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by: Dalton Haag


Dalton Haag
GPA 3.77

Jeanne Heitmeyer

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About this Document

Jeanne Heitmeyer
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dalton Haag on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CTE 4822 at Florida State University taught by Jeanne Heitmeyer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/205507/cte-4822-florida-state-university in Home Economics Clothing And Textiles at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
CTE 4822 Trial Final Exam II E N S P Equot 9 N 9 5 Trak Corporation reported national sales at retail outlets for April 2011 increased 09 Last year s April sales were 299000 What were the retail sales for April 2011 Determine the TO figure for a department that had net sales of 3000 and an average retail stock during this period of 6000 The men s department achieved a 271 gross margin and had the same 307 markup as the store with a stock turn of 7 What was the GMROI for this department Calculate the planned July purchases at cost using the following figures Planned July sales 225000 Planned July markdowns 30000 Planned stock July 1 240000 Planned stock July 31 135000 Planned markup 42 Calculate the planned purchase amount for January using the following figures Planned stock Jan 1 48000 Planned sales for Jan 120000 Planned markdowns for Jan 6000 Planned stock for Feb 1 50000 Find the stocksales ratio for a department that has sales of 471000 for the period and an average stock of 783000 during this period of time Calculate the amount of stock that is needed if a department has sales of 15250 per week and a planned turnover of 41 for the season The stationary department has planned a turnover of 20 for the three month period The estimated sales for this period are as follows May 28000 June 45000 July 25000 Calculate the BOM stock for June using the basic stock method Calculate the December BOM for the department using the basic stock method if planned total sales for the season are 225000 planned turnover for the season is 2 and planned sales for December are 45000 10 Using the following figures from a technology department find the closing book inventory stock 9 at retail and cost Open inventory 215000 174000 137500 Returns to vendors 5500 Markdowns 17500 Markup percent 525 Net purchases Net sales Last year s sales figure was 1250000 and this year s sales figure is 1525000 What is the percentage of increase or decrease If the Book Inventory Retail is 90000 the net sales are 137000 and the physical inventory is 82500 what is the shortage or overage Determine the season s stock turnover using the figures below Retail Inventory Sales Aug 1 35000 25500 Sept 1 27000 27000 Oct 1 42000 32000 Nov 1 50500 47000 Dec 1 47000 56000 Jan 1 22000 19000 Calculate the December planned purchases for a toy store that has the following figures Planned Dec sales 355000 Planned Dec markdowns 2 Planned stock Jan 1 74000 Planned stock for Dec 1 225000 A shirt department has stockonhand of 17500 on January 15 with planned sales for the balance of the month at 18500 Merchandise on order comes to 4000 and the planned stock for Feb 1 is 8000 Find the balance of the OTB for January Find the GMROI for a linen department that has the following performance for the season Gross margin 272 Turnover 32 Markup 44 Answers 1 301691 2 05 T0 3 GMROI 274 4 87000 5 128000 6 166 7 9668500 8 6133333 9 120000 10 228500 R and 10853750 C 22increase 12 547 shortage 13 55TO 14 211100 15 5000 OTB 155 GMROI 11 A planned turnover of 41 for the season


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