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by: Edwina Schroeder


Edwina Schroeder
GPA 3.88

Ken Armstrong

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About this Document

Ken Armstrong
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edwina Schroeder on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CGS 2518 at Florida State University taught by Ken Armstrong in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see /class/205368/cgs-2518-florida-state-university in Computer General Studies at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
CGS2518 CHAPTER 1 insufficient width Nameunrecognized text in formula DIVOdivision by zero REFlinvalid cell reference Valuelwrong argument type or operand NA No Answer Numlinvalid numeric values in a formula or function If you enter 114925 in a cell with no equal sign what resultNO ANSWER 2410 42 results1042 Order of Precedence in excel 1Parentheses 2Exponentiation 4Multiplication and division 5 Addition and Subtraction When writing formulas why is it preferable to use cell references rather than typing in the valuesSo that if you have to change the value cell reference later the formula will automatically change Add a range of numbers in cells A2 through X2 SUMA2X2 Largest value in cells C2 through C8 MAXC2C8 Smallest Value in Cells 32 through 212 MNBZ212 Average ofC1 through C10 and numbers not in all ofthem AVERAGEC1 C2 Etc leave out the cells that are blank Total number of values listed in cells C1 through C10 excluding any that have text SUMC1C2 don t list cells with zero or text AlgorithmRule that governs how a function works or a systematic set of procedures that the computer always steps through to calculate the results of a function Argumentsa function inputexample ROUND function contains two arguments a value and the number of decimals places as follows ROUND2220 SyntaxThe specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments in the function B4 SUMC1C5 and copy from A9 to Cell C10 what happensb4SUME2E6 BllNumber will not vary when copied across the COLUMN C5Number will not vary when copied down the ROW 31 110 Bl in Excel is 10 11 In Excel what if the numbers 2 and 4 are presents and then their Sum is 58 what could be the problemOne of the numbers either 2 or 4 could be rounded to the eye in excel so excel still calculates the sum for the actual number not the rounded one CHAPTER 2 What formula could you write to calculate the mean ofthe following data set 2543127 AVERAG E2543127 What is the median value of the data set given in question 1 Middle number when in numerical order 122E457 What is the mode of the data set given in question 1 2 it is the most common The Data Set Given in Question 1 has a standard deviation of 158 as compared with another data set that has the same mean but a standard deviation of25 What general differences would you expect to find between the two sets of data The data set with the standard deviation of 25 has more higher numbers than does The data set in Question 1 In the chapter the original labor rate for inspectors was give as 35 per hour However due to a contract renegotiation this value is now 3750 What algebraic expression could you use to determine the percent increase in labor costs NewOldOld 37503535 When using the increase decimal button on the toolbar the precise value in the cell is modi edFALSE Write a formula to round up 6334 to the nearest percent ROUND 63342 What is the symbol for the greater than or equal to relational operator in Excelgt What is the symbol for the not equal to relation operator in excellt gt To count the number of specific things in a list COUNTIF Range quotWhat you are looking forquot Write a formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20000 pg153COUNTF range lt20000quot Write a formula to determine the total value ofall ford cars SUMF NAME RANGE quotFordquot SUM RANGE Cars prices Explain the difference between a quotWhatif analysis and Goal Seek by giving an example based on the worksheet shown in question 11 The quotWhatifquot analysis means simply to determine the outcome of changing one or more input values and evaluate the recalculated results For example If labor rate is set at 3500 and multiple cells follow that use that rate in their formulas change 35 to 45 and all of the cells will automatically change View the changed results quotGoal Seekquot is used when you want to change an input value in order to reach a specified output For example What labor rate would produce the total cost to inspect at 150 Goal Seek is located under Data What if Analysis Goal Seek Write a formula to determine the value ofthe third most expensive car RANKEQ 151 price on list range of car prices because it is descending order If each car showing in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 in dollar increments what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formulaB2 