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by: Tremaine Johnson


Tremaine Johnson
GPA 3.51

Ziyad Muslimani

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About this Document

Ziyad Muslimani
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tremaine Johnson on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAP 4341 at Florida State University taught by Ziyad Muslimani in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see /class/205469/map-4341-florida-state-university in Applied Mathematics at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
15E D NOJrCS q612 u Ia 6W3 mmmwmwp m c a 3T1 awn Jun vw but BUuALlpa bdfcns 39 aka kL k 6 gm ago11mg m txmmv A 3 gt X 5 E M was hm MMAAd M W am bmmt algal1mg 7 Wig AW m5quot n L w 362k 6 gazing j quot jauw wmx 1 fai wy gdx 7 7 7 WWW 7 Ex Cone degc V O lt 4 gi 7 I 7 amd MW39 on g L Klgulayr V 99 9quot0 ul 0 HUMIIQ gem I Saharan 4m k mm ywo ww doc h L 39 140 0 u am 92110 5571 17 9 4 dlsz gpiml zx N l MCXL1VWX V V w 7 v mvhw 7 V A 7 7 lt 7quot 1 5LA3LXgtH4ampLX LVMX 0 V quot gum VCKLijQMM voa ow w m1m9c 91gt lt93 3 99 A 139 T 37219 4 H 2L rv r JHkhw HJN Thy 7 V 7 w h 4 a W 19 LEIquot PD E Notes walkI2 V mw mriey3g e3 i 5 Wm Coughs V MMBQLBWWUW Warm DL 301M n 30mm ulyVC39Lay L97vag2c whermsa twa my iiCk IfIAMLVWM f39f393 3 1quot r Cf9 I W31 7 954 Ma 7 1me M7 4 l 7 g l I 7 H fuv39lolX m39vdx a JAE iaw LM V dx7 WW l l WWW 1M0 We ful39o39eblx f v dx W W a v wgmwgmmwmmmy Dg g39nixiogr Helium W L La aeu d 10122 56 is L a egadj w7 oakd WW cm MMdewts considu 0012 06411 a ago257w aCx7d39 QJOy A3 40W 0 1 WM Jivriumton BMW Wham o0 xed 90qu S L TN 9 a Xquot KX T 30 quotMrtm nal abtasUWMUnmLEZE M1 39 Preview wwde We Gawagm Wm wdu Ja m pwwm gt0ULL WI Hm LW 3ch L53 Wis 30 adg dnt 5P7 SL erer is awasama aWaW Putva 11quot gtltv CCqu MMM WWMW 9 7M3 595wa WWW mm 4 sz M W mm jc wawuutan anmj A411 UWMW 70 3 yo X SL WWar u Wm own dam and 1Wme A ld VX 91 k5 sbp uWWSWJQ Xdgtx 30 W yean79 u aWag WW Aria camel VW Hm fmtbrdca 0 a 9 a I no 0 JFFC a C T y WW Mgqutzxm m7 mm LzLquot BWHC 0W we 4quot wiJrk 795Ko pay 000 7 7 j mag 00Famp 939 XL 0 osz am 371a cxlg fang Q V Egg can cu 3e 2 019 39Q agmm 7 39 diaioll Brawl L533 f391jquoti QCX339bCK L3 ower Hum we SW W m MW 9 a 4ng 39 CZW gtrrcxgt5 Cgt 7 7 7 bad um of m Xquot KX 7 th L133 13 3496 90 mm D qDFmemm M 5 UN L Zlod WMM W Namw H39HSW WW 1 Wm W77 Tedml Wig Y CM W1 CIAWI WNW 06am adx SUCHU16 mammam WMVW 4 homoleeLj MNON mss 4 QWW SW 4 Gaw mm EXANDQM mm is m er y j 0 z WM LJWHj i 34 mamw mei Wat m we Mm Ww 54W 0 kw M Mm W F k3 Ce iJ 631 amerM ITFCtDth 96 L Htj f E 3quot DJquot Q 9 51 Maw ng B mi n Em a g dim L vw 5 me WNW w k dx 3 k m Edy F mek 11C 33 2 geek k f 9 HUOMOWQA Wm SMVCW Ikmm Mtaw Mu WM WW 30 m Alb m cuminV47 