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by: Susanna Schulist


Susanna Schulist
GPA 3.59

Jonathan Rogers

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About this Document

Jonathan Rogers
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Susanna Schulist on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUP 3002 at Florida State University taught by Jonathan Rogers in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 749 views. For similar materials see /class/205578/pup-3002-florida-state-university in Law Societies and Justice/ Political Science at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Chapter 1 1 N 9 gt V 0 gt1 00 O H 0 1 1 N p A 1 DJ Chapter 2 gt V 1 Public policy is best defined as Government action taken in response to a public problem blank refers to the institutions and political processes through which public policy choices are made a a Government blank are economic justifications for why government becomes involved in societal problems a Market failures The main reason that government gets involved in addressing a public problem is to a Ensure that the general public good is maintained and protected A recession is likely to affect the policies that Congress and the President adopt to stimulate jobs This is an example of which context affecting the development of public policy a Economic context Don t Ask Don t Tell the defense policy regarding homosexual individuals serving in the military was repealed in 2011 since the public has become more open to it This is an example of a change in which contest of public policy a Cultural context The ideology of individual members of Congress is an example of the blank context that affects the development of public policy Political The popularity or relative power of a political party pressure exerted by interest groups and the influence of third parties such as the Tea Party are examples of the blank affecting how decisions are made by government a Political context a The aging of the baby boom generation has led to growing interest in reform of government programs such as Medicare and Social Security Similarly immigration policy is in the forefront due to the in ux of immigrants to the US These are examples of the blank influencing policy a Social context A systematic and organized way to evaluate problems policy quot is referred to as Policy analysis When the Environmental Protection Agency adopts regulations that force power plants to take into consideration the actual costs to deal with pollution and the health problems it causes what type of market failure is the EPA addressing a Negative externality or the ff quot programs a Education is often cited as something that benefits more than just the person getting the education39 it benefits society in a number of other ways This is called a Positive externality Negative Externality and Information Failure are both examples what Market failure Which of the following are examples of pure public goods National defense air public parks Which of the following criteria for analyzing public policies examines how government officials appraise the acceptability of a particular alternative or solution Political feasibility a a a The case of health care reform exemplifies a The constitutional structure of the US government often makes policymaking difficult In the past the policymaking relationship between states and the federal government was called blank since there was clear separation of policy responsibility between the two levels a Dual Federalism blank refers to the checks and balances that our Constitution sets up among the three branches of government a Separation of Powers 4 blank refer to informal clusters of organizations and individuals working in both government and the private sector that are deeply involved in a certain area of focus and share specialized knowledge communication patterns and power structures within the area of focus a Issue networks 5 blank refers to the ability of a government to address its problems effectively through public policy a Policy capacity 6 Government policy actors are defined as a Units or agencies of government that are involved in the policy making process 7 The US has made many small targeted changes to environmental policy economic policy and health care policy over time This is called blank policymaking a Incremental 8 Federal cabinet departments and major agencies such as the CIA and EPA are found in which branch of governmentgt a Executive 9 Growth in the size of government has led to a An emergence of a large employment sector and a timeconsuming policy making processes 10 Since the US Congress is blank the House of Representatives and the Senate must agree on policy actions before these policies can go forward a Bicameral ll Interest groups often attempt to influence policymakers and public policy through a Lobbying 12 The federal court system plays a vital role in policymaking by a Interpreting the policy decisions made by other agencies of government 13 Formerly called iron triangles blank are informal groupings of interest groups congressional subcommittees and an executive agency that are less likely to be influenced by public opinion since the typically work closely together out of the public eye a Issue networks 14 The Senate allows its members more freedom to debate policy issues than the House In some cases Senators talk for hours in hopes of in uencing a bill or blocking its passage This is called a Filibuster 15 Federal blank grants for community development activities give states and local governments an amount of money to conduct the activities with more exibility to determine how the money is spent a Block Chapter 3 1 Which of the following best describes the sequence of the policymaking model process presented by the KraftFurlong policy process model a Agenda setting policy formulation policy implementation policy evaluation 2 The policy making stage in which public needs are selected for consideration by a legislative body of government a Agenda Setting 3 During the blank stage of policymaking legislators rely on policy analysts to develop and study possible policy alternatives