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Social Psych Honors

by: Dr. Sibyl Hirthe

Social Psych Honors SOP 3004

Dr. Sibyl Hirthe
GPA 3.83

Jonathon Kunstman

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About this Document

Jonathon Kunstman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Sibyl Hirthe on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOP 3004 at Florida State University taught by Jonathon Kunstman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/205458/sop-3004-florida-state-university in social psychology at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Exam 4 Chapter 11 Clinical social using social methods with clinical populations Clinical Psychology 0 Tend to study abnormal behavior people who are behaving at the extreme How do clinical scientist do research 0 Quetionaires do you feel stress lately how many times a week problem is people lie pretend to be something their not 0 Randomized controlled trial RCT take a group and break them into two groups a treatment group and a controlled group treat one group for their depression and the other do nothing and in the results we hope that In the treated group they have improved Problem is not all the participants are identical How to avoid those problems and make things more interesting 0 Social psychology 0 Social psych can inform clinical research and therapy through 0 Theory 0 Measurement 0 Design THEORY o EVOLUTIONARY THEORY o Says certain traits have percisted because they have envolved over time 0 Why then would disorders develop 0 1 Environment mismatch food cravings over time gaining weight 0 2 Ancestral neutrality o 3May have initially increased fitness 0 4 Results of mutations occur just because they are result of mutations o 5 Adaptive at the mean maladaptive at the extremes I Makes sense for some disorders but you don t want to be too anxcious where you can focus I Too much of this will result in a disorder Example it would take longer to loose shock of snake bc we ve have to fun from them in the past where as guns are a new development Anorexia Nervosa o reproduction suppression theory back in time food was scarce was it would make since they would starve thereself so they wouldn t get prego because they knew there were carce resources for their baby doesn t make sense because it still goes on and there is plenty of resources today in America and this is still a problem SOP3004 EXAM 4 Romantic Relationships and Sex Two main kinds of love 0 Passionate Love intense longing for union with another passion o Companionate Love affection closeness and tenderness for another intimacy amp commitment 3 Essential components of Love 0 1 Passion physiological arousal longing sexual attraction o 2 Intimacy close bond sharing support 0 3 Commitment willing to define as love long term Does love last 0 Passion important for starting a relationship 0 Commitment and intimacy necessary to ensure the relationship lasts 0 Beginnings of marriage Sex 18 timesmonth 0 After 2 years Sexquot l9 timesmonth o Companionate love increases our time 0 But passionate love goes down 0 What happens to passion o Passion the rate of change of intimacy Baumiester Bratslavsky 1999 0 Le passion exist when there is an increase in intimacy sharper increases more passion Passion as a function of change in intimacy 0 Examples The beginning of a relationship When sharing novel experiences Marital Therapy Seeing each other after being apart MakeUp Sex 0 Suggests to keep passion alive find ways to increase intimacy The Investment Model 0 1 Satisfaction o 2 Quality of available Alternatives 0 3 Investment Satisfaction Positive must outweigh negatives By at least 5 to 1 incl fighting vs sex don t respond to negatives w negatives Relationship enhancing attributions explain partner s behavior in ways that reflects positively on relationships You complete mequot We work so well togetherquot Nice thoughts She really likes mequot He s so romanticquot Bad thoughts What did he do this timequot She must want somethingquot overly positive perceptions of relationships also help partner relationship better than average Quality of available Alternatives Will stay committed if no better alternative People in successful relationships devalue potential attractive alternatives are inattentive to potential alternatives Alternative Mates Study Rowland Miller Participants in relationships Talked about relationship partner Talked about possible alternatives More positively they talked about alternates more likely to be broken up 2 months later ALSO had participants look at advertisements The longer participants looked at attractive members of the opposite sex the more likely they were to be broken up 2 months later Good relationship partners ignore and devalue the competition Investment quotSunk costsquot invested resources that you can t get back Don t want those investments to be for nothing Date 10292010 V V V V V V V Who is aggressive Low empathy o Narcissists o Psychopaths High empathy universally good Does killing beget killings Humans commit horrible atrocities upon each other 0 Notjustpsychopaths Mass Murder and Genocide Martens et al 2007 How do quotnormalquot individuals justify onesided violence eg genocide Cognitive dissonance relevant o Attitude inconsistent actions lead us to change our attitudes and subsequent behavior 0 Dissonance between attitude llkilling is wrong and behavior Homicide o Dissonance greatest for people in empathy 0 Do people kill more to try to justify initial actions Killing begets killing study Does forcing people to kill cause them to kill even more Study looked at how people handle bugs and animals 0 Extermination Practice period 0 Told to kill 1 bug o Told to kill 5 bugs Left alone for 20 second 0 How many did they kill Also assessed empathy o How similar are you to insects To rolie polies To other living things For those high in empathy killing 5 bugs led to even more killing on one s own 0 Killing begets killing Who is likely to be aggressive Men and women are equally aggressive but in different ways 0 Men direct physical aggression


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