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U.S. & Latin America

by: Barney Schaden

U.S. & Latin America INR 3932

Barney Schaden
GPA 3.94

Jason Jordan

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About this Document

Jason Jordan
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barney Schaden on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INR 3932 at Florida State University taught by Jason Jordan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/205409/inr-3932-florida-state-university in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Week 14 Readings Baran 1252010 54800 PM FIGHTING THR WAR OF IDEAS VANGUARD PARTY West is being drawn into the clash of two competing ideologies with Islam lBelief that Islam is compatible with secular democracy and basic civil liberties A proponents are committed to replacing the current world order with a new caliphate that is a global Islamic state 0 they are the ones who seek to trigger atrue clash of civilizations alQaeda has become well known in recent years for trying to accomplish their objectives through terrorism and political violence also there is HT Party of Liberation that is conveyor belt of terrorists indoctrinates individuals with radical ideology priming them for recruitment by more extreme organization where they can take part in actual operations 0 using fascist rhetoric Lenninist strategy Western sloganeering with Wahhabi theology banned in most of the world including Russia and Germany new pessimism in England 0 Tony Blair said more measures would be taken by govt I Compiling lists of suspect Web sites bookshops amp orgs I Possible deportation of foreign nationals ISLAM S BOLSHEVIKS 0 key ideas held that the Islamic world s decline could be reserved only if a small group of rea Muslims emulated Muhammed o looked to replace gov t in Muslim land with Islam gov t o eventually formedmeshed into HT 0 HT s utopian goal 0 does not seek to elect candidates to political of ce focusing instead on extraparliamentary agitation o for global revolution it envisions HT does not need large s I hundred of supporters in critical positions are more important than thousands of soldiers THE PROPHET S WAY 0 HT sees to emulate the method adopted by Muhammed when rst developing the Islamic state 0 Using 3 step process 0 1 Building the party accomplished by recruitment and propaganda seek out young people with existential questions take oath to carry out even those decisions of the party leaders that I find objectionable o 2 Try to create tension with gov t and citizens I members are asked to modify their behavior so as to blend in with the population around them and infilitrate the gov t o 3 Uma embraces HTs interpretation of Islam I HT believes it can overthrow politics w no violence I Rely on penetration of gov t amp recruitment of key official 0 INTERNET IS VERY HELPFUL THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY 0 HT is active in more than 40 countries 0 Middle East plan 0 aim to overthrow governments since it sees particular regimes there as direct obstacles to resurrecting the caliphate Western Plan 0 Aim to unite Muslims on the basis of their Islamic identity and prevent their assimilation into Western culture Focuses it s efforts on 3 areas 0 Turkey Central Asia and Western Europe I Doesn t want Turkey to join EU 0 As H T has spread across the Mddle East and the rest of the Muslim world it has attracted the attention of gov t and been outla wed but only after ha VIng already crea ted hundreds I39fnot thousands ofhardenedra drcals In each country WHAT HAS TO BE DONE US prevailed in Cold War bc of strategy to contain the enemy s military threat while offering a better ideological alternative one based on political and personal freedom combined with economic prosperity 3 TASKS THAT COULDCAN BE DONE o 1 Deprive HT of the ability to discredit US amp our ideals o rehabilitating our image may takes decades 0 2 Finding ways to suppress the activities of lit and comparable militant organizations without sacrificing too many civil liberties 0 HT abuses freedom of speech o 3 Find ways of helping moderates win the theological and ideological civil war currently taking place in Muslim world 0 expose HT for selfimage as peaceful West can also help by encouraging governments in Muslim countries to allow truly peaceful religious organizations to promote tolerance and interfaith dialogue 0 Assist in de velopihg school curricula that emphasize critical thmkmg pa triotism ethics and those Islamic values that are compatible With democra cy and secularism Ideological struggles can take even longer to wage than overt military ones and even then success is o en less decisive or lasting Week 14 Readings Zakaria 1252010 54800 PM THE POLITICS OF RAGE WHY DO THEY HATE US o Osama binLaden has the answer religion 0 Holy War bw Islam and Western world 0 He belongs to a longline of extremists who have invoked religion to justify mass murder and spur men to suicide Followers come from a culture that reinforces their hostility distrust and hatred of the West ie USA Does not condone terrorism but fuels fanaticism o Countries being against USA 0 Pakistan will not allow us to use its bases 0 Saudi Arabia trembles at the thought of helping us public 0 Egypt pleads that our strikes be as limited as possible HISTORY between Islam and the West c From Crusades of 11th century to Turkish expansion in 15th century to the colonial era in 20th century often battled militarily between 2 o Until 19505 Jews amp Christians lived peacefully under Islam rule ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM o Iran Egypt Syria Iraq Jordan the occupied territories and the Persian Gulf all have a raw antiAmericanism 