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by: Orion Kris
Orion Kris
GPA 3.52

Christina Lapeyrouse

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About this Document

Christina Lapeyrouse
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orion Kris on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FOS 3026 at Florida State University taught by Christina Lapeyrouse in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/205586/fos-3026-florida-state-university in Food Science & Technology at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Exom 3 Chp 18 24 Yedsf breods Bdker s yedsf Socchdromyces cereviside one celled fungus mulfiplies rdpidly righf femp amp in presence of sugor amp moisfure Bosic ingredienfs in yedsf breods flour liquid sugdr sdlf yedsf Bosic ingredienfs in quick breods flour liquid sdlf leovening dgenf milk is mosf used liquid offen fof eggs sugdr buffermorgorine mosf Mixing yedsf bredd l Sfrdighf dough dll ingredienfs in bowl some fime mixed lltneoded fo develop glufen rise l 2x shdped 2 Sponge yedsf wofer 13 flour foomy mixfure fermenfed for 12 hr in worm pldce fo become spongy amp foomy resf of ingredienfs ore ddded sdlf inhibifs yedsf so ddded losf Bdffer ingredienfs combined fhen beofen unfil no longer slicks fo bowl buf is sfill sficllty ifself 4 deid mix mosfly in bredd mdking mochines lltnedding pdddle lltnedds bredd ollows fo rise ond bdlltes in some pdn A Amounf of lime dough needs fo rise Fermenfdfion slighfly wormer fhon room femp 85deg F obouf 1 hour con be oround 34 hr fo 2 hrs somefimes overnighf C02 credfed by yedsf amp enzyme amp pH chdnges follte ploce becomes more ocidic bc C02 H20 Corbonic Acid amp ldcfic amp dcefic dcids produced by yedsf dcidify helps glufen hydrofe improves flovor exfends shelf life by inhibifing sfdling ond mold reduces sficlltiness of dough Second rising punching down punched down fil dough doubles in size foo long will couse glufen fo oversfrefch ond breod fo fdll Proofing findl rising dllowed fo double credfes dough fhdf is properly derdfed Effecf of high dlfifude on yedsf breods Rise fdsfer bc less dfm needs less leovening dgenf more liquid bc evopordfes fdsfer do nof lef double in volume femp lO 15deg F fo help coogulofe profeins ond prevenf goses from over expdnding sfrucfure Process of frying foods Exam 3 Chp 18 24 Moisture transfer when submerged H20 on food s surface vaporizes into surrounding oil draws H20 inside towards surface Fat transfer layer of steam forms around food protecting from high temps of frying amp keeps from soaking up oil Crust formation crust browns Maillaird reaction larger amp more porous from water being driven out of food Interior cooking cooks through heat penetration rather than direct contact w fat Emulsions Oil in water oil droplets dispersed through water Milk cream egg yolks mayo salad dressings Water in oil water dispersed in oil Butter margarine Types of emulsifiers that can be used Mono amp diglycerides phospholipids lecithin from egg yolks milk proteins soy proteins gelatin gluten veggie gums carrageenan certain types of herbs and spices What affects melting point of fat Degree of saturation Length Cis trans configuration Crystalline structure Crystalline forms of fat Polymorphism ability to exist in more than one crystalline form a l B 2 B 3 9 Increasing order of melting point amp crystal size Trans fatty acids Found naturally in beef butter most through process of hydrogenation partially hydrogenated oil and those products made with this product Winterized oil commercial process that removes fatty acids having a tendency to crystallize amp make veggie oils appear cloudy Olestra aspects made from sugar veggie oil 3 C glycerol molecule in oil replaced by a large sucrose w 6 8 fatty acids attached so large moves through digestive system before enzymes have time to digest fatty Exam 3 Chp 18 24 acids stable during heating withstands temps of frying used in snack foods Plastic fats the more unsaturated a fat the more plastic chilled butter has very little plasticity Shortened cakes aka butterconventional usually leavened w baking sodapowder 9 yellow white choc spice fruitcake pound cake Unshortened cakes aka spongefoam usually made with beaten egg whites contain little fat rely on steam and air from foamed eggs as major leavening agent Angel food cake egg whites Yellow cake whole eggs Chiffon cakes hybrid of shortened amp unshortened fat combined w foamed egg whites cake flour leavening agents 9 lemon chiffon Cakes have a higher proportion of sugar milk and fat to flour than breads do usually made with cake flour High ratio cakes sweeter contain more flour than sugar 1 Sugar should weigh same as or slightly more than flour 2 Eggs should weigh about as much or more than fat 3 Liquid ingredients should was some or more than sugar Veggie oil in cakes generally not used except for in mixes and carrot cake bc results in decreased volume amp harsh crumb oil coats flour proteins olive oil sometimes used has naturally emulsifier to make cakes more tender amp moist9 prevents from adhering to water reduces gluten formation amp leaves more moisture in batter veggie oils don t entrap air during creaming like other fats Prepare pans for cake baking bottom greased dusting greased surface w flour or cocoa 9 turned upside down and tapped to remove excess flour waxparchment paper can be used on bottom Cookie batter classifications Bar cookies most fluid 9 brownies Dropped cookies dropped from spoon contains just enough flour so cookie won t spread on pan 9 oatmeal raisin Pressed cookies flour mixture must be viscous enough to be stuffed into pastry bagcookie press 9tea cookies ladyfingers and coconut macaroons Exom 3 Chp 18 24 Molded cookies hedvy enough fo be formed info bolls or ofher shopes 9 peonuf buffer cookies Rolled cookies 9 slighfly hedvier doughs fhon molded cookies rolled ouf amp cuf info shopes 9 sugor cookies shorfbredd cookies Icebox cookies some ds rolled buf shdped info cylinder and puf in fhe fridge before cuffing info discs Pdsfries bredd producf fhdf is floky fender crisp lighfly browned Ldmindfed pdsfry drrdngemenf of olferndfing ldyers of fdf and flour in rolled pdsfry dough 9 during bdking fdf melfs ond leoves empfy spdces sfedm fo liff ldyers of flour resulfs in fldkes Non ldmindfed pdsfry fdf ingredienf is cuf info flour mixfure Puff posfries Quick blifz ldmindfed quicker fo prepore fhon reguldr puff combines mixing fechnique of pldin pdsfry W rolling folding fechnique of puff pdsfry Ex sfrudel Phyllo Pdsfry ldmindfed mode primorin w flour wofer smdll dmounf of oil numerous fissue fhin sheefs brushed w buffer bw ldyers fhen rolled or folded Croissdnf ldmindfed yedsf dough anish yeosf ledvened puff pdsfry offen w credm fillings Types of pie Fruif fruif fruif juice sweefener sforch fhickener geldfin used when pie is nof being bdked Creom milk sugdr fldvoring cornsfdrch and egg cooked unfil sforch gelofinizes Cusfdrd one crusf pies w milk amp egg fillings pumpkin pecon cheesecoke Chiffon GELATIN egg whifeswhipped credm Meringue credmchiffon pie covered wifh meringue Cldssificofion of Condies Syrup phose mode from simple syrup hdrd condy fonddnf morshmdllows Fdf phose when chocolofe or nuf pdsfes ore used Crysfdlline sugdr is presenf in form of crysfdls soff smoofh amp credmy 9 choc credms fudge fonddnf Non crysfdlline dmorphous sugor in uncrysfdllized form 9 cordmel foffee fdffy hordy condy gummy bedrs


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