3 jij W W W 1 VGB L axlbw 1 Click here r P OALQM W W quotL JO WW3 mcavmck W e Liv jg C CmogCP 39 i SSM L W a c a LG 16 h DRY 5Basqrom v d z 7 WWW 1 Low39xs 1L7 UMQ POM OcWaf wrt M MJ we m WLb WQA WA 4r VKWW buin WWJMba kw Fwocw Mmamwma ww myo W4 5 prumal WWW 4MP axbw MW 9 i Mx 4450 ii Um E391 Cick here r 5 wamg awmgww WQ U r Uxxzo Emmy 94 m MULth DAMM HUM1W mm 1 5 ngw 1 WW PWDMCW W s Wad M mrm mwwm5m Wax514 H WWWMT WW W 39 QfaM W WWW WWW 4 U wJV 52 Q Wax WWIIWW I pw WMM GKWIO if CW WM 01 beta Wwfne 145 TWAW mm gamma WM 3 jmdbd M M W TUWVU w 01 he 6r ng Fax o uc WWW Adm Mum W M 6 27M 3 3 2 Z 114405 m bW5310nx MgV MW 1026 Mb wlg g cn W1 we M WW Jig70mm M w lW aka CW HmW7 4 WWW W MFzc W W MAW WWW WW4 W74 mam M mo angj W W M em Click here r r 7 Haw 1 7 mm mm WM 77w W0 47 WWW M 78 1170 WWJWW Wham39M WA w O l C j J 9 QCMW39 Wu W JJn Y 05 r W M away Mi WMJWW aw i sMCXMX 4mm 170 WLaga W 27 jm0lta1rsm Mg 7 0 H WWfco mdcostYMWm 7 7 Want W W E fCOJKWJJ fNWXJdX0 MWJW v11 H Wngme dyf Sy nkMXofx77f CCQQ me quot n mm W WW W UMIL NMZQm MOM31 bnSfIQWU TI 1 I 3 5 Q W WAC q ogk V14 an 1 quot 3 40 w M m IX mm mm WWMQW M quot J1 b Tr l mtav 5 ff 7 31 Click here H 9 39Hm way J 39l W mm a W ovum m7 170 7 w x rpujam W Wwisz Wk W fu o M Wm amlmwm gm 0 61 an m 7 alwogamJMJ f ogwjcosv7yptxo Wag WWW KW1277 17 7quot uSvmx Mnx55 03 a C W 7T shL WM5V1 M 9 W 5W 7 mid OMCVKgt T Why70W WK b X 9mjgt W56me gar a gt Su w n V f a QMOSWK Jan sm W m 71 J If Orr bS OwL SKMij b do am i 7gtltd Q suwx mcasmw Mas W 4 wqmmgcmx bnswmmsmb T 7 F YWOMWV i Lima WM 4 Zafquog q q m MCCSCWLK3 n a w 0L any WM OQ Mkdgt fmgfwzo m ylx Wan WashRm 14 23 Cm zggfg M W 01X Wm M Wat1 7 xgtao fan as J an p 7 m2 1 P do if if Fwdk P km 2 5 ifka SM 1 Ob Y nW 91X Mai4 fzltgtco F web Click here H 9 mgk PM W 74635 W 345an NAUX Wodip 5 www wamwf MWWMMN M 1 u m W 9051 E KTFXMX l7 1 gal 57 ilf sfNw olx 117 f 779V 4593 079 6 1 a gt 5m v A b ij hTQSmOWJM T O 7739 d V j ij k jksix 04ij 7 gi hkow A3 LEWSLMQW 1 m4 3890 Y J an fyS mfthY M o L S TAMQ v9 3 f D l JTF W 3 5 fix w quot r I k 39 gay 6mm 3W gtWWOWW duaammw m WELL 3m 3y 2 y mm m M14411 can 7 w 9 M if xlwpduwv MW 3 410 imam baynch WM K Tmmum WW q ianos ABM fix quotMm mw bvxCosm LAWx gmch S Mgu 1 L v M PED WM Nama Sequ Mugg w WWW 0 W Hw Yul94 wmf EWWW MEL 1 rmLtLuL I OM r erww PDQ tum 5 aCe 0 oxMDDE 04 gJ39Au t W Crab pWa l33 Wave cm 3 mam M QMNMVJKM WWW39 by WE m HWM pm 39 39wma N5 VHMWWW Hem EMUx MU ver Tranw Wu3 1 TM OUMEY JAGO WanWM 39v OM 61Ame Harm Wvui a an gluome ans 3211 39W39WJL Maw wt W30 SMhWxth om mwo My Llt1tfc M1X0Utlt lt7 ttogt Waf wm m3 WW1 oum MLI gtO M gt0 WJWMM w W 5 CM NEW qukkko W W m W06 WAC W W73 W W 79m m M W mw wmoio N LMV NMM MW NW D Spa M m WWW


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