for them to consi er a Policy formulation 4 blank are tools approaches or methods that policy makers have available to use in order to formulate a policy a Policy instruments 5 Regulating is defined as a The government requiring certain activities be done and if not assessing penalties 6 The blank theory of policymaking emphasizes the formal and legal parts of governmental structure Institutional 7 Political systems theory explains policymaking as a process of a Interaction between the government institutions and the larger social economic and cultural context in which they operate 8 blank refers to the occasion when the public is aware of and discussing an issue even though politicians may not be discussing the issue a Systematic Agenda 9 blank portrays public policy as the product of a continuous struggle among organized interest groups a Group theory 10 The policymaking stage during which new issues are identified as problems for government to address is called Agenda setting ll What is the president s major forum for agenda setting and stating the coming year s priorities a The State of the Union Address 12 Which of the policy typologies identified by Lowi refers to the situation where government spends money to provide grants or programs without regard to where the money will come from to pay for it a Distributive 13 The Occupational Health and Safety Administration spells out the kinds of things that business and industry must do to protect workers This is an example of what type of policy a Protective Regulation 14 Aan blank instrument of public policy collects revenues from one group and spends it on services for a different group a Redistributive 15 Kingdon s blank refers to three independent sets of activities related to problems policy proposals and politics that may converge and bring a public issue onto the agenda a Policy stream Chapter 4 1 Analyzing problems studying possibly policy alternatives and evaluating the efficient or effectiveness of policies are examples of what a Policy Analysis 19 Making modest changes in policy is known as what a Incremental decision making 3 Which is the correct sequence in the policy analysis process a Analyze problem analyze policy alternatives develop criteria assess 4 Which of the following conduct different kinds of policy analysis that is often very helpful to the policy making process a All of the above Government agencies interest groups think tanks 5 A growing sector of private organizations that conduct policy research often used by government policymakers are called a Think tanks 6 Which of the following illustrates an operational measure of the safety of a communit a All of the above index crime rates automobile crashes per capita how safe residents report they feel 7 A blank approach to policy analysis focuses on understanding the underlying conditions that are causing a public problem while the blank approach focuses more on how to alleviate shorter term symptoms of the problem a Root cause39 proximate cause 8 blank involves defining the problem Indicating goals and objectives to be sought considering a range of alternatives and evaluating each alternative before recommending a particular solution Rational decision In aking 9 Which of the following is an example of data that could be collected to study the root causes of poverty e number of students that drop out of high school 10 Which of the following is most likely to conduct political forms of policy analysis a National Ri e Association ll Which of the following policy analysis criteria is used if the acceptability of a particular alternative to interest groups the general public or politicians is a concern a Political feasibility 12 Which of the following policy analysis criteria would be used if a fair and just evaluation were a concern a Equity 13 blank involves making more minor or modest policy changes a Incremental decision making 14 The purpose of policy analysis is a Provide information and impartial assessments of options to aid the policymaking process 15 Which of the following best defines the rationalcomprehensive approach to policymaking a Rigorous complete analysis of the problem and the likely impacts of proposed policies Chapter 5 1 Policy analysts study the nature of the problem Which statement below best defines what this refers to a The severity scope and causes of the problem 2 Regulating is defined as a e government requiring certain activities be done and if not assessing penalties 3 Market incentives as tools or instruments of policy are defined as a A special category of taxing or imposing fees to encourage consumers or companies to change behavior 4 The US government administers the Medicare program Which of the following describes the type of policy tool being used in this situation a Government management 5 When developing policy alternatives to address a problem the policymaker should examine blank which refers to how well the policy has worked in a state pilot test or other smallerscale attempt to implement it a Realworld or parallel situations 6 blank are observable ways to define a problem a Operational measures 7 Which of the following illustrates an operational measure of school quality a Standardized test scores 8 Indicators of sustainability refer to blank the data that attempt to measure a community s progress toward the goal of sustainability a Quantitative 9 Governments may invest in training programs for their own staff or for the public This policy design tool is referred to as a Capacitybuilding tools 10 blank involves finding solutions to a problem by spontaneously sharing ideas without initial regard to practicality or feasibility a Brainstorming ll Public Service announcements on television or radio represent what form of government policy tool a Education H N H E H 4 H V Chapter 1 N 9 gt V 0 gt1 00 O H O H H H N When government encourages you to buy a home by allowing you to take an interest deduction it is using which policy instrum ent a Taxing and spending A city that encourage citizens to serve on a community sustainability advisory panel so that they will develop greater awareness and engagement is using a blank