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by: Gabrielle Shields


Gabrielle Shields
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Mary Ryals

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Mary Ryals
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabrielle Shields on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEB 3213 at Florida State University taught by Mary Ryals in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/205629/geb-3213-florida-state-university in General Business at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Ch 1 Culture 1 Why were people scavenging for wood on the day before Noche de San Juan in Valencia Spain For bon res they were going to light the next evining which they would sit around and eventual jump over per tradition 2 Would we in Florida manage to have a celebration of Noche de San Juan Explain No there would be heavy security no res drunkenness and possibly violence 3 What three possibilities does Ryals give to explain Noche de San Juan The shing traditions and background the tradtion of prechristian luck and the presence of a past bloody civil war followed by a horrible dictatorship 4 Is it possible that the Spaniards may not all be aware of why they celebrate this event Explain es as it is cultural in nature That is it is something they grow up seeing everybody else around them do so it is normal and natural but they may not be able to explain it sort of like americans and holloween 5 What is Ryals39 de nition of culture Culture is the coherent learned shared view of a group of people about lifes concerns that ranks what s important furnishes attitudes about what things are appropriate and dictates behavior 6 How is Spain39s Noche de San Juan quotwholequot as a culture Use examples It Is considered a neccasarry and normal part of their lifestyle It isn t strange to them and in fact it would be strange not to practice it 7 How is Mexico39s Day of the Dead also quotwholequot It is a day the consider holy They remember their dead through a celebrationto them it s consistant and necessary within their culture 8 How is the US39s Halloween quotwholequot A day where people dress up in strange costumes asking for candy is a normal part of our culture most don t see it as weird or strange rather they just take it for granted 9 Is business free of cultural values Explain No people always bring their understandings about the way things work into business That understanding is culturally driven while in America we appreciate frankness and ef ceny Japanese might find thatdirect in to the point American approach as estrernely tude and offensive while we americans might nd the Japanese way to long and nonsensicle 10 in Ryals example of the mountain factory how did her fatherinlaw s company make mistakes in not understanding the culture The culture valued socialness above productivity Everytime someone would enter the factory they would all stop working and get up 11 Explain how Queuing up in England is a quotlearnedquot cultural value It is something that they learn at a young age by observing and seeing others around them practice this cultural norm l2 Explain how mosaics in Morocco are considered a component of shared cultural values Islam forbids the depiction of life in art Mosaics are their art form The way they express themselves They wouldn t think about doing it differently 13 How did the Jewish man in Morocco fend off a miniwar when an Arabic man offered to give the Jewish man cattle in trade for his daughter as a wife He understood the culture and that the mans offer was a complement rather then an insult And declined the mans offer in a culturally sensitive way 14 How is a wedding in the US like a dowry The family of the daughter pays for the wedding 15 What are the three basic Confucian beliefs 1 getting as much education as possible 2 being as happy as possible 3 working hard 16 Do the Vietnamese believe in blessedness Explain No they believe in luck in a similer way we in the US believe in blessedness 17 If a Spaniard says No to going out on a Saturday night because she must be with herhis parents is she definitely quotdissingquot you Explain this cultural behavior 0 being with family is very important in spain and thus a reasonable excuse not to go hang out with friends spanish friends wouldn t consider it offensive in the least 18 And speaking of behavior contrast Spaniard and US values about who lives with whom and how much space and independence is needed Spainyards need little space or independenceit is not as much a cultural must as it is for americans We americans value our independence and personal space very highly 19 Give an example from your experience in which showed you that your cultural values were different from another Use a personal example Ch 2 Diversity 1 Why will weather snow for example create different emotional reactions in different cultures To some snow is a hassle that cuases delays and heartache on a regular basis such as new yorkers To others ssuch as Floridians snow is a unique and wonderful experience 2 What different cultural examples does Ryals claim that the state of Georgia is adapting to The hispanoamerican mechanic shop as well as the blacks walking down the street to the gas station to pick up snacks Georgia is not a racist state that some still make it out to be 3 Give examples of Singapore s diverse population It has eastern and western style foods wastem cars hindu temples malay and thai messages and chinese silks 4 Do Spaniards dress casually or formally Explain No sometimes they dress fashionably which might be mistaken for casualness but they never dress casually 5 Ryals tells a story about college roommates one from a Muslim and one from a Christian country having a serious misunderstanding over a rug Explain how a rug can cause so much trouble It was a muslim prayer rug The roommate thought it was a regular rug that was meant to be stepped on and wipe one s shoes on This was highly offensive to the muslim 6 Do all cultures accept McDonalds