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by: Lucile O'Kon
Lucile O'Kon
GPA 3.94

Victor Sampson

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About this Document

Victor Sampson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lucile O'Kon on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMT 4664 at Florida State University taught by Victor Sampson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/205573/smt-4664-florida-state-university in Science Or Mathematics Teaching at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
1 Equot Subject P001 Research Sign Up G0 to httpcampusfsuedusignup To access the website you will need to use your garnet or mailer acns account Under Online Signup Sheets click on one of the following departments depending on the course for which you are participating a list of courses associated with each department will be listed under eachiif you do not select the correct department your instructor will not be able to see your credits 39 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP amp POLICY STUDIES EDF1005 LDR3263 39 SPORT MGMT RECREATION ADMIN amp PHYSICAL ED NONE this semester SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION TSL43245325 EE05671 EEX4212 RED4510 RED5147 SCE43105215 SMT3100 SMT4664 SSE5665 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY amp LEARNING SYSTEMS EDF4210 EDF4430 EDP5935 EME2040 SDS3340 SDS4481 EDF5431 You ll see a list of studies At this stage please make sure that the code of the course for which you are participating is stated under the department name This is important because if you do not see your course code there then your participation does not count toward your course credits Check the brief description to see if you are eligible for the study Click on the option signup under Available Times to see when there are available appointments and to see a full description of the study Read each study description carefully noting the number of credits available from it the time commitment the location time and place of the study etc Click on signup after deciding to participate in a particular study Be certain to keep a record of a the study name and the researcher s name and email in case you need to contact himher for any reason and b when and where the study will take place so that you can appear on time at the proper location For online surveys make sure you sign up before completing the survey When you sign up for a study you will be asked to select the course for which you are participating eg EDF4210 EDF4430 EME2040 SDS4481 EDF5431 or TSL5142 Attend the study at the appointed time amp place Most studies take place in the Stone Building Ifyou must miss a study you may cancel if it is at least 24 hours prior to your appointment Login at the website and go to MY SIGNUPS to cancel Keep in mind that missing studies without 24 hours of notice may lead to credit penalties 3 After the study When you attend the study the researcher will make a record Study Credit sup of your participation Within two weeks your researcher We should have registered your credits online You need nothing Number more to get your credit cred awarded gludenl39s We You should however receive and keep a study credit slip gt g gpgggfgfpgjme mm m lled out and given to you by the researcher immediately gaggm after your part1c1pation Keep this as an independent record of your panicipation M When Studies will be posted online as they become available starting at the end of the second week of classes Your participation must be completed by the last day of classes Credits All students in the class will be expected to earn the number of units of research credit designated in their syllabus ie 1 0r 2 A unit consists of participation in research activity for an hour If an activity involves less than 30 minutes you will earn onehalf unit of credit You need to check study description to note the number of credits available from it Your class instructor will be able to access the study website to see how many credits you have earned You can also check your credits on the MY SIGNUPS page If you are enrolled in two courses with a subject pool research participation expectation then participation in a study can be counted toward the ful llment of the expectation in both courses If you are in this situation please contact Laura Jakiel Ifyou have any questions do not hesitate to ask your faculty and subject pool coordinators for more information Faculty Coordinator Alysia Roehrig aroehrigfsuedu Subject Pool Coordinator Laura Jakiel lmj09cmyfsuedu Ifyou do not wish to participate as a study subject alternative arrangements to receive research credit can be made early in the semester with your instructor Typically you will be asked to do alternative assignments taking approximately the same amount of time as participating in research eg reading and responding to recent journal publications


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