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by: Garett Kovacek


Garett Kovacek
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Garett Kovacek on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 4604 at Florida State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/205535/phy-4604-florida-state-university in Physics 2 at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
3 H iDavig h M W 92 Mt View st gwl Wzlw m waif at serial 7th mum W g ama w mt i M I is Massive Md dmm M will E9 09M Ac mgaeh 1 do M WW 032m w udw L Mn Mg amm 39 Z Mmmu aLm lken cV FL 54m pier Jam Hi Wmam dza tfn 1m reammica mw m mm floutt m Marc W k g is 3 1 19 dzm31u ww zrxg l MM a L wand1 Wad Is WMTIW TIR frCClMQW Sogvr 39alm uis 1am h ow 7L1 ma aan cam Lc mnme a g9 ampwis 39 Two W wwa madam amokg y j 39hm M simwmwmwa W1 9 freakw 7 w 5129 AAA 213 12 wy mw8 FU rrIQMu om m mag1M MVQM Tina kiQWWM sf mariaMu me I I2 11145 mdmaic x M 7 Ww wthfww 2 NA 27 Hm m 1L and 1 Marga E H IN 21 mM 5 01434 M ma a aw am oar me 3 At All 3717 SFMH i o boaw obfgrog a A L P Harm M mm aldemuw Jriq Milieu W quotHtGmA wt 04 LA MumLia m WWW mm a M mwl Mm 11f mguw bm 911 fewEm Hem MM mi A im 14 gt 15 Slim WMJA ma ad U sma e rim Lr i jwjmd x Macs mgr 4mm he 8 dew and Ma omc Exam mat a mad hadgrgih diam 77 aban faao a is awe 1 if Jamaal awake w rimzf M47151 g 5 car Pa gm 122 Angere 0 05H0393mv1 Balm MW e 43 HIS085 4 9 16 e93 a xcxm mi 9445 5 hfg Dw hngm 1an 0 a M 40225 at OEH 451143 5 I t 39huo W10 quot can aid is x Mala q evijMch a fgr m Peic Iiim am 113 ML androglm aim HwiJ Zeal 19mm Aft8 Io mw quotMu 39 4 quot Wm 3 3 i gj 1 C hm f39 Q d mt39fiml a W39I I whirwt 1 963712141 ix campMia L2 7 MM LBWMBVM PW I ma au da arimaf JR 3W5 Wane ammo M252wa Av v 12k cme Hm La LY ML Tim Mac 93 a Micrfmmc mic1mm lo W Le mmwokmajc c Lg 9r 0M Jujer m M mum L r j r S i 74M Mama 9 4mm 3 39 smw 7 m m 12 20 e 4 I 12 Wb A 4111 Mrmkm lm Warring Md ma PM 51610 1141 radial u 573561 am 3971 Wm Ls lm 1993 m Jinx mo iagwn lcem algaOf u ad a It 1x2 ova 7 9 mi Mmedig Mu Mx mna fa wa chanmm I M M 8thme g d WWW u rm M Huz Jinm3mo 4L Jaca uir m 64 WW Meal W 02 139 nmnedum A b QM Mm If M100 IJS fume Guam H2 Ha I we catm9quot wmm Hw Mad v Lr ffg MM Owth wch M 4L raft1m flier 13 Wm 39Mv39ts and bCLE T Maia a nemggzmcw W I S r a c Wow 71 firmJ40 Wm 25 im a MWbp WMQDC mm 1500 HF mfg reinqu mama lu A 217ka 4 04 iv 1 6i 1 Sim 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