as readily as the US does Give an example No Oaxaca mexico upholds it s 3000 year tradition of buying from the markets and believes tha mcdonalds will destroy that practice 7 How does India feel about bringing Walmart to their country Explain India supports local produce markets and fears that walmart will force them out of business Thus their rection to a retailer like walmart is one of rejection 8 What reasons does Ryals give for Ireland s acceptance of McDonalds They indentify with the name as one of their own Also mcdonalds serves a better quality product in Ireland because the irish demand it 9 When Ryals tells about her mother s high context culture and says her mother explained Your sister will be here in 20 minutes what did she mean besides how long it would take her sister to arrive That they had better be back before their sister arrives 10 When you encounter something cultural that s unfamiliar what four choices does Ryals say you have in terms of communication 1 assume it s nothing 2 assume it s a variation of what you know 3 see it as unfamiler and reject it or relate it to something you know 4 set aside your assumptions and embrace a new way of thinking speaking and behaving to revise your idea of what it means 11 Bad communications leads to what three things in business according to Vamer and Beamer Con ict inefficiency and loss 12 If you were setting up a large chain business in another country what things would you do regarding the culture of that country before you even purchased the land Research the culture and learn how our busness might be received negitivly and if there is anything we could change to make it acceptable 13 What do Caucasian and AfricanAmericans need to do to enrich and improve their US relationship How about Hispanics and AfricanAmericans Hispanics and Caucasians Other interactions with smaller minority cultures in the US Ch 3 Context l Iftwo very hungry people one from Japan and one from Norway in the same setting were asked Are you hungry why might you get two completely different answers Japan is a high context culture his response would be something like I could eat something while Norway is a low context culture and his response would be something like I m so hungry I could eat a horse 2 Up to what percentage of what we say is nonverbal according to some According to some up to 93 is nonverbal communication 3 What does highcontext culture mean Lowcontext culture High context cultures depend heavily upon their environment and surrondings for context Low context cultures don t thus they would state explicitly what they mean or how they feel 4 Where does the US sit on the context chart in the book Asia and the Middle East Southern Europe Northern Europe e US is somewhat of a low context culture Asia and the middle east are relatively high context cultures Southern Europe is a somewhat high context culture Northern Europe is low contest 5 If you hear not read quotThe crack was great in Ireland what does this mean What about in the US Ireland ambiance or atmosphere USillegal drug 6 Explain The Triangle of Intercultural Communication A speaker from one culture may say something and know what they mean While a listener from a different culture hearing the same thing may come away with a different meaning Due to an imperfect culture t 7 In the story about the US couple trying to get to the grocery store what is so dif cult for us to believe and why does context play so importantly in this misunderstanding that other cultures are equal to our own A Japanese person would have understood that by suggesting them go someplace else that the store was closed But in our lower context cultures we need to be told that 8 What is losing face To lose status or to become less respectable 9 Is the poem Ghazal for Undergraduate Writing Students high or lowcontext Explain High context Will the author states that she doesn t worry for her students the context of what she is saying shows that she cares deeply about her students Thus it is high context 10 If someone from Asia says winter it implies summer Explain It is what we would consider dramatic irony It s when we say one thing and mean another Thus winter also implies summer in Asian cultures 11 Do women or men tend to be higher context in the US Generally women tend to be higher context 12 Critical thinking question Given the chart on p 23 where would you put India on the context chart How about northern Africa How about subcontinental Africa Give good reasons for your answers India higher context because it is surrounded by high context nations North Africa mid to high context it has above it and to the east of it mid to high context cultures Sub continental Africa Ch 4 Languages 1 What is the difference in meaning between anos and anos in Spanish What s the difference in pronunciation What point is made with the story about age with these similar words One means years the other means anusthe rst is pronounced AHN YOS the other AHN OS Never assume your words will carry the meaning you want them to 2 How did Pepsi s Come Alive with Pepsi translate exactly into Taiwanese How did Coors Turn it Loose translate into Spanish Why did the US Nova not do well at all in Spanish speaking countries What point is made with these little mishaps of language in Marketing Pepsi s translated as pepsi brings your ancestors back from the graves coors translated as suffer from diarrhea The nova didn t sell well because it meant does not go in Spanish The point is to be careful when translating an add campaign directly from English into a foriehn language it doesn t usually carry the same meaning 3 Where was the sign The attening of underwear with pleasure is the job of the chambermaid as a translation into English found according to the book What point is made with this little mishap It was found in a Yugoslavian hotel The point is that not allthings in other langauges translate into English as what they originally meant in the native language 4 Who translated the French phrase agriculeurs vis a vis