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by: Annabell Emard


Annabell Emard
GPA 3.84

David Bray

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About this Document

David Bray
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annabell Emard on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to QMB 3200 at Florida State University taught by David Bray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/205623/qmb-3200-florida-state-university in Quantitative Methods In Business at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Running head HUMANITIES TAKE HOME QUIZ Humanities take home quiz Connie Aragon UoP The accepted abbreviation for quotUniversity of Phoenixquot is UOPX Humanities Kureas November 01 2011 HUMANITIES TAKE HOME QUIZ 2 Humanities take home quiz In different cultures individuals associate themselves with spirits ancestors and deity Religion represents thismultifaceted realm of social experience Religion is an organized system of beliefs ceremonies and rules used to worship a God that relates humanity to spirituality and adheres to moral values quotDictionaryquot 2011 Three predominantreligions Judaism Christianity and Islam each follow sacred writing lslam adheres to the Koran Christianity abides the Old and New Testament and Judaism follows the Old Testament Even though most people views Judaism Christianity and lslamas very different they are rootedin commonalities all three find their origins in related individuals and ideals The study of the Torah is consideredan act ofworship in Judaism Judaism is one of the oldest continuing religions Judaism originated in the land of Israel in the Middle East The Israelites accepted the 10 commandments from God at Mount Sinai and these are the foundation of the Torah The Torah focuses on an essential theme the necessity for the Jews to obey God Hebrew scripture conveys the story of the development ofthese relationships from the time of creation life ofAbraham and the relationship between God and the Jewish people Jews hold to the same historical account as the Christians do they believe Abraham called upon by God to make a covenant with him Forthe religious Jew life is a continualact ofdivine worship three times day and once a week they go to the synagogue The Koran is the religious text of Islam and is reveredas the sacred word of God the way of life for Muslims and one ofthe most prominent religions of the world lslam itself means quotsubmissionquotas in submission to God s will Muslims trace their lineage HUMANITIES TAKE HOME QUIZ 3 back to Abraham through Ishmael A follower of Islam is caIIeda Muslim which means those who submit Islam39s central teaching is that there is only one God and that Muhammad was the last of the prophets and messengers Muhammad did not proclaim to be godlike and set the ve obligations of Islam profession of faith ritual prayeramsgiving Fasting during Ramadan and Pilgrimage to Mecca The five obligations are the most vital rituals of Islam and constitute the core of Islamic faith Kleiner 2010 p 123 Islam is different in regard to the structure the religion Muslims pray to God with no middleman presiding over the day and time to worship whereas Jews convene in a synagogue Temple and Christians gather in a church The Bible that is madeup ofthe Old and New Testament is to be the word of God and thus precise and influential in every area it addressesChristianity is the most disseminated religion in the world and Christians believe they should follow Jesus s life and teachings the foundation of human relations Just as Islam Christianity derived from Judaism because the basis is on the ethical aspect of humanity charity and love The origins of Christianity are in Jerusalem andbegan as a religious movement within Judaism Christians teach that God is almighty in power over aIIheavenand on earth moral in judgment over good and evil Even in its early beginnings Christianity demonstrated that there is a connection to the Jewish faith in many ways Jesus Christ himself lived as a Jew died as a Jew and rose again as a Jew Comparable to the Jewish Sabbath Sunday is a day of rest Each having time when worshipers gather to hearthe interpretations and preaching of God through the Bible to pray andgive thanks HUMANITIES TAKE HOME QUIZ Jews Christians and Muslims make up a large portionof the people of faith People ofthese three faiths believe to be children of Abraham in one sense or another The Jews descent through lsaac son of the promise Muslims it isthrough lshmael who is regardedas son of the promise and Christian faith Jesus quotSon ofAbraham and Son of Davidquot It is through Abraham that Judaism Christianity and Islam inherit the revelation of God as the creator Respectiver these religions are not only connected through their belief in a deity Yahweh Allah or God they share identical scriptures of Moses and the Exodus and originated in the same general region ofthe globe However all three religions are always in constant battle both morally andphysically Currently the Taliban is fighting for religious beliefs against the Jews and Christians Neither of the three believes in coexistence eachbelieves theyare the one and only


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