RAND20050 The Formula RAND gives what result a random value between 0 and 1 when given numbers minus them xy and then do RANDxyy What formula could you write to average the values in cells A10 through A20 excluding blank cells rounded to the nearest 10 RoundAverageA10A11 leaving out blank cells1 Write a formula to determine the average price of only ford vehiclesAVERAGEFNAMES OF CARSquotFORDquotPRICES Write a formula to generate a random integer value between 10 and 20RANDBETWEEN2010 Rand between because they asked for an integer which means no decimal places RAND gives decimals CHAPTER 3 List and describe the signi cance of each of Tufte s five data graphics principles 1 quotAbove all else show the data don t clutter a chart by adding unnecessary illustrations 2 Maximize the data ink ratio refers to the portion of the ink that is devoted to displaying the data versus the portion of the graphic that can be removed without losing the data 3 quotErase non data ink part of the chart that decorates more than informs 4 quotErase redundant data ink ink that repeats information 5 quotRevise and Edit charts can be improved by revising and editing How do sparklines differ from chartsSparklines are small wordsized charts or graphics embedded within the words numbers or images they represent See page 168 Three steps to insert a chart into excel First select the data you want to display click the inset tab and then clik a button in the charts group or the dialog box launcher in the charts group if you want to choose from all available chart types and subtypes Give an example of a low dataink ratio chartColumn or Bar charts Use a lot of ink to display minimal information How do you change the chart type of an existing chartselect the chart you want to changein the type group on the design tab click the change chart type button to open the change chart type dialog box Click the chart type you want to change to and then click the subtype if necessary click ok What charting limits does excel have in terms of data points and seriesThe number of data series and data points that excel can display in a chart is only limited by available computer memory and capacity How many standard chart types and subtypes are available in Excel10 standard 19 Depending on stock What are the differences and similarities between a line chart and an XY Scatter chart When should each be used Scatter chart plots numeric values on both the x and y axes based on the value of the data Line chart plots numeric values on one axis and category labels on another A scatter plot should be used instead of a line when comparing sets of numerical data on both axes Explain the difference between the data points in a line chart and an ScatterXY chartLine has one axes be a data category and the other axes as numeric value A scatter plot has both axes as numeric points no data points What are the differences between a bar chart and a column chart Give an ex of when you would use each one Column compares values across categories in a vertical orientation Values are indicated by the height of the columns Bar compares values across categories in a horizontal orientation Values are indicated by the length of the bars What are the differences between a column chart and an area chart Give an ex of when you would use each one An area chart does a better job of illustrating trends over a longer period of time while still emphasizing the contribution that each category made to a particular year s performance The area chart is somewhat easier to grasph than the column chart because the larger number of columns makes the column chart more difficult to understand I would use an area chart when the time period is larger and a column chart when the time period or data is smaller How do pie chart differ from doughnut chartPie charts compare the contribution of each value in a single numeric data series Doughnut compares the contribution of each value in a multiple numeric data series Values indicated by size of doughnut segments When should you use a stacked line column or area chart How do the stacked chart differ from regular chart Stacked charts do a good job of illustrating the cumulative effects of data in categories Stacked charts compares the contribution of each VALUE to a TOTAL across categories When should you use a 100 stacked line column or area chart How do the 100 stacked chart differ from stack stacked charts 100 stacked charts show the cumulative contribution for each category as a percentage They reduce confusion over whether the line on the chart represents the individual or cumulative contribution to the whole They differ from stacked charts in which they show the cumulative contribution as a percentage What chart subtypes are available for stock chart in excel Explain how you interpret the data markers on each ofthe subtypesSubtypes available HighLowClose