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by: Dawn Denesik
Dawn Denesik
GPA 3.72

Elizabeth Richey

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About this Document

Elizabeth Richey
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dawn Denesik on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLT 3378 at Florida State University taught by Elizabeth Richey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/205410/clt-3378-florida-state-university in Classical Culture In Translation Or Translation Skills at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Homer ancient greek epic poet Wrote Iliad and the Odyssey Iliad Set in the Trojan War it tells of the battles and events during the weeks ofa quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles Trojan War Paris of try took Helen from her husband Menelaus king of Sparta The Greeks waged war against the city of Troy Paris King of Troy He quotwinsquot Helen and elopes with her being the immediate cause of the Trojan War He also fatally wounds Achilles in the heel Helen Queen of Sparta becomes Helen of Troy Daughter of Zeus and wife of Menelaus Agamemnon Brother of Menelaus King of Mycenae When Helen was abducted Agamemnon was the commander of the Achaeans in the ensuing Trojan War Achilles Hero of the Trojan War Also the central character and greatest warrior in Iliad Invulnerable in every part of his body except for his heel menin gerasgerata god of old age The more quotgerasquot a man aquired the more fame and excellence her was considered to have tim kIeos greek world for glory It is related to hear and carries implied meaning of quotwhat others think about you It is a common theme in Iliad Achilles fate long life without glory or short life with glory Chryses priest of Apollo at Chryse near Troy Attempted to ransom Chryseis When Agamemnon refused he sent a plague through the Greek armies and Agamemnon was forced to give her back Chryseis Daughter of Chryses taken form Moesia by Agamemnon as a war prize Briseis Queen in the Asia Minor at the time of the Trojan War She was Achilles war prize Agamemnon demanded Briseis from him and takes her Achilles loves her Myrmidons very brave and skilled warriors and are commanded by Achilles Nestor King of Pylos Became king after Hercules killed his father and family Elderly advisor who advises Agamemnon to apologize to Achilles Odysseus legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero in Odyssey Most famous for the ten eventful years he took to return home after the Trojan War and for his famous Trojan Horse trick He s very clever Phoinix Achilles tutor Ajax great warrior Sent by embassy to Achilles Thetis Mother of Achilles Patroclus Achilles best friend Hero s quotsecond self Later romantic interpretation Killed by Hector Sarpedon son of Zeus Killed by Patroclus Scamander River god Fought on the Trojan side after Achilles insulted him He tried to kill Achilles 3 times He is the personification of the Scamander River Deiphobus A prince of Troy who killed four men in the Trojan War Athena took the shape of Deiphobus and made Hector stay and fight and die Hector Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy He is noblest of all heroes and dies at Achilles hands Achilles takes his body and wont return it Priam King of Troy during the war He begs for his son s body back Hector Revenant a folkloric corpse that returns from the grave quotBloodthirtsy revenant atfmotif250 Muttaliku quotwandererquot Ekimmu restless hungry spirit Nadilla abdulHassan Beauty musical skill education Won t eat dinner Goes to graveyard at night and consumes corpses Sucks husbands blood can t be killed AbdulHassan The Prince and the Ghoul Indian lady latrine of the ghouls Amine strange eating habits Graveyard at night consuming corpses Turns husband into dog Beowulf poem set in Scandinavia Beowulf is a hero of the Geats He battles thee antagonists Grendel Grendel s mother and an unnamed dragon After the first 2 victories Beowulfbecomes king of the Geats With the dragon he s fatally wounded and dies AngloSaxon quotracequot of the poet Grendel taken to be some kind of monster Feared by all but Beowulf Beowulf attacked because Grendel has been attacking the resident warriors of the mead hall of Hrothgar Skin impervious Shield Sheafson king of Danes Hrothgar grandson of shield Becomes king Heorot is his Kenning whalepath swan s road Heorot a mead hall described as quotthe foremost of halls under heave Served as a palace for King Hrothgar Means quothall of the hart male deer Beowulf defends royal hall and it s residents from Grendel Thane servant or attendant of king or nobleman Hygelac was a king of Geats Beowulf s uncle Unferth a thane of the Danish lord Hrothgar Gives Beowulf challenge Hildeburh acts as a quotpeaceweaverquot Peace was lost when she lost her brother son and husband in the battle Wealhtheow queen of the Danes Gives speech and recompenses Beowulf for slaying Grendel with three horses and a necklace Hrunting sword given to Beowulf by Unferth He uses it against Grendel s Mother Wiglaf