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by: Turner Kautzer III


Turner Kautzer III
GPA 3.83

Christopher Pfaff

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About this Document

Christopher Pfaff
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Turner Kautzer III on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 3130 at Florida State University taught by Christopher Pfaff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/205610/arh-3130-florida-state-university in Art History at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Greek Study Guide Major Works The numbers refer to the gures in Pedley s GreekArt and Archaeology 4 ed 63 Doric and Ionic orders a 64 Plan ofa temple 6869 Temple ofArtemis Corfu u u n u u u 580 BC Doric Style Columns are short and stocky capitals are bulky and wide design istopheavy Apotropaic device Medusa PegasoJ and rysaor meant to protect against evil Unrelated scene Zeus blasting Kronos Pediments are narratives and have magical functions rilll l u 500 BC 6l9 Temple ofArtemis Ephesos n a Sponsor King Croesus ofLydia 4 90 BC n 530 East pediment Apollo amp Herakles struggling for the Delphic tripod u n n u u u 5 7 0 potted by Ergotimos and painted by by Kleitias volute krater liked to name and label his scenes all the zones are human but one encyclopedia of myths themetroy Marriage of PeleusThetis Achilles Funeral games for Patroklos 677 Amphora by Exekias u u u 540 Suicide ofAjax amphora paints very dramatic emotional scenes 683 Laconian cup by the Arkesilas Painter u u u Blackfigure Porthole composition King Arkesilas of Cyrene supervising the loading ofcargo 5 60 B C 12 687 Bilingual amphora by the Andokides workshop u a Black amp redfigure llerakles driving a bull For storing wine amp water Z88 Calyx krater by Euphronios Red gure Herakles struggling with Antaios For mixing wine 8 water 510 BC 89 Amphora by Euthymides V u u Redfigure Revelers For storing wine amp other liquids 691 Amphora by the Berlin Painter n u u 490 Redfigure A reveler For storing wine amp other liquids n n u u n u Athenian Acropolis 470 BC wearing the pelops on a steele large standing concrete slab foot moving bent leg contrapposto could be looking at a steel which lists men who died in war 74 767715 Temple oneus Olympia 720 Temple E at Selinu y V n u n u n a 460450 Sicily was producing bigger temple then the mainland don39t see as much regional difference metops have many scenes most scenes are men pitted against women Zeus and Hera calm Hera revealing herself to Zeus shows good marriage 39s and Aktaiomhunter who is attacked by his own dog n u u n u 480 Theseus Slight contrapposto Strange hairstyle could be identifiable as thesues hero ofthe new democracy Youthful nude figure 729 Diskobolos ofMyron F u u n Marble Roman copy of a bronze Greek original Set up to commemorate a victory The pose isn39t that realistic but represents the sport 731 Artemision God u u u u a From sea of Cape Artemision 460450 could be Zeus or Posiden hand would of held either a lightning bold or atri e t very active pose torso isn39t stretched it is shown straight to show perfection hairstyle is long and braided wrapped around symbol for gods 73Z733 Riace Warriors u u u u seabed off coast of Riace Marina unknown place oforigin and artist strong turn of head more emphatic contrapposto shoulders are tilt opposite from legs hips tilted as we hollow cast bronze have shield attachments and would of held weapons one had a helmet other had a ribbon u u u a Death ofAktaion Redfigure Mannerist style For mixing wine ampwater 744745 Calyx krater by the Niobid Painter u u u u Apollo amp Artemis killing the Niobids Redfigure For mixing wine ampwater Progressive features multiple ground lines profile eye 34 view o e d Athena Herakles amp heroes 460 747749 Tomb ofthe Diver Poseidonia Paestum u 480 painted turm ontravertine 83 84 87 811 814 817 823 Parthenon 825 Athena Parthenos Varvakeion copy a 2nd century BC copy ofthe original by Phiclias 438 a Nike adjustingher sa ndal from the balustrade 42 0 u u u u NikeUictory adjusting her sandal Around the precinct of Athena Nike Drapery is verytransparent This position allows draperyfolds to reveal the legs while the torso is still visible Architect Mnesikles Kallikrates 42 0406 842 Doryphoros ofPolykeitos u u u u quots earbeare Kanon Rule the relationship of parts of the body with the whole Symmetria commensurability of parts From Pompeii u a From Athens 400 Hegeso in normal poses picking out jewelry with the help of a servant u u u 440 Achilles in contrapposto stance Redfigure For storing wine amp other liquids u u u u Redfigure Herakles in the garden of the Hesperides Rape ofthe daughters ofLeucippus For gathering water u u u u u Architect Iktinos who also did the Parthenon oric exterior Ionic interior Amazonomachy frieze 430390 921923 Mausoleum at Halikarnossos 39Eu tfur Mausqus map nl Km Axchiccn Pythons a E m niculpl Sknpls39l lnvmhm Erymni moms 924 Antikythera Youth Either Paris Herakles or Perseus Bronze 928 Heres and Dionysos by Praxiteles x n u u 340 Described by Pausanias found in excavations ofthe so called temple of Hera at Olympia seems heavily influenced by the Peace and Wealth group ofKephisodotos u 350 5 933 Apoxyomenos by Lysippos u u 350 Man scraping oil off himself some kind of a ete Described by Pliny 946 Alexander Mosaic Pompeii u u 310 The confrontationbetween Alexanderthe Great amp Darius at the Battle of Issos By Philoxenes u u u u Frieze of rape of Persephone by Hades To b I m Maybe the real tomb of Philip II amp his wife Cleopatra Painted by Nikomachos u u u 340 Doric facade Fresco with hunt scene depicting Alexander the Greatwith either Philip II or Philip III Discovered in 1977 by M Andronikos l 7011027 Nike ofSamothrace u u 180 Perhaps by Pythokritos of Rhodes u Architect Hermogenes 109 Temple annnlln Didvma 1020 Portrait of Demosthenes 280 Roman copy of original by Polyeuktos Traditionally associated with dedications made by the King Attalos I at Pergamon to celebrate victory over the gauls Baroque is the twisting posture the extravagant musculature of the torso and the high drama ofthe movement 10231026 Great Altai Peramon u u u a 175150 Patron Eumenes Illlting ofPergamon Continuous narrative of the life ofTelephos son ofHerakles ampAuge u u u u Possibility a Hellenistic original Found in Rome follower ofDionysus restored by Bernini 125 1041 Seated


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