the university you can apply for financial aid at any time We suggest you apply for admission and finan7 cial aid by February 1 to receive your award notification on the earliest possible date When you complete your application be sure to check Yes on the ques7 tion that asks Do you plan to apply for financial aid We will then let you know about the necessary forms and next steps in the financial aid application process It can take three to six weeks to receive your award notification after all forms have been received Chancellor s Scholarship o KemperK Knapp Scholarship o National Merit Scholarship o PowersKnapp Scholarship uhmnlhe neeAppuemlon ng Vour Finantial Am 5 tor rejeer s udem A d 1 Award mm AH tudent eekmg Adrmtted tudent who ubrmt 2 mnem am muxt ompme rammed mnem am matena by theFAFEA w va ab eonhne Februarwswmhke yeeewemeu t m ed g u 0 award name 0 T verywmporta that cum 7 awardnotmauonwmhxtatham met eFAFEAznoonz er mm H mm g y 0 januaryWupoxmb etoreewe gm 70 y mu eonmemuon or award ehgmmcy Appheauon omp Wmorm A u 0 WWW a eryondwm y m sued but w a notmauonwm a 27 hke y not be mm mm me Maw 2 Applylor Stholzrxhlpx ymg or moxt ho auh p n pwymgmnehowaumpm we a a hxtmg 01 numerou WE maimw Mm none my hump oure quot V vmtwwwhnamwmedu mamas 1AM WMg wali wlkw gdmmmwmm ESTIMATED COST OF ATTENDANCE 2008709 hmnm m9 mm li 053 wk Nonmdem ma may gmb m I am Tumon and Fee 7570 9290 21520 dlm m m s m 5000 and upphe 990 990 990 Room and mm 07700 7700 7700 W m Trave m Permna 02770 2770 2770 m wamxywaL ism mlmmedrocal 19030 20350 33230 m H m M V n rv W m mi N 2 mm Mme mum M Hmdsewn enmemeoompmm 0mm 4mm 0 mmmm Eaim l mi 9614 marge cam mwsfwym umnaymmmgpamm mm In iufkaifa William F Vllas Scholarship WIsconsInAlumnIAssoaatlon Scholarship of ce of Student Financial Ai 39 x r em center VISIT WISCONSIN The bestway to f nd r you to yrsrtWrsconsrn exp ore our IMonuation Szxxionx and campus tours ca calling to uweMa on Mzdtxon an be reamed pyear bux r n r n r ouUfa unwersttyts ght for you ts to spend some urne on campus We H Mte mpus and meet the peopte who study Work and hye here nxilork lnfomulion Program thor e mtormatron Program N7 rr u n w m rt r weetgaye we otter an aggrtronat mg 211015 a m Wh eyou re on ampux you an aho hooxeto rt m on a day tour one ot our reereatronat taerhtrex attend an ot mterext or eat m a umvemty gmmg hau Ourweekendvmt noon on aturgay ang ungay Make a Reservation r ztwwwvmbmkywmedu P eaxe ptaee your rexervznon at eaxt two week m agyanee For more mtormatron phone vttbukyadmtton Wm egu r rn mnnrwr r nnr nrr Denver aneapohx NsNVorK t r n n r n For thoxewho preterto gnye our oanon m 0th eentrat Mxormn muxtao m exhom M wzukee 150 r r n r trom aneapoh For mremonx go to wwwvmtbmkywxcedu the uw ampu oreyhoung Wet garry ererto ang trom two epae Memoratunron gaggerCoaehe Wet garry emeto angt M wzukee And tor thtxetrayehng oamer Bu Company Wet da y unron to downtown chreago ang o39Hare ang Mrgway Nrpon hento Visit The peetrmeto vmt xweek zy when dame are m emon Chelt egu out wwwwm or our unent aeagemreyear eatengar n N n r ontad w and our Hem y eugent or pomt you m the nght memory when you re on ampux pe ure town the Campu mtormatron Center toeateg m the htxtom hr r totheMemorrat unron Aetguee tom tattwrth unent eugentx onhne at wwvtpwmedu phone seamemo orxend an eema to Innsquot Student mm Warmer tudent have peeme quemon That why we ereateg program rahng p2e on the rthe program mdude a hamlet agmre ron mtormatron emon hamlet aeagemremtormatron emon and u tour To mew our upmme mg ehegute otgate ang Umeir and to make a rexervano goto wwwvmtbmkywmedu SCHOO LS AN D COLLEG ES WTsconsTn offers students extraonTnaTy opportunTtTes Top amon them Ts the abTTTty to Team and expand knoWTed e Tn aTmosLhmTUess fTers of study 9 NH Te undergraduate sshooTs and soTTeges Too maTors 4200 courses 40 cem cate pro grams TndTdeuaTTzed and doubTe maTors The opportunTues eXTSL The shoTse Ts yours The optTons are boundTess Sthoolx and coll as p o as spesTaT opportunTtTes and unTgue expenenses that esztWTtth eash Applying to Major programs Most rxteyear students are True CroxxeCoHegeAdvTxTn ane an approprTate maTor and remaTn on targetTor graduatTon ost rom ATrTsan studTes to gTopaT suTtures to suppTy shaTn management cradnata and provessional Sthoolx WTssonsTn has Tour graduate and programs and maTors students pus Th T h T h T oTMedeTne and Pubhlt HeaTth h T tph n h T t oT prereguTsTte sourse work Tn the TrT n approash to edusatTon th a at gTyes our tudentxthe ebeThty to expTore and expand theTr preadth protessTonaT and dostoraT degrees degrees oTTeTed by our other sshooTs nd soTTeges Undergraduate catalog Tn a paTthuTarTTer oT study uadasidatn Tt39saTrTghtto pe unsure some ne dents some ovnssonsTn Tnowmg exastTy what they want to study put sToseto 60 persent a e und sTded about a maTor e sshooTs and soTTeges maTors pro gram a ourseoTTerTngs nd degree reguTrements yTsTt the Undergraduate cathog onTTne at wwwms edupupsug 3 MT at human Thomsng 3 and quotMilk Th39rgdm m Schools and College 34 VIEWBOOK 200 0 College of Letters and Science wwwlswiscedu Majors 65 The College of Letters and Science is the oldest and largest aca