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by: Juston Wiza


Juston Wiza
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juston Wiza on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 3008 at Florida State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/205494/adv-3008-florida-state-university in Advertising at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Jessica Humphrey GEO4930 Outline Summary 042413 The Future of Agriculture May Be Up Outline I Vertical Farming A Grow food as close to home as possible in urban greenhouses l Idea is owering in many forms 2 Immediate bene ts will be easy to see B Could bring even bigger and more sweeping changes 1 Reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides 2 Slow climate change 3 Less susceptible to environmental crises C Dickson Despomrnier l Developed the idea of vertical farming 2 3 Vertical farming will become more and more attractive as climate change increases the cost of conventional farming 4 Technological advances will make greenhouse farming cheaper 5 Believes the world will be able to produce half of its food in vertical farms in 50 years D So far producing only a small amount of food 1 Still in the process for building designs and growing techniques to boost the ef ciency of cultivating food indoors E Testing in Sweden 1 Where they sell its produce at a local farmer s market and also lease out office spaces on most oors 2 The company plans to produce 300500 metric tons of leafy greens like bok choy a year 3 Its much more expensive 4 Will eventually reduce the building s energy use by at least 3050 F United States and Vertical farms Sprouting in urban areas across the country Operation called Plant This operations grows vegetables on small rafts oating on water Also designing a growing system which crops could grow sticking out at an upward angle from vertical boards 5 Founded by John Edel 6 Seattle Chicago New York and New Jersey use an aeroponic system from Aerofarrns 7 Method involves growing plants with their roots hanging in the air II Cons of Vertical farmin A Conventional farms are the simplest and most ef cient places to produce food B Vertical farmin 1 Means more effort and expense 2 It also means it cancels out any bene ts of being close to customers 3 People believe they are better ways of using that renewable energy C R Ford Denison l Believes energy use from vertical farms would cancel out any fuel savings from transportation RENN D Backers l Says comparing conventional vs vertical farming isn t comparing apples to apples 2 Since the government heavily subsidizes expenses reducing the costs involved and the risks that farmers face from unpredictable weather conditions E Dr Despommier The lighting industry has made signi cant progress in recent years on reducing power consumption for specialized lights to grow plants The idea of vertical farming on a large scale will seem increasingly realistic as techniques evolve 3 Advocates of local food 111 Agricultural Robots Face the New Frontier Harvest etting closer when farmers may not have to step outside to harvest their crops B Field crops have a few challenges C It will be harder for other crops like fruits More human labor is needed for harvesting 2 Pick fruit by hand to avoid bruising D Number of 1 39 and 39 are 1 issues 1 Testing product for strawberry elds Robotic Harvesting LLC 2 Energid Technologies Corp is designed to de less damage to the trees and does not require low branches to be removed before use E A commercial version of the prototype with multiple robotic arms 1 Save 1 million dollars in labor costs over 5 years F A key challenge developing robotic systems is making these cost effective 1 For harvesting fruits and veggies 2 Will take up to 10 years 2 Discussion Questions Do you believe that vertical farming will come effective in the United States any time soon In relation to vertical farming do you believe the advantages out way the disadvantages in relation to food production N 39 r39 robotics to address these


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