At the time of Beowulf s death his only living relative Goes with Beowulf to dragon Encourages Beowulf and faces his fears against the dragon Helps him kill dragon Iof lofgeornost Prose Edda Goals preserve knowledge of myth preserve traditional poetry and make Norse myth compatible with Christianity Earlier age Vikings Snorri Sturluson Icelandic author Proposed theory that mythological gods begin as human war leaders and kings whose funeral sites develop cults Aisir Norse god family They are the main gods such as Odin and Thor Vanir fertility gods such as Frey and Freyja Odin king of gods Rules over Valhalla God of knowledge and prophecy Thor Storm warrior god j tnar giants Related to gods not always gigantic Ymir frost giant Odin and brothers make world from his body Sky is the skull earth is the esh rocks are the bones and water is the blood Midgard home of the humans in the tree Utgard where the giants live in the tree Asgard where AEsir live gods in the tree Bifrost Rainbow Bridge Link between Midgrad and Asgrad Yggdrasil world tree Valhalla one of the death realms Located in Asgard Only warriors slain in battle can go to Valhalla Here there is daily training for battle and feasting Odin rules over Valhalla This is the ideal Viking afterlife Valkyries females who swoop down into battlefield when warriors die and bring them to Valhalla Ragnarok End of the world or actually quotend of gods Signs 3 winters no summers battles no sun moon swallowed by wolves and giant earthquake Saehrimnir boar in Valhalla It is eaten everyday and regenerates Heidrun goat from Valhalla They drink the mead from her Sleipnir Odin s horse Loki shape shifted into a female horse to produce him Ravens 2 ravens tell Odin all the news because he s god ofknowledge Loki trickster god and shapeshifter Father of Sleipnir Fenrir Iormungand amp Hel His trick killed god Baldr Fenrir Wolf AEsir bound him because he was foretold he would kill Odin during Ragnarok Earthquake frees him Iormungand the Midgrad serpent Odin put in him in the sea around the earth He was large enough to wrap around the earth and bit his own tail When he lets go the world will end His enemy is Thor and they kill each other during Ragnarok Hel put in rules hel by Odin s orders Baldr god associated with light beauty love and happiness Loki kills him but being immortal he is the one of the only survivors of Ragnarok Surt giant Major figure in Ragnarok He carries a bright sword and battles against the AEsir particularly with Frey Afterwards the ames he brings forth will engulf the earth Heimdall guardian of the Bifrost Bridge AEsir quotwhite god Heimdall and Loki kill each other Can foretell when the world will end Hod brother of Baldr Guided by Loki he shot the mistletoe missile which was to slay Baldr It was the only thing that could harm him Lif ampLifthrasir female amp make humans who are foretold to survive the events of Ragnarok by hiding in Hoddmimis bolt and after the ames sated to repopulated the world Kurnugi underworld Land ofno return Kur Ereshkigal goddess of the land of dead Ganzir GaIIas demons in underworld gidim ghosts Spirits of the dead people living in the underworld Namtar hellish deity Name fate Messenger of Ereshkigal Responsible for diseases and pests Curses Ishtar with 60 diseases when she arrives to earth Nergal Gof ofplague ood war and fertility King of underworld Erra god of mayhem and pestilence that is responsible for periods of political confusion Amarna Sultantepe Ishtar goddess of fertility love war and seX She is above all associated with sexuality Her cult involved sacred prostitution Her holy city Uruk was call the quottown of the sacred courtesans and she herselfwas the quotcourtesan of the gods Inana goddess of sexual love fertility and warfare Dumuzi Inana s substituate when Inana leaves underworld Horus associated with the sun Falcon god 2 Horuses falconsun amp the child son of osris and isis Hor quotdistant onequot falconsun Re sun god Often a creator god as well Humans created tears of Re s Eye Romet humans Remit tears Eye of Re Hathor cow goddess Personified love beauty music motherhood and joys Motherwife of falcon god horus Sekhmet warrior goddess Depicted as a lioness beer Nun Heliopolis Sun city Atum quotthe all Creative force that appears on the mound Associated with the sun Re Patron god ofHeliopolis Produces Shu Tefnut masturbation or sneezing spitting Shu god of air Masturbation amp sneezing Tefnut goddess of moisture spitting Geb earth god Son of Shu and Tefnut Nut sky goddess Daughter of Shu and Tefnut Osiris son ofGeb and Nut Overthrown by Seth Marries Isis Tricked into chest and sent to sea When Isis finds him she cuts up his body BUT in Egyptian version Seth cuts up Osiris and scatters him in Nile Isis reanimates him and Osiris becomes King of underworld First mummy Seth son ofGeb and Nut Trickster force of chaos Tricks Osiris into chest Marries Nephthys Isis daughter of Geb and Nut Queen of underworld Throne magic Nephthys daughter of Geb and Nut Ennead Memphis


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