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Lesson 9-10 Notes

by: Whitney Lynn

Lesson 9-10 Notes ENG 3310

Whitney Lynn
American Literature

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About this Document

English 3310 American Literature lesson notes for lessons 9 and 10. Lesson 9: Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman” Lesson 10: Alice Walker “Everyday Use”
American Literature
Class Notes
english, american literature, Literature, notes, lesson notes, arthur miller, death of a salesman, alice walker, everyday use
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Whitney Lynn on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3310 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see American Literature in Foreign Language at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Lesson 9 Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman 0 American dramatist 0 Play 0 1949 O Seen as congruent with the 1950 s a time of conformity 0 Nuclear families living in tract housing of American suburbs 0 Leave It To Beaver 0 Father Knows Best 0 Cracks existed beneath the perfection Q Willy Loman Miller s salesman Q Willy slips in and out of reality 0 Play takes place during the last 24 hours of Willy s life 0 Comes home from an aborted sales trip on a Sunday evening 0 Scenes are that night next day and Monday evening but can seem much longer 0 Various emotions throughout the story 0 Willy has flashback memories that range many years 0 Young when his father left the family 0 Willy s son Biff failed high school 0 Memories cover 40 years 0 Biff is 30 now 0 Willy Loman 0 main character 0 on the verge of a mental breakdown 0 cannot face reality 0 imagines hopeful futures O selfdeception 0 not good enough to live in denial 0 not attractive or very likable but values it Q emphasizes appearance and personality over hard workintergritycharacter O Willy gives contradictory advice 0 Loman low man I not successful or powerful I only makes ends meet I troubled finances 0 doesn39t feel he has achieved manhood O won39t accept help 0 Willy l represents his arrested development I a child form of William O has great expectations 0 seems foolish but is not Q Charley O Willy borrows money Q Biff 0 Happy OOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000 0000 Is Willy s neighbor Charley knows money will not be payed back Offers Willy a job Successful man Willy s first born son invested his hopes in Biff dropped out of the business world and works on ranches thief passive aggressive toward authority feels like a boy more conscious about his own predicament than his dad had no model of manhood from his dad second born son ignored always trying for parents attention unsuccessful appeals to emerge from Biff s shadow followed Willy into the business world good looking ruines women engaged to his superiors passive aggressive toward authority know little of ben from the story only appears in flashbacks because he recently died only see him through Willy s mind which is not trustworthy success in diamond mines of Africa Willy only remembers him being rich nothing of hard work Q Willy has many contradictions O O 0 cause his breakdown conflicting values pull him different directions Says Biff is lazy then says he isn t Q Willy can t advise his sons effectively 0 Willy s role models are all contradictory as well 0 Motifs O 0 cents Boys vs men I Willy has a childlike name I Biff feels like a boy I Willy desires to be treated like a man so in his imagination people do Money I Willy can t assess the value other than dollars and l Everything has a precise cash value I Resolves to commit suicide for money l Willy is obsessed with financial success and eventually kills him instead of seeing the pain to his family I Excited about suicide because of the money it would bring 0 make and build I Ben is obsessed with building things and the tangible meaning I Value is placed on acquisition 0 Jungle l Ben fought in the jungle when really it was a garden I Jungle is a competitive place as is the business world 0 Whistling 0 Play is a modern tragedy O Tragedy is when someone falls from social or moral height I only those in a ranked position are able to fall 0 Modern is an average person the tragedy is getting the reader39s pity Willy is a common man with human flaws and foibles Tragic figures are more than pitiable victims of circumstance Readers tend to find fault with Willy Lesson 10 Alice Walker Everyday Use 0 Story shows the difficulty for African American woman to develop and identity in the midcentury Q Encourages readers to value the past 0 Dee Wangero Attractive Intelligent Fashionable Aware of her African ancestry Envied by her mother and sister Opposite of her younger sister Maggie l Scarred l Homer I Shy O Charming 0 Contemporary world view 0 Apparent success 0 Dee goes to visit home 0 Feels like a tourist OOOOOO O Takes many pictures Has a Muslim boyfriend with a large Afro hairstyle During the Vietnam war 0 Civil Rights movement 0 Black power movement 0 Dawning of modern feminism Mom is oldfashioned Dee is alienated from her immediate family Unappreciative of those who sent her to school Flaunting her ability and power around her hometown Sees herself above others Dee knows little about her recent lineage 0 Rejection seen in her name change 0 Dee came from generations but she assumed it was from white slave owners and changed it Irritated her own mother by her condescending attitude Dee wants the butter churn and quilts but they are already promised to Maggie 0 Dee assumes she will get them Q Mama does not give in Dee participated in the recovery of African American s origins Dee compared to a burning light Mama becomes to appreciate her relationship with Maggie more than De 0 Maggie knows her family and ancestry Although it doesn t seem like it in the beginning Maggie is a better model for the black identity than her sister 0 Maggie is more reliable The story shows the value in existence and ancestry Title comes from the everyday use of the butter churn and quilt Gloria Anzaldua How To Tame a Wild Tongue Nonfiction About difficulties of creating a Chicana identity in the late 20th century Language is connected to identity Doesnt speak full Spanish or full English but a little of both Chicana identity is caught between two cultures Similar to mixed culture in Quicksand 0 doesn t know which one to belong to Rather than feeling accepted by both she feels rejected by both She wants an integrated identity Linguistic Terrorism 0 how her identity and language was taken from her by the American school system Chicano Spanish was unaccepted by those who spoke Mexican Spanish Usually masculine forms are used to address and entire group so she feels her gender is also oppressed Her essay isn t traditional genre just like her language isn39t traditional She mixes languages that can be confusing or jarring to the reader Voice comes through well in text You understand her essence and being The essay is divided like her existence The essay is difficult to read like when you experience life through her This is to treat her experience with legitimacy and pride and be proud of her sense of being Sandra Cisneros Does not write in traditional format Writes fiction Writes in vignettes concerned with the ethnic and gender identities of Chicana women Culture offers limited role models My Lucy Friend Who Smells Like Corn Captures the innocence and joy associated with childhood Shares US and hispanic experiences of summer described Diversity of american life Speaker seems unaware of the limitations of poverty As she ages in the story her awareness grows BarbieQ Young girls playing with fire damaged barbie dolls Poverty stricken lives of ethnic people The girls are thrilled to play with these dolls that are slightly melted American and Mexicanexperience Gender issues in this I girls are quite young I pretend their dolls fight over a ken doll l playfully imitate adult behavior I damaged as the barbie doll I work to conceal it even to themselves 00000 00000 Mericans Problematic gender identity of females Focuses primarily on issues of national identity Mexican American religion is alien to many Americans Main female protagonist faces more direct exclusion because she 0000 is female 0 Family is trying to assert their place in American life 0 Tourists from Chicago are awkwardly practicing Spanish with the girl s older brother 0 They take photographs of him in front of the church and offer him gum as payment 0 When he speaks English she seems disappointed Q Cisneros can identify a story strongly by the title 0 She can capture poverty patriarchy identity diversity


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