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World Hist II Week 9 Notes

by: RachelB

World Hist II Week 9 Notes Hist 1004

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > History > Hist 1004 > World Hist II Week 9 Notes
GPA 4.0
World History II- HIST1004
Dr. John McNay

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About this Document

Notes for week 9 (3/8 & 3/10)
World History II- HIST1004
Dr. John McNay
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by RachelB on Wednesday March 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 1004 at University of Cincinnati taught by Dr. John McNay in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see World History II- HIST1004 in History at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 03/09/16
World Hist 11 Buckel Dr McNay Week 9 SpanishAmerican War Imperialists vs AntiImperialists 0 Election of 1896 William Jennings Bryan populistdemocrat vs William McKinley Republican 0 William Jennings Bryan popular speaker most famous Cross of Gold speech about wanting to get rid of the Gold Standard money value was based on gold which was soon changed to silver 0 McKinley wins and the search for overseas markets intensifies President McKinley o 1893 Depression people were desperate and didn t believe anything would improve 0 Cuban Revolution takes place 0 Many Americans didn t take interest or had opinions on it o McKinley when elected expresses concern on the issue I Spanish ambassador in DC writes to Madrid saying McKinley was weak and petty but letter was intercepted and published across the country I The letter put the public focus on the issues in Cuba 0 Hurst wealthy family newspapers get on the band wagon to call for war with Spain I Newspapers were in uential media at the time and many people were persuaded to want war 0 McKinley sends American warships to Havana Harbor USS Maine Feb 1898 I Years later forensic evidence suggests that the explosion came from inside the ship many ships were coalpowered and in the right conditions were susceptible to boiler explosions I The explosion was the reason we went to war with Spain and it appears to have been an accident SpanishAmerican War 1 1898 l o The US wasn t ready for war and hadn t fought a real war since the Civil War 0 The only battles fought in the US were against the Native Americans 0 Teddy Roosevelt comes into the picture 0 Was sick as a child and his parents put him outdoors all the time and he lived this way through the rest of his life 0 Known for conservation efforts in the west 0 Gets into gov t service under McKinley and becomes assistant secretary of the US Navy I The navy was undergoing a big improvement structurally with new warships it was believed that if you had a strong navy you were very powerful because you could ght across the sea 0 The Cubans were led by Jose Marti in their fight for independence from Spain I In the Philippines the leader was Emilio Aguinaldo 0 He sends an American eet to Hong Kong as secretary 0 Eyes were on Cuba after Congress declared war on Spain 0 There were big ships in Florida trying to find places to set up port 0 Roosevelt organizes his own military unit to go to Florida and move supplies etc he had to resign as secretary in order to do this Rough Riders 0 When they arrive in Florida they discover a traffic jam to get on the ships to go to Cuba so Roosevelt tells the Rough Riders to ditch the horses and they get on the ships by foot 0 Cuban revolutionaries were mostly of African descent which was a surprise to the Rough Riders 0 Many Rough Riders were southern and the US was still very segregated they tolerate the Cubans as fighters but don t see them as allies o Siege of Santiago rough riders take the capital city 0 Battle of San Juan Hill I They attack Kettle Hill not actually San Juan Hill I Roosevelt never mentioned the supporting troops of the Africans in his stories but without them the Rough Riders wouldn t have won 0 The Spanish had a chance to surrender and surrendered to the Americans not the Cubans o 2900 casualties 0 Only 345 in combat 0 The rest food poisoning disease PhilippineAmerican War 1 18991902 I o US s first southeast Asian war 0 Americans sail to Manila Bay 0 the US Navy was brand new and the Spanish eet was old 0 US sinks many Spanish warships kill thousands of Spanish sailors and only 1 American dies and dies of heat stroke 0 After victory the Philippines welcomed the Americans thinking they were liberated 0 Philippines were very western and yet since they weren t white the Americans didn t see them as being able to selfgovern 0 Philippine people fight back realizing the US wanted to just replace the Spanish 0 They don t stop fighting just like in the Boer Wars 0 Americans set up concentration camps but the fighting doesn t stop 0 Capture of Aguinaldo 0 A few marines pretended to be Philippino and go in and capture Aguinaldo to get him back to Manila 0 They talk to him and tell him the fighting won t stop unless they surrender and so they do 0 Peace treaty that ended the war granted the US the Philippines and part of it said that we didn t go to war to gain Cuba 0 4100 casualties 0 75 killed by disease 0 William Howard Taft was governor for a while but over time the US sets up a structure for them to selfgovern 0 When FDR became president he was ready to grant them independence but WWII happens and the US had to fight in the Philippines again to get it back from Japan and finally the US granted the Philippines their freedom


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