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by: Loraine Wunsch


Loraine Wunsch
GPA 3.82

Kelly Hamilton

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About this Document

Kelly Hamilton
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Loraine Wunsch on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPM 4003 at Florida State University taught by Kelly Hamilton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/205370/spm-4003-florida-state-university in OTHER at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
APPLICATION FORM For Malaysian Students 2 For office use only H Programme I Student Number wisdom Integrity Excellence How to complete the form The student must meet the entry requirements for the selected programme priorto the submission of this application form Please complete all sections in BLOCK LETTERS BLUEBLACK inilt only APPLICATION CHECKLIST Attach a certified true copy of your actualforecast results Attach a photocopy of your MyKad Attach i x passport size photograph for Canadian PreeUniiersity Programme oniy CPU Sign the application form and have the form signed by your parentguardian Other supporting documents for your application where necessary First payment made in form of Cash Crossed Cheque Credit Card Bank Draft Money Order or Telegraphic Transfer Please refer to the BANK DETAILS section Page 05 mmemNA Campus D Taylor s College Subang Jaya II Taylor s Coiiege Sri Hartamas I IProgramme D CambridgeALeieis D Canadian PrerUniiersity internationalBaccalaureate Diploma D SouthAustraIian Matriculation PARTA PERSONAL DETAI FuilName quot3 ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Prinl as appears in yourMyKad surname M Ka mm a 39 5 I State Country I M b e PM quot WI Gender B Female Male MaritaIStatUS II Single D Married D Divorced Student39s email II Widowed Others piease specify ParentsG uardians39 H ome Address Perm anent Father or Mother39s Name Race II MaIay II ChIneSe D IndIan I I D Pribumi Pieasespeciiy I I Others Please Specify Full Address I Religion CI Musiim D Christian Ij Hindu D Buddhist D ome I rs I I please ween I city POSICOde I Last School Attended and Examination I State Country I I SchoolCollege Name I I Mobile Phone NO I I City StateCountry I I Tel NO I I Examination I i I Parent s email e Taylor39s College No i I daian 88158 47500 Subang uaya Seiangor Darui Ensan Malaysia TEL 66675636 2541 FAX 60375634 5209 GPS N3 074979 Eioi 59i392 e Taylor39s College Sri Hanamas at Ground Fioon 62 daian Sri Hanarnas i I Sri Hanarnas 50480 iltuaia Lumpun Malaysia TEL 60376203 0i 68 FAX 60376203 0i 98 GPS N3 09 809 Ei0i 39 348 Page 0i PART B PROGRAMME PREFERENCE Pleaee rndreate your ehoree of programme wrth a trek I rn the boxes proyrded below School of PreU Studies I Cambridge ArLe39vel Programme Intake Jan I Mar I Jul All subreete are offered at both eampusee unleee otherwree mentroned Pleaee refer to the subreet eombrnatrons ayarlable lndreate wrth a trek the 8 or 4 Subreete you wreh to take 391 Aeeountrng D Computrng D Lrteraturern Englreh El Soerology D Brology D Eeonomree D Mathematree El Thrnkrng Skrlle D Busrness Studres D Further Mathematics D Physres D Chemrstry 1 Law D Psyehology Note lTh r r p rrl I Canadian PreUniver sity Programme Intake I nan Mar lndreate wrth a trek I the 8 eubreete you wreh to take rn your trret Semeeter and 2 treke 1 the 8 Subreets you wreh to take rn your Seeond eemeeten D Advaneed Funetlone D Canadran and D Computer Selenee El Mathematlee of international Law Data Management D Analyeing Current 1 Canadian and World leeuee D Englreh 4U El Phyeles Eeonomre leeuee A Geographical Analye39rs E Brology D Canadran and World Polrtres l l Frhaneral Aeeountrng l The Wrrter s Craft i Prrnerples D Busrnees Leaderehrp Challenge and Change D lndrylduals and Famrlres El World Hrstory The Management Fundamentale rn Soerety rn a Dryeree Soerety Wegt and The Worrd D Caleulus and Veetore D Chemretry D lnternatronal Buernese Fundamentals Note tlTMrnrrrrum level of Englrshr qurr or r AM I International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Intake I Jul lndreate wrth a trek J the 6 subreete BHL amp SSLSubreets