demic college at the University of Wisconsin Most undergraduates enter the university through Letters and Science and more than half of UWeMadison s undergraduate degrees are awarded by Letters and Science The college s faculty and staff teach foundation courses in mathematics science English and foreign language The faculty classrooms cultural resources and organizations of the College of Letters and Science plant the seeds of transformation that have led generations of undergraduates to selfediscovery selfeconfidence and often a life passion This is a vital element of the college s educa tional mission to produce future leaders Admission Students may declare their intent to major in the College of Letters and Science as early as their first semester Some majors require an admission process For information visit the Undergraduate Catalog at wwwwiscedupu bsug Please note The School of Music requires auditions during the winter prior to admission For deadlines and com plete application information visit wwwmusicwiscedu Curriculum The College of Letters and Science provides a broad education that encompasses the arts and humanie ties social sciences and natural sciences In addition to elective courses students take courses to meet UWeMadison s general edue cation and ethnic studies require ments Major and certificate pro grams provide focused programs of specialized work in a major or field of study Most bachelor s degree programs require a minimum of 120 degree credits Special Opportunities FirstYear Interest Groups FIGs are groups of 20 firsteyear students who live in the same residence hall or residential neighborhood and enroll together in a cluster of three classes that are organized around a common theme Learn more at wwwlssaawiscedufigs Honors Program The Letters and Science Honors Program pro vides an enriched undergraduate curriculum advising services grants and scholarships and serviceelearne ing opportunities Students admit ted to the program pursue the Honors in the Liberal Arts Honors in the Major or Comprehensive Honors Degree Learn more at wwwhonorslswiscedu World Languages Literatures and Cultures The college s lane guage and literature departments teach more than 60 world lane guages literatures and cultures Letters and Science is also home to 11 centers devoted to the study of world regions Learn more at wwwlanguageinstitutewiscedu Undergraduate Research Letters and Science faculty and staff mentor students in undergradue ate research arranged through organized programs such as the Undergraduate Research Scholars Pathways Scholars and the Letters and Science Honors Program through various campus pro grams and through individual studies and projects College of Agricultural and Life Sciences wwwcalswiscedu Majors 24 The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences CALS is considered to be one of the finest colleges of its type in the United States Bachelor of Science degrees are awarded in agrie cultural sciences international agrie culture and natural resources natural resources natural sciences agriculture al business management biological systems engineering dietetics and landscape architecture Graduates of the college pursue careers in business and industry biotechnology fields technical services teaching commu nication conservation and recreation human nutrition and public service Many CALS students go on to pure sue graduate degrees in medicine and veterinary medicine Admission Students can declare their interest in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences on their application for admission to UWeMadison Enrollment is limited in two majors landscape architecture and biologie cal systems engineering Transfer admission is available although students must complete their final 30 degree credits as CALS students Curriculum Curricula and graduation require ments vary across the college s 8 degree programs and 26 majors The CALS curriculum is flexible by design though all bachelor s degree candidates must complete credits in math written and oral communica tions chemistry economics ethnic studies humanities social sciences biological science physical science and international studies Additional minimum degree requirements vary by program Special Opportunities Capstone Learning Experience All CALS students complete the Capstone Learning Experience This experience is unique in each major and allows students to integrate the knowledge acquired during their academic program Faculty members serve as mentors Honors Program Students in the CALS Honors Program participate in specialized courses design and conduct independent research and collaborate with faculty mentors Incoming freshmen may apply for the honors program upon meeting specific high school GPA andor testescore requirements Visit wwwcalswiscedustudents honors for more information Student Organizations There are more than 30 student organizations sponsored by the college Examples include the Agricultural and Life Sciences Student Council Badger Crops Club Badger Dairy Club Collegiate FFA Horticulture Society PreAVeterinary Association and the Undergraduate Genetics Club Wisconsin School of Business