policy tool a Learning In the early 1990s the state of Wisconsin pilot tested a variety of welfare reform programs such as Workfare and Learnfare f These programs helped the federal government reform its major welfare program in 1996 This is an example 0 a Use of real world situations to develop policies President Obama s health care reform plan included funding for many pilot projects and special studies that will be used to select future policy options to use on a more widespread basis The funding of these efforst is an example of the policy tool called blank a Conduct research 6 When developing policy alternatives to address a problem the policymaker should examine blank which refer to how well the policy has worked in a state pilot test or other smallerscale attempt to implement it Realworld or parallel situations When determining how to respond to rising energy costs policymakers assessed the likely environmental healthy and safety impacts of energy exploration development and use This an example 0 a Applying risk assessment approaches to analyze policy options Not every state has laws that require motorcyclists to wear helmets even though they have been shown to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident States without these laws have weighed the criterion of blank more strongly than effectiveness a LibertyFreedom With the scarcity of government resources in the past several years the evaluative criterion of blank has become more and more important a Efficiency Do federally funded abstinenceonly programs actually prevent teenage pregnancy This is a question that relates to the blank of that policy alternative a Effectiveness blank refers to the availability and reliability of technology needed for policy implementation a Technical feasibility Which of the following policy analysis criteria deals with whether a policy has a fair process or policy outcome a Equity Which statement best describes the relationship of policy analysis to the policy process model a Policy analysis supports the policy process at several points by increasing understanding of problems and possible solutions Costbenefit analysis is a useful tool in policy analysis It can be used to a Analyze the efficiency of various possible policy alternatives Evaluative criteria are e 1mportant aspects of the policy proposal on which you will make comparisons The cousin of costbenefit analysis does not attempt to assign dollar values to potential benefits but instead assumes they will occur and looks for the cheapest way to achieve them a Costeffectiveness analysis blank focuses on analyzing policy results and outcomes a Program evaluation 13 A difficult relatively infrequent type of policy analysis that systematically examines conflicts and concerns about policy H gt H V alternatives from the standpoint of values and rights is referred to as Ethical anaylsis A college student could be working as a waiter and earing 20000 annually However he is attending college and forgoing that income This is an example of the blank to attend college a cost that the student hopes will be worth the investment in the long run a Opportunity Cost The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA uses blank to determine the level of chemicals and other pollutants that can be present in water and still be considered safe to drink a Risk evaluation Final Review 19 gt V 0 00 H H O H H H l H gt1 gt Lquot 0 What is a compensating differential a Paid when an employer has to be a much higher wage in order to get the employee to agree to do the work of an unpleasant task What is policy legitimation a When government gives legal voice to a policy What are two properties of common pool resources Nonexcludable but rivalry the more you use it the less you have A ballot measure proposed to repeal an existing law a A ballot referendum b Propose a new law initiative What is the total amount owed by the US government a a The debt Give an example of a public good a Nonexcludable nonrivalrous b No such thing as a pure public good What is a selective benefit a Something a member of group receives simply because they are members of this group What task is the responsibility of only the US Senate a Acts as court when the President is being impeached b Confirming certain Presidential nominees Ratifying treaties What is the term for a cost or benefit that is paid by those who do not receive the cost or benefit a Externality C Define regulation a Formal requirement that requires something be followed or the government has power to punish What is cap and trade a Buying and selling pollution permits pending on which they need Give an example of a private good a b Excludable and rivalrous If it is possible for the winners to compensate the losers KaldorHicks critera b Peredo improvement of others are better off and no one is harmed Observing behavior to measure preference a Revealed preference study A car a The enjoyment you get joining a group for the purpose of making friends a Solidary methods Some believe the only reason politicians do anything is to get reelected What is this called a Electoral incentive What is the formal requirement where a state can only spend what it takes in in revenue a Balancedbudget so O N O N N N N L N 4 What is it called when a corporation manipulates government to receive benefits that it would not normally receive a Rent se eking behaviors The idea that if people who holed insurance policies will engage in more hazardous activities a Moral hazard The United Nations defines someone as living in poverty if the live on less than this amountday a Less than 1 a day39 150 inUS What is the difference between one the government spends and what the government takes inl one year a Deficit Externalities monopolies are examples of what a Market Failures Give an example of a club or toll good a Cable nonrivalrous but excludable due to price b Movie ticket is excludable and rivalrous What are Adam Smith s three roles of government a National Defense Law and Order Providing for certain public goods that would not exist without government spending Education Infrastructure


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