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by: Dr. Magnus Schuster

Prehis HUM 2210

Dr. Magnus Schuster
GPA 3.88

Rebecca Peters

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About this Document

Rebecca Peters
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Magnus Schuster on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 2210 at Florida State University taught by Rebecca Peters in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/205572/hum-2210-florida-state-university in Humanities at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
HUM2210 Notes January 15 2013 Mythology The literature of Prehistory Genesis 13 Creation story God creates everything from nothing Creates heaven earth and light He makes man in his image and lets man rule earth all he creates is good Man is created from dust 13 rivers named Pison ran through the garden Warns man not to eat from the tree of good and evil made woman from rib of man When Eve sees the serpent he tempts her to eat from the tree who gives some to Adam They become aware of their nakedness and God calls to them curses them for disobedience God places a aming sword in front of the tree to protect it from then on Humansfeel the need to under stand everyone and what is around them asking Why are we here Humans don t like not knowing their meaning we assume knowledge is in reach Focus on who God is over who we are theme of humans being seduced into trying to be like God The Native American Story of the Woman and 01d Man from blackfoot lodge tales Old man is creator God figure NOT man Old man traveling North making people things and arranging them Animals mountains prairies etc He placed rivers in places and makes the world what it is today He created the Milk River TETON He formed woman and child of clay Looked at the clay and said quotYou much be people The 4th day he told the clay people to walk they followed him to the river 0 NameNa piold man The woman asks about how she will live is there an end He threw a chip into the river it oated so he said people would only die for 4 days and come back She throws a stone and says that if it sinks people must die quotThere you have chosen There will be an end to them According to story the benevolent Na pi who made the world creates humans The man was willing to give eternal life to human beings but the woman intervened We don t have it hc ofwoman s sense ofright and wrong ifpeople didn t die there would he no pity and therefore no reason to be kind quotThe Woman could be classi ed as the whole human race as womanandchild or representing something larger Myth sacred story 0 Woman is responsible in all myths for bringing death to the world Eve means mother of all living blaming the woman mythology is distinctly human Example of the metaphorical nature ofphilosophy using concrete image to symbolize abstract ideas 0 Woman as source of material human existence produce means of life without help WomanEarthFertility but everything on Earth dies so woman brings death Aristophanes Myth Explaining Fall of Man from Original Wholeness and the Origin of Earthly Love Symposium of Plato o Aristophanes comments that people don t understand the power oflove nor do they appreciate God they do not honor him or sacrifice giving him credit she thinks is due Beginning with the nature of man and development there were 3 kinds of humans Man originally offspring of the sun Female Of the earth And equal shares of the two combined Androgynous from the Moon Form of human was round all over 4 arms and legs 2 faces They conspired against the Gods Zeus decides to cut them all into 2 parts so they are weaker Navel believed to be a reminder of out fall as humans 0 Because original form was as described above and we are no longer entirely one the craving for wholeness is LOVE When Prom ethius enters man is already on Earth extremely clever Titan When men are severed halfis Zeus and other isfor man Action begins wseparation ofman and God Zeus cannot choose one portion without losing face has to choose most desirable due to his prestige though he knows it is less desirable Prometheus Challenge of Zeus and the Punishment of the Human Race Theogony of Hesiod Prometheus responsible for woes of mortal condition allies himselfwith man in order to try to take Zeus power extremely clever Titan Action begins wseparation ofman and God Zeus cannot choose one portion without losingface has to choose most desirable looking one due to his prestige though he knows it is less desirable Iooks foolish in order to keep his power Zeus revenge is that man is a slave to his stomach has to eat and die unlike bones and eternal things B c humans got the soft perishable meat we ARE soft In genesis Eve brought death to the race by eating Prometheus39 actions make it Clear he acts on behalf of humans Myth of Pandora Pandora s box was actually a pithos a large storage urn in which King Eurystheus illlfimen in this story represent curiosity desire to know making the wrong choice that leads to death She opens the pithos and releases the ills that af ict the human race like death Discussion Question How do the images and themes in these two stories relate to what we discussed in the foregoing lecture Compare these myths to the ones printed in the lecture How do the African and Melanesian tales express the same abstract ideas by concrete images as were expressed in the Hebrew and Native American stories that you read in the Lecture How are they different Are the differences meaningful or only the similarities in your opinion Answer in at least 300 words longer answers are welcome


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