wwwbuswiscedu Majo rs 10 The Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate program is consise tently ranked among the top 15 in the nation Most recently US News amp World Report ranked the overall undergraduate business pro gram number 12 with real estate ranked second and insurance third Admission Prospective business majors typical ly complete their freshman year in the College of Letters and Science before applying to enter the Wisconsin School of Business their sophomore year To be eligible for admission students must complete the prescribed prebusiness curricue um This includes courses in come munications mathematics ecoi nomics and psychology Students apply to the undergraduate pro gram at the beginning of the term during which they will complete I 24 credits or more in residence at UW7Madison and 2 all pref business requirements This typi7 cally takes place at the end of their freshman year Admission decisions are based on a holistic application review which includes academic performance at UW7Madison and life experiences shared in an essay Transfer Admission To be considered for admission transfer students must complete the prebusiness curriculum requirements including classes in communications economics psychology and math ematics and have completed 24 or more credits Curriculum The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program is based on a broad educational foundation combined with courses in business and economics A mini mum of 120 credits is required for graduation including 52 credits in business and economics courses 52 credits in courses other than business and economics and 16 elective credits Special Opportunities Business Scholars Program The Business Scholars Program is avail able to outstanding Wisconsin high school students who intend to major in business Incoming freshmen receive financial scholar ships and enhanced opportunities for academic challenge and career development Business Honors in the Liberal Arts BHLA The BHLA program provides business majors who have been admitted to the Honors in the Liberal Arts HLA program UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON 35 through the College of Letters and Science the opportunity to con tinue taking honors course work in the School of Business Students pursuing this scholarly route com bine 24 credits of honors courses in the liberal arts and business Study Abroad Close to 35 percent of business students study abroad The school offers more than 20 semester and summer overseas study programs with locations in Hong Kong Singapore Denmark England Italy Spain France Australia Argentina and more Student Organizations There are more than 30 School of Business student organizations including the International Business Student Association the Actuarial Science Club the Finance and Investment Society the Investment Banking Club and numerous academic honor societies In fact every major has an affiliated student organization School of Education wwweducationwiscedu Majors 33 As one of the most respected education schools in the nation Wisconsin s School of Education prepares students in a variety of disciplines and for a range of professional roles including art ist teacher and therapist Majors include teacher education in many subjects and at various levels as well as art dance kinesiology and rehabilitation psychology Admission Students can declare their intent to major in the School of Education as incoming freshmen at which time most begin with a preprofese sionaI designation After two or three years of course work students apply for admission to their desired professional program eg elemeni 36 VIEWBOOK 20 tary education kinesiology Most programs limit enrollment and admission is competitive based on a variety of criteria such as GPA an admission essay credits earned and test scores Freshmen interested in art or dance are admitted directly into the professional program though admittance as a dance major also requires an audition Transfer Admission Students wishing to transfer directly into a professional pro gram must submit an application to the School of Education in addie tion to the university s application for admission Because program admission policies and procedures vary prospective transfer stu7 dents should contact Education Academic Services to learn more about transfer admission require ments application deadlines and prerequisite course work Visit wwweducationwiscedueas to learn more or phone 6082627 1651 to make an appointment with an academic advisor Curriculum All School of Education programs require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation It may take five years to complete many teacher education programs Specific degree requirements and course work vary by program area You can consult the Undergraduate Catalog at wwwwiscedupubsug for details Special Opportunities Field Experiences for Teacher Education Programs Field experiences are a critical part of UWiMadison s teacher education programs Certification requires at least one preestudent teach ing practicum and a full semester of student teaching and most program areas provide additional time in the schools Students