OpenHighLowClose VolumeHighLowClose and VolumeOpenHigh LowClose The data must be in the order of the name CHAPTER 4 note look at page 280 in book created to formulas according to this spreadsheet but excluded the spreadsheets title Evaluate the following expressions a ANDFaseTrueTrue False all values must be true bOR3gt5TrueTrue only one item must be true c NOTORFALSEFALSEFALSETrue returns true if all items are false dANDA2gt6NOTFALSE where A2 contains the value 25True and is true and not false so entire thing is true Describe how you would format a cell so that ifthe value is greater than 50 it would be automatically bolded Conditional formatting greater than 50 What formula is used in cell E3 which can be copied down the column to determine true or false ifthis item is within budget page 280 BUDG ETgtACTUAL Write a formula to determine if at least one item is within budgetORRANGE OF TRUE FALSE FROM PREVIOUS QUESTION Write a formula to determine ifall ofthe items are within budgetANDRANGE OF TRUE FALSES Write a formula in cell F3 that can be copied down the column to determine ifthis food item is not within budget NOTFOOD ITEM BUDGET gtFOOD ITEM ACTUAL What formula would you use ifyou wanted to set a conditional format of Cell A3 using the formula is methodsuch that the item name would be shaded in yellow ifthis item has an actual cost of at least 400 Go to conditional formatting create new formula enter D3gt400 and formatting is yellow text click enter Write a formula to determine if none of the items are within budget NotOrE2E7The formula directly determines if none of the customers meet the criteria Write a formula to determine if TRUE 0R FALSE only the required items R are within budget Note that this formula does not have to work ifthe optional required categories are later modi ed Are the following two Boolean expressions equivalent Why or Why not NOTORE3E8 ANDNOTE3NOTe4NOTE5NOTE6NOTE7NOTE8 Yes they are equivalent The not function returns the opposite of what is actually true The or function returns true if at least one function is true The and function returns true if all arguments are true Is the following formula Valid Why or Why Not NOT E3E8 No not valid unless the column is either ALL TRUE or ALL FALSE What value would the following formula return FD4ltC4quotwithin budgetquot l39over budget over budget What value would the following formula return FSUMD6D8lt200 quotgo to bothquot FSUMd6d8gt450 quotgo to neitherquot quotChoose Onequot Go to both Write a formula in cell G3 that can be copied down the column to return the following If this item has an actual cost of less than 100 then return the text quotMinor Component Costquot If this item has an actual cost of 100 or more then return the text quotMajor Component Costquot FD2lt100quotMinor Component Costquot FD2gt100quotMajor Component Costquot Write an excel formula in cell H3 that can be copied down the column to calculate the cost of this component for a larger sales meeting based on the following FBZquotrquotC2IFBZquotoquotC23 CHAPTER 5 The lookup value of a VLOOKUP function can be a contiguous cell rangeTRUE In a VLOOKUP formula with a TRUE lookup type the first column ofthe lookup table referenced must be ascending order to retrieve the correct valueTRUE The resultvector ofa LOOKUP function must be sorted in ascending orderFalse Reference and Lookup functions may not contain nested functions as argumentsTrue The default rangelookup type for the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions is FALSE False Excel matches the lookupvalue quottomquot with the entry quotTOMquot in a lookup tableTrue The row and column arguments in the INDEX function can be numeric values Boolean values or textFalse The formulaNDEX BZD7B12D17BZZD17232 returns the value in cell D13False The formula AVERAGE Choose1BlZD12BZZD17 averages the value 1 with the values in cells 312 to D17 and 322 to D17False The formula MATCH 40104050900 returns the value 2True What happens when Excel is solving a VLOOKUP formula with a FALSE rangelookup type and does not nd an exact match in the lookup tableError Value NA is returned What is the difference between the LOOKUP function and the VLOOKUP function and the HLOOKUP functionLookup is a single row or column Vlookup is a vertical lookup and HLOOKUP is a horizontal lookup Which excel function should you use when you want to look up a value from a twodimensional table where both the columns and rows can be varied MATCH Write a formula to choose the name of the fifth day of the week from the list starting with Sunday Monday etc VLOOKUP or MATCH depending on the format in excel What is the difference between the LOOKUP function and the MATCH function Lookup returns corresponding value in a list Match function returns the relative positive number of the lookup value in a list


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