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by: Christ Carroll V


Christ Carroll V
GPA 3.71

Carl Schmertmann

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About this Document

Carl Schmertmann
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christ Carroll V on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECP 3113 at Florida State University taught by Carl Schmertmann in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 143 views. For similar materials see /class/205514/ecp-3113-florida-state-university in Economic Problems & Policy at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Most populist contries China 1338 mil India 1189 US 310 Indonesia 235 Brazil 193 Pakistan 185 Bangladesh 164 Nigeria 158 Russia 142 Japan 127 2010 Vital rates Area Populations World 6892 More dev 1237 Less dev 5656 Least Dev 857 Africa 1030 Asia 4157 Europe 739 North A 344 L A and Carr 585 E0 69 77 67 55 70 76 78 74 BDR Another important measure total fertility rate TFR NMR Pop Growth Rate 12 04 TRF Numer of children a newborn girl would have over her lifetime on avg if 1 Current fertility rates continue into the future 2 Live all the way through being fertile 2002 Lowest 2002 Highest Bulgaria 11 Uganda 68 Spain 12 Yemen 69 Latvia 12 Ethiopia 69 Czech Rep 12 Niger 70 Italy 12 Somalia 71 Development of countries Stage CBR CDR Pop Growth Age Structure High High Low N High Low High Young Low Low Low Old 3 Current levels of pop growth are unsustainable in the LR Brazil 1980 119 mil Growing at 23 per yr 9 1000 year at this rate Brazil would have 11149886807000000000 people 85 billion Brazilians per km2 8500 Brazilians per m2 4 Even if fertil falls to repl Level TFR21 World pop will continue growing for quite a while Popn momentum Population momentum is a result of age structure Momentum Example 3 age groups 029 3059 6089 Everyone lives exactly 90 yr Every 30 years young people029 give birth to a new gen of young High Fertil each new generation is twice as big as the last Replacement Level Each new generation is exactly as big as the last High Level Fertility 029 3059 6089 Total 2011 1 0 0 1 2041 2 1 0 3 2071 4 2 1 7 2101 8 4 2 14 Replacement level 2131 8 8 4 20 2161 8 8 8 24 2191 8 8 8 24 Multifuncsion assumptions 1 Better times mean higher birth rates 2 Better times mean lower death rates 3 Increasing returns to labor Pop Food Production Production per capita 1 1 1 2 2 1 4 3 34 8 4 12 16 5 516


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