interested in student teaching abroad may participate in the International Student Teaching Program Certificate Programs Certificates in dance 26 credits educational policy studies 15 credits and global perspectives 21 credits are available to all students Minority Student Services The school provides recruitment retene tion outreach and advising service es to students of color Scholarships and other sources of financial assis tance are available College of Engineering wwwengrwiscedu Majors 13 Highequality instruction inspiring classmates innovative research intensive course work stateeofethee art facilities and wellesupported extracurricular activities The College of Engineering offers all of these benefits and resources and for this reason is a world leader in engineering education Admission Students can specify engineering as their intended program of study when they apply to Wisconsin and upon admission begin with an EGR classification At the end of the first year of UW course work students with 24 or more credits who meet other admission requirements apply to enter their desired engineering department eg biomedical engineering To enter an engineering department students must have at least a 25 GPA in core calculus and science classes 24 degree credits and the necessary college English require ment in addition to other criteria Admission is limited by program capacity and may be competitive Transfer Admission The Engineering General Resources Office will help interested trans fer students plan an educational program give advice on trans fer policies and discuss degree requirements Please contact the advising office at 60826272473 or egradvisorengrwiscedu for more information Curriculum Course work and degree require ments vary by program though all engineering students complete one year of a combination of college level math and basic sciences one and a half years of engineering top ics both engineering sciences and engineering design and a general education component Consult the Undergraduate Catalog at wwwwiscedupubsug for details Special Opportunities Study Abroad The college offers semester and yearlong study abroad programs at leading engineering schools in Australia Chile England France Germany Hong Kong Japan Mexico Spain Sweden and other countries Diversity Affairs Office The Diversity Affairs Office DAO pro vides academic and career support to traditionally underrepresented students in the science and engie neering professions DAO offers summer engineering programs for high school students academic advising and support financial assistance mentor programs and professional development oppore tunities Phone 60826277764 to learn more Engineering Honors in the Liberal Arts The Engineering Honors in the Liberal Arts program allows select higheability students with broad academic interests to take challenging background courses in the liberal arts Eligible high school seniors should apply by March I to receive full consideration Please visit wwwengrwiscedu for application information and materials School of Human Ecology wwwso hewiscedu Majo rs 10 The School of Human Ecology focuses on how individuals groups and families interact with their material and social surroundings Program areas include consumer science environment textiles and design family and consumer communications and human development and family studies Graduates are prepared for careers in economics and personal finance merchandising retail management interior design apparel design non profit management human services community organizing and family and human development Admission Students are encouraged to enter the School of Human Ecology as freshmen At the latest students should apply to a human ecology major by the start of junior year A separate application process is required for entry into the profes sional sequence of courses in the interior design and textile and apparel design majors Freshmen enter these programs with preprofessional classification and are eligible to apply to the pro fessional programs after satisfactoe rily completing prerequisites Transfer Admission The Student Academic Affairs Office within the school will help interested transfer students plan an educational program offer advice on transfer procedures and discuss degree requirements Phone the office at SOB26272608 for more information Curriculum The Bachelor of Science degrees offered by the School of Human Ecology require a total of 124 cred its for graduation Specific course work varies by major but generally includes classes in math and com munication social science natural science and humanities in addie tion to human ecology electives and eight or more courses within the major area of study Special Opportunities Prospective Student Visits To meet an advisor tour the School of Human Ecology or sit in on a class phone SOS26272608 Honors Program Students in the School of Human Ecology Honors Program enroll in honors courses and complete an honors thesis in collaboration with members of the faculty Incoming freshmen in the top 10 percent of their high school class or who have a GPA of at least 33 can apply for the honors program Please visit