you wrsh to take One subreet eaeh must be seleeted from Group 1 to 5 The 6 h subreet rsto be ehosen from erther groupe 8 or Core Components GroupZ Group4 Group5 Creatrvrty Aetron Servree Englreh B HL D Brology SL El Mathematres SL 392 Extended Eeeay E French ab rnrtro SL D Brology HL I Mathematres HL IE Theory of Knowledge Group 3 D ChemretrySL I Mathematreal StudreeSL Groupw D Buelness amp Management 8L D Chemretry HL Group 6 I Englreh A1 SL 1 Buerneee amp Management HL D Phyeree SL I Theatre ArteSL I Englreh A1 HL 1 EconomrcsSL D Phyeles HL D Theatre Arts HL D Malay A1 SL D Eeonomree HL Note r Subreet prereqursrtes apply rr I rs compulsory rrl Brology ahd Physrcs subreets cannot be selected together iv English A1 SLHL must be selected With French ab lnltro SL V Malay A1SL must be selected Wrth English B HL I South Australian Matriculation Programme Intake I nan Mar I Jul lndreate wrth atrek j the 5 Subreete you wreh to take Pleaee reterto the subreet eombrnatrone ayarlable El Aeeountrng Eeonomree D Legal Studlee El Psyehology I Brology D Englreh Studree D MathematrealStudres I Reeeareh Proreet E Chemistry B ESLStudree D Phyelee I SpeelalretMathematlee Noterr rr t W H 4 we r t e mm Studres PART 0 MPU RV SUBJECTS The Mrnretry of Hrgher Edueatron regurree Studente to take the tollowrng subreets durrng the eouree of therr etudree it you have paeeed any of the eompuleory Subreete at prerunrvererty or tertrary levelr pleaee attaeh a eertrtred true eopy of the reeulter Bahaea Kebangeaan AtMPW11182118 Malayeran Studree MPW11832133 Moral Edueatron MPW11582153 lslamre Studree MPW11482148 t studentwrth Page 02 PAHTD SPECIA CIHC MSTANCES Do you have any disability impairment or longterm medical condition which may affect your studies D Yes D No if you do piease provide extra information so that Tayior s Coiiege can assist you during your study here PART TERMS AN PART F DE ATION AND SIGNATURE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND AGREEMENT ye read D ECLARATiON BY PARENTGUAR DiAN i ha tiisted quot p quot E gations in hm ihh th I i i i t i andorcornp ivyithi i ti irth r consent to the use by Tayiorsi Without charger rriy chiidvvards persona intorrration nciuding photographs or irriages or Taybrs Ed at V i h u rriy meeting the minimum prerequisite resurts to enter such programme 39 programme unt ii compiete ng b the Data Protection Act 2010 about me tor the proper purposes otthese institutions Within Tayior s Educat on Name of parent 3p tor d p a uar ian Tayior39s Coiiegei iiurthereortirmandconsenttothe use byT A th t h i i i i i ii i i i i i andorprorrotonaiexerciseinthinrayors 394 Na i i i i i i as in AAde Passport i i or n hi mam academic or otherWise i hereby authorise Taybrs to reiease such reieyant intormation to the Taybr s Aiumni Associatoni Career Enhancement department and anyexterriai bodiesas required Relationship In the event of an emergency please contact S39gnature 0f Namerelationship Student Full Address Name of Student ddmmyyyy SIBLINGS We Wouid appreciate it it you couid write the names ofyour younger sibiings beiow Name Form this year i i i i NI Piease ist any ramiiy members reatiyes who graduated rrom Tayiors Signature of Parent Guardian i Name Reiationship i Date r i Programme Year Graduated ddrrmyyyy Deiete where appiicabie Act 39 yia a third patty bodes such as the MinigratOri to assist them in theI dutt es Page 03 R OFFICE USE 0 Conditions of Enrolm ent D Full Offer D Minimum grade 0 in 5 subjects in the SPMGCE O Level Examination B grade in the SPMGOE O Level Examination in D Minimum mark of 50 in the foilowrng subjectts in first semesterterm D l ilhi ti aminati n Remarks Enrolled By Name Date DDMMYYYY Payment Details i Amount Paid RM CashChequeCardDraft l39l i Outstanding RM i Received by i i Date DDMMYYYY Remarks OUTSTANDING DOG MENTS CHE IST To Be Filled by C nsellor Please ensure the applicant has completed submitted the toilowrng and indicate the outstanding documents With a I in the boxes provided below A Taylor39s College Application Form D Applicant s Signature and Date D Parent s quardian s Details D Parent s Guardian s Signature and Date D A Copy of Application