0 Land of suicide bombers flag burners and fiery mullahs 1950 s quote o The whole picture of the USwas a glamorous one Britain and France were fading hated empires The Soviet Union was 5000 miles away and the ideology of communism was anathema to the Muslim religion But America had emerged from WW1 richer more powerful and more appealing than ever CHAPTER 1 THE RULER o Gamal Abdel Nasser Lion of Egypt spoke for all of Arab world 0 born under British rule spent time in Army loved West believed that Arab politics needed to be fired by modern ideas like selfdetermination socialism and Arab Unity FAILED o gov t was effective by squashing dissent and strangling civil society Egypt s societyeconomy has failed since 1950sNasser 0 Arab countries have gone BACKWARD after Nasser Iraq Saddam Hussein Lebanon war and terror Syria one of world s most oppressive states 0 Only country to succeed is ISRAEL MADE functioning democracy modern society high technology economy and thriving cultureartistic life o Rise of oil power in 19705 gave a 2nd wind to Arab hopes o All oil has done in 3 decades is make a new class of rich superficially Western gulf Arabs live in luxury Wealth has enriched and powered the gulf gov t that has become more repressive over time Bedouin societies had people who went to binLaden CHAPTER 2 FAILED IDEAS o Arab s are scaredfrustrated by modernizationglobalization o in some ways Arab world seems less ready than even Africa o in Middle Ages Arabs studied Aristotle and invented algebra o future kings attended British schools and preached Western ideals 0 each path socialism secularism nationalism failed 0 ATTEMPTED TO BUY MODERNIZATION WITH OIL WEALTH o Gov t attempted to bribe population with wealth in return they need to let officials stay in power 0 No taxation no representation CHAPTER 3 ENTER RELIGION o Nasser thought mixing politics with religion was backwards c As the regimes of the Middle East grew more distant and oppressive and hollow in the decades folowing Nasser fundamentalism s appeal grew It ourished because the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations like it at least tried to give people a sense of meaning and purpose in a changing world something no other leader in the Middle East tried to do 0 Fundamentalism gave Arabs a language of opposition o Mosque turned into a place to discuss politics and even provide plenty of social services medical assistance counseling amp housing If there is one great cause of the rise of Islamic fundamentalis it is the total failure of political institutions in the Arab world Week 13 Reading Robinson 1252010 52100 PM ISLAM AND THE WEST CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS In a postCold War world the crucial distinctions between people were not primarily ideological or economic but cultural World politics were being reconfigured along cultural lines with new patterns of conflict and cooperation replacing those of the Cold War HISTORY OF ISLAM from 818th century leading civilization on planet in terms of spread and creativity was Islam o formed in 7th century by the prophet Muhammed first notable centers were in Damascus Baghdad Cordoba amp Cairo o great achievements in scholarship and science 0 LAST 200 YEARS IN ISLAMIC WORLD o Overwhelmed by forces from the West forces driven by capitalism powered by the Industrial Revolution and civilized after a fashion by the Englightenment o Napoleon s invasions abolished the caliphate What do Islamists represent o Represent the major opposition to the leadership of Muslim states many of which have relations of greater or less strength with the US 0 Saudi Arabia Pakistan Algeria Tunisia Turkey Egypt Jordan Kuwait Palestinian Authority 3 DEVELOPMENT FOR MUSLIMS 19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES o 1 Muslim people have either feel at loss or in a rage at their powerlessness in the face of the West 0 Initially expressed feelings via poetry 0 Then development of madrassas and Taliban o 2 Increasingly active panIslamic consciousness in the World 0 Allah says their the best community around 0 Believe it is a blessing to be Muslim 0 Community is most important to them o 3 Worldwide movement of Islamic revivalism 0 all terrorist orgs have their roots in this 19th century era fundamental concern of this extraordinary movement has been the renewal of the Islamic society from within and not assault on outside forces an internal struggle orjihad not an external one 3 MANIFESTATIONS OF ISLAMIC MOVEMENT THAT LINK TO PRESENT o 1 Wahhabi Movement 0 developed by alWahhab and ibn Saud o teamed up to create the 1St Saudi empireroyal family 0 still has roots today in politics and terrorism o 2 Emergence of Reformist Islam in S Asia 0 movement whose ideas and organizations can be linked directly through time to the Taliban o debated how to maintain Islamic society under British rule made the printing press big in Islamic world developed madrassas for Afghan refugees Pakistan was developed for them as a countrythen helped make Taliban through madrassas but now has vowed to help clean it all up o 3 Ideology amp Organization of Islam 0 followers are displaced 0 can their regional battles only be won by attacks on USA Resist West but constantly look West for ideashelp 0 CONCLUSIONS o Does Osama binLaden s alQaeda represent a new strand of Islamism which has broader objectives 0 He is not concerned just to take power in Muslim societies but to wage war on Western hegemony o IF USA acts to alienate or sustain the existing alienation of that public opinion we mightjust begin to have a real clash of civilization 0 Muslims will be 13 of world s population in 2025 1252010 52100 PM


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