wwwsohewiscedu for application information Study at the Fashion Institute of Technology Students in the textile and apparel design major can spend their final year of study at New York s Fashion Institute of Technology participating in the visiting student program Gallery of Design The Gallery of Design is located in the Human Ecology Building Exhibits feature the work of students in the texe tile apparel and interior design programs as well as that of faculty members and leading designers in the field Internships An extensive intern ship program is available for interested students Contact the Student Academic Affairs Office at SOB26272608 for additional information UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON School of Medicine and Public Health wwwmedwiscedu Majors 2 The School of Medicine and Public Health SMPH offers two under graduate majors clinical laboratory science and physician assistant Students in the clinical laboratory science program select from two optionsimedical technology or cytotechnologyiand are trained to provide accurate reliable laboe ratory tests for monitoring health and diagnosing and treating dis ease Students in the physician assistant program are prepared to become health providers who deliver comprehensive preventive and therapeutic health care as deli egated by a supervising physician There is not an official premed program or major at Wisconsin A variety of undergraduate programs provide excellent background for medical school application includ ing clinical laboratory science and numerous majors in the College of Letters and Science and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Admission Students intending to major in clinical laboratory science enter the university with a preprofessional classification The preprofessional academic course component takes a minimum of two years four semesters to complete The profes sional component is a twoeyear pro gram There is no limit to the nume ber of qualified students who may follow the preprofessional curricula However enrollment in the profes sional program is limited competie tive and requires an application for admission Applicants are selected based on academic performance in preprofessional course work The physician assistant program is planning a professional master s 38 VIEWBOOK 20 degree that will require a bachelor s degree and completion of certain prerequisites Although the date of implementation is uncertain stue dents will no longer be admitted with the preprofessional classifica tion We anticipate the final profes sional class leading to a bachelor s degree will be admitted for the summer of 2009 but encourage interested students to visit www physicianassistantwiscedu for cur rent information Program advisors will be available to help students plan for application to the profes sional program Transfer Admission The SMPH Office of Student Services and Admissions will help interested transfer students plan an educational program offer advice on transfer procedures and discuss degree requirements Contact the office at 6082637 6800 Please note a separate application is required for both the physician assistant and clinical laboratory science programs Curriculum The preprofessional course work for both SMPH undergraduate majors consists of 54 credit hours of course work to include 12 cred its of natural science 6 of humanie ties 6 of social science and 3 of ethnic studies as well as program electives and English foreign lan guage and math Course work in the majors varies by program and includes classes in immunology anatomy zoology medical genete ics bacteriology and more Special Opportunity Clinical Laboratory Science Cytotechnology Internship The final year of the clinical laboratory science cytotechnology degree is a izemonth clinical internship that includes a summer session School of Nursing wwwsonwiscedu Majors 1 The goal of the bachelor of science program is to foster the professional skill critical thinking and compase sion that together form the founda tion of contemporary nursing The program provides a basis for pro gressing to positions of increased responsibility and leadership and to undertaking graduate study in nurs ing Nursing is an excellent career choice for those who want to work in the health care profession Admission Freshmen interested in majoring in nursing are admitted to the univer sity with the prenursing classifica tion Most students apply to the nursing program during the second term of their sophomore year for the following fall A separate appli7 cation is required Enrollment is limited and admission to the nurs ing program is competitive Factors considered during application review are academic performance pattern and trend of grades course es taken admission essay extracure ricular activities and work experie ence related to health care Transfer Admission Students wishing to transfer directly into the nursing program must submit an application to the School of Nursing in addition to the uni versity s application for admission The nursing program application is available after October 1 and the deadline is February 1 Admission to the nursing program is available for