Form given for Parent s Signature D i X MyKad Photocopy ReSUilS D Forecast D Actual D A Signed Copy of Letter of Acceptance Undertaking D 8PM D Documents Relating to Medical Conditions D O LeVei if applicable 7 refer to page 08 part D D Otherg please specily D Other Documents FOR APPOINTED AGENT S USE ONLY For Appointed Agent39s Stamp Company Name Authorised Personnel Full name as per MyKadpasspon Signature D ate Page 04 THIS COPY IS TO BE RETAINED BY STUDENT OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST Please submit the following outetanding documents to the respective Programmes Of ces before commencement date to avoid unnecessary delay A Taylor s CollegeApplication Form i Applicant s Signature and Date D Parent s Guardian s Details D Parent s Guardian e Signature and Date D A Copy of Application Form given for Parent s Signature B Documents 3 t x MyKad Photocopy Reeulte D Forecast I Actual D A Signed Copy of Letter of Acceptance Undertailting D 8PM D Documents Reiatingto Medical Conditions El 0 LeVei if applicable 7 refer to page 03 part D E Otherg please specily D Other Docum ente BANK DETAILS Payment can be made by cash cheque baniltdratt or credit card at the College Payment Counter The office is open from 8 00am to 6 00pm Monday to Friday except during public holidays PAYMENT TAYLOR39S COLLEGE SUBANG JAYA TAYLOR39S COLLEGE SRI HARTAMAS By cash or cheque Payable to TAYLOR39S COLLEGE SDN BHD Payable to TAYLOR39S MALAYSIA SDN BHD Account No 70810l69377 Account No 045 0l7008837 Bank Name OCBC Bank Berhad Bank Name i iong Leong Bank Berhad Payable to 1 TAYLOR39S COLLEGE SDN BHD Account No 1 0l272227502020 Bank Name Malayan Banking Berhad By telegraphic transfer TT Payable to TAYLOR39S COLLEGE SDN BHD Payable to TAYLOR39S MALAYSIA SDN BHD Account No 1 0l272227502020 Account No 1 0450l7008387 Bank Name 1 Malayan Banking Berhad Bank Name Hong Leong Bank Berhad Bank Addreee 1 No1C87ClO1Jaian SSl54D1 Bank Addreee 1 Wel701W72701W7l7l1 47500 Subang Jaya1 Subang Square Busineee Centre West Wing Seiangor Darui Ehean1 Malaysia Jaian SS154G1 Swift Code MBBEMYKL A7500 Subang Jaya1 Seiangor Darui Ehean1 Malaysia Swift Code HLBBMYKL Important Ban k ln Slip 1 Telegraphic Transfer You muet tax or email the baniltein Slip teiegraphictraneter Slip indicating student s name1etudentiD1 Myiltad Paeeport contact number and programme enroiiedto the College at FAX NO 60375636 58H Email Address finance tctayiors edu my for Taylor39s College Subang Jaya FAX NO 60376208 0198 Email Address finance tmtayiore edu1my for Taylor39s College Sri Hartamas Other Payment Options By online payment via i CIMB Clicks 7 it you are an exieting user iij FPX payment 7 it you have an internet banking account With Maybank Public Bank RHB Bank1CMB Bank Hong Leong Bank or Bank Islam Log on to quot 39 39 edu mv or httpl edu mv Page 05 THIS COPY IS TO BE RETAINED BY STUDENT PART E TERMS AN DITIDNS GOVERNING ENROLMENT AN MISSIO Taybr s PART F DEC ATION AND SIGNATURE ACKNOWUEDGEMENTANDAGREEMENT DECLARAT ON BY PARENTGUARD AN t ta T h t t m Pan E thereby expressry con rm myagreemerrt thereto Hunherundenak m paymg mmes V r pamcutartygul nothrnrtedto payrrehtorarmmes payabe Ome Use byT A r M m H m m hm MW fir sem hereby my meetrrrg the rmrrrrnurn prerrequtsrte resuns to errter such programme programme urmt comprete r h u p r Taytor s Educatorr Name of Parent aytors Heget Guardian t t t as m MyKad Passport A hh or A h Hr mam No raybr sArumm quot t H retry mm H Assoerat om career Enhancement department and any externar bodes as requrred We HHHH Relationship In the event of an emergency please Contact Slgnature of Namerelationship Student r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r D ate ddmrrryyyy S B L N G S We Woutd apprecrate rt rr you coutd wrrte the names oryour younger srbhrrgs betow Name Form thre year UMNI Signature of Parent Ptease 61 any rarmty members reames who graduated from Tay orst uardian Name Reratronshrp Date Programme Year Graduated ddrrmww Detete where apphcabre Act 39 va a thrd palty bodes such as the mmgratorr to assst them rh ther dutes Page 06


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