the fall term only Go online to wwwsonwiscedu for information and application materials oryou can phone 60826375202 to make an appointment with an academic advbon Curriculum The nursing curriculum has three major components general educa tion nursing practice and electives The general education component includes courses in the natural and biological sciences humanities and social studies The majority of these requirements are met in the first two years of study The nurs ing component junior and senior years includes lectures laboratory and clinical courses Elective courses in general education and nursing permit students to pursue individual interests Students have the oppor tunity to complete the nursing com ponent either on the UW7Madison campus or at the Western Campus in La Crosse Wis Clinical experi ences are offered in hospital settings and in community health agencies Special Opportunities Honors Program The School of Nursing Honors Program offers enriched course work and research involvement as well as the oppore tunity to develop a mentoring relationship with a member of the nursing faculty Students apply to the honors program when they are admitted to the nursing program Early Entry PhD Option This innovative program is designed for undergraduates interested in pursuing research careers Working with a faculty advisory commit tee students plan individualized programs of study integrating intensive research training clinical practice and required and recom7 mended course work Baccalaureate Option RN to BS Registered nurses who would like to earn a Bachelor of Science degree can enroll in the RN to BS program BSNHome which is offered via the Internet Minority Student Services The School of Nursing is committed to increasing the representation of minority students within the school and throughout the nursing profession Scholarships and finan cial aid opportunities are available School of Pharmacy wwwpharmacywiscedu Prog ra ms 2 Established in 1883 the UWeMadison School of Pharmacy is Wisconsin s only pharmacy school and is consistently ranked among the best in the nation The professional Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD program prepares stue dents for licensure as registered pharmacists and is designed to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in health care Our curriculum is based on course work designed to help students develop skills in counseling patients planning drug therapies determining dosage and preparing medication In addition to the PharmD program the School of Pharmacy offers the foureyear bachelor s degree in pharmacology and toxicology The pharmacology and toxicology curriculum teaches students about the principles by which chemicals affect the health of humans and animals either adversely as toxins or beneficially as therapeutic agents This bachelor s degree does not lead to licensure as a registered pharmacist Graduates are prepared for entryelevel posie tions in the pharmaceutical and bio technological industries graduate school in biomedical fields profes sional school education medicine law veterinary medicine dentistry positions in government regula tory agencies research labs and research in academic institutions Course work leading to master s and doctoral degrees is also offered by the School of Pharmacy TransferLevel Preparation For the PharmD program specie fied collegeelevel preparatory course work and a total of at least 62 credits are required For the BS7Pharmacology and Toxicology program specified collegeelevel preparatory course work and a total of at least 60 credits are required Visit wwwpharmacywiscedu for more information Students interested in School of Pharmacy programs should send an email to pharminfopharmacywiscedu or phone SOB26276234 for upetoe date information about admission criteria and application procedures and for assistance in planning appropriate and balanced academe ic programs Admission Notes Prospective Students Students who still need to complete their pref School of Pharmacy course require ments for admission to either the BS7Pharmacology and Toxicology program or the Pharm D program must apply for undergraduate admission through the UWeMadison Office of Admissions The comple tion of preeSchool of Pharmacy course requirements for admission does not guarantee later admission to the School of Pharmacy as admis sion is very competitive BS Pharmacology and Toxicology Applicants Transfer students who have completed or who are in the final stage of come pleting preepharmacology and toxicology course requirements for admission must submit both 1 an admission application to the School of Pharmacy and 2 a separate undergraduate applica tion to the UWeMadison Office of Admissions The postmark dead line for all application materials is February 1 Complete application instructions are available online at wwwpharmacywiscedu Admission takes place for the fall term only UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON 39 PharmD Applicants Transfer stue dents who have completed or who are in the final stage of completing the preePharmD course require ments for admission must apply directly to the School of Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy PharmD application does not qualify applicants to be considered for admission to other majors at UWeMadison for such consid eration applicants must submit an undergraduate application to the UWeMadison Office of Admissions The postmark applie cation deadline for all applica tion materials except Pharmacy College Admission Test scores is December 1 The School of Pharmacy application is avail able at wwwpharmacywiscedu Preference for admission to the PharmD program is given to qualified Wisconsin residents a maximum of 10 percent of any new PharmD class may be nonresidents Admission takes place for the fall term only Special Opportunities Minority Affairs The Minority Affairs Program in Pharmacy MAPP is open to all School of Pharmacy students and to all students who share an interest in diversity issues For more informa tion phone 60826277434 Discovery Days The school hosts two Discovery Days on campus during the spring semester These informational programs provide high school juniors and seniors col lege students and returning adults with the opportunity to learn more about pharmacy education and careers For more information and to request registration materials visit wwwpharmacywiscedu UNDERGRADUATE MAJORS College of Agricultural ciences Agricultural and Applied Economics Agricultural Business a emen Agricultural Education Agricultural Journalism gronom Animal Sciences Biochemistn Biological Systems Engineering Biology Dain Science Forest Science Genetics Horticulture Individual Major Landscape Architecture Microbiolog Nutritional Sciences Recreation Resources nagemen Rural Sociology Soil Science Wildlife Ecology School of Business Accounting Actuarial Science Finance Investment and Banking Information Systems International Business Management and Human e ng Operations and Technology Management Real Btate and Urban Land Economics Risk Management and Insurance School of Education Art Art Education Biology Chemistn hInese Communicative Disorders ance Earth and Space Science conomics Elementan Education English an Hebrew and Semitic Studies is on Individual Major Italian Japanese Kinesiology Latin Mathematics Natural Science Polish Political Science Rehabilitation Psychology Russian Social Studies Sociology Spanis Special Education College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical and Biological En ineerin Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering Materials Science and Engineer39n Mechanical Engineering Naval Science Nuclear Engineering School of Human Ecology Consumer Affairs Family and Consumer Journalism Human Development and Family Studies Human Ecology 9 Textile and Apparel Design College of Letters and cience African Languages and Literature AfrorAmerican Studies Anthropolo Applied Math Engineering ysics AstronomyePhysics Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Biochemistn Biological Aspch of Conservation Biology Botany Cartography and Geographic Information Systems Chemistn Chinese Classical Humanities Classics Communication Arm Communicative Disorders Comparative Literature Computer Sciences Econom39cs Geography Geology and Geophysics an Hebrew and Semitic Studies H IStOW Histon and Histon of Science Histon of Science Individual MaJor International Studies Italian Japanese Jewish Studies Journalism and Mass Communication Languages and Cultures of Asia Latin and IberIan Studies Medical Microbiology and Immuno ogy Medical Science Microbiology Molecular Biology M Political Science Portuguese Psycholo Religious Studies sIan Scandinavian Studies Social Welfare Social Work Theatre and Drama Women s Studies Zoology School of Medicine and Public Health Clinical Laboraton Science Physician Assistan School of Nursing Nursing School of Pharmacy Pharmacology and Toxicology UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON Certificate Programs African Studies American Indian Studies haeolo Artist Certi cate in Music es 5 x gt 3 g 8 3 Biology in Engineering Business Celtic Studies Chicanao and Latinao St di u es Classical Studies Computer Sciences Criminal Justice Dance East Asian Studies Educational Policy Studies Environmental Studies European Studies French Studies for Business Studenm Gerontolo German Studies for Business Goba Cultures Health Care Management Integrated Liberal Studies Engineering Studenm Jewish Studies Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Studies Material Culture Studies Medieval Studies Russian East European and Central Asian Studies South Asian Stud39es Spanish Studies for Business udenm Supply Chain Management Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Technical Communication Women s Studies Graduate Professional Schools Law Medicine and Public Health P armacy Veterinan Medicine The Umvemty of WIsconsInrMadIson I an mty and affvmatwe actIon m e e Photos by Umvemty Commumcatmns SeptemberZOOB Have Quesuons7 lenor 3 Imormauon Program sou25372400 akbukyuwma Wm emu wwwwpwueemu mreemry Axxmanee sou2524234 Smedulezszpulexn sea25273318 vwtbultkya mmmn Wm emu wwwvmtbmkywme u Apply Dunne app ywucunxm emu Madum WI 53mm


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