de la politique agricole commune meaning in English farmers in light of the common agricultural policy as farmers live to screw the common agricultural policy What point is made in the book here A machine translation system Never trust a machine it is more likely to mess up 5 I m all about it She s off the chain My bad are all forms of what constantly changing English Slang 6 Im sey em des afood is what language How does it translate into standard English Jamaican he says he s desperate for food 7 You know my F eezicks Professah you know do bolo head one Some akamat is a type of US English From where What does it mean Hawaii you know my physics professor the one with the shiny bald head He s the most intelligent man I ve ever known 8 What is Singlish and what languages does it combine What does this Singlish sentence mean That fella whole day only know how to chiak chua It is a variation of English it is a concoction of English chinese dialects and malay That guy all day he loafs on the job 9 Shuga Butt 1 was driving acrost 98 in front of the Cut n Kill Bar and there was Harley Ralph sittin on his motorcycle lookinfiner than a frog s hair split into a million pieces is spoken in a Florida county approximately how far from where you are sitting right nowitake a guess in miles 3040 miles 10 Cultural literacy means knowing more than how many languages More then one 11 What language does Ryals recommend that you learn Not exactly one answer for this one Spanish Unless you know the area you want to work in and in that case learn whichever one that is 12 If you know two languages but not the language where you re visiting andor doing business what is a possible way to proceed without seeming culturally illiterate Try to speak a few phrases you will seem smarter and the hosts will tend to like you better then if you barge in speaking English also if you speak Spanish as well tell them that while you don t speak their language tell them that you do speak Spanish you will gain some points in there eyes as they won t see you as the typical monolingual American 13 What is ethnocentric staffing in a company What is polycentric staffing Geocentric staffing If an international American company holds as it s policy that all subsideries regardless of location must speak English that is ethnocentric staffing Polycentric staffing is where managers and staff are hired from the host countries under the assumption that they better understand the region Geocentric staffing is where the best person gets hired for the job regardless of language spoken or the country they live in 14 What two things are essential for travel and working abroad in a country where English is not the spoken language A phrase book and a small dictionary 15 What s the difference between a translator and an interpreter A translator takes the words from one language and changes them into another language A litteral translation An interpreter understands the culture of both languages and provides an interpretation of the words that while not as litteral or exact best convey the meaning of what was said 16 How can you usually find a good interpreter Through the countries embassy or a language institution 17 What four rules come in handy when you are speaking Business English in another country Enunciate slowly no sports use cultural sensitivity and keep your sense of humor 18 If you re in a country where English is not spoken and you never try the language what could be the business result They may never learn to trust you Ch S Grammar and Syntax 1 How might you repair the medical records grammar disaster in Discharge status Alive but without permission Status alive but discharged without permission 2 How might you repair the medical records grammar disaster in The patient experienced sudden onset of severe shortness of breath with a picture of acute pulmonary oedema at home while having sex which gradually deteriorated in the emergency room The patient experienced sudden and sever shortness of breath and the symptoms of acute pulmonary oedema at while having sex The symptoms gradually deteriorated in the emergency room 3 How many meanings does the word high have How many does expensive have Why did Ryals bring this up High has twenty meanings expensive has one stick with words that have as few meanings as possible to avoid confusion 4 Chose the better verb for business writing 000k breakfast or make breakfast Why is your choice better Use cook it is an action speci c verb 5 What s wrong with using each and every in business writing ie bases are loaded red t pe It is best to avoid redundancies sports terms or words that confuse with mental pictures 6 What s wrong with using slang and idiom in business writing It is culture speci c And even then many people in the culture may not understand 7 We don t often apologize in writing in US business letters If your US business had made an error with a Japanese company would you apologize Why or why not Yes it is a common component in Japanese business writing and would be considered rude if you had not 8 What components do simple sentences use in structure Give an example of a simple sentence not the one used in the book The simple sentence has to have a subject and a verb It can have other componets as well but those two are the minimum ie dog barks 9 Give an example of an acronym an emoticon and shorthand What rule do you use in business writing regarding these communication devises ASAP XD Uyou 10 What s SOBFAN besides an acronym What does each letter stand for How does SOBFAN relate to commas So Or But For And Nor If one see s one of these words connecting two complete sentances use a comma 11 Write a sentence using each of the SOBFAN words to show you know how to use commas with these words 12 When is a semicolon useful What s my advice on using them for business writing Replaces a period between two sentances however you only want to connect two sentances that go together meaningfully 13 What are dashes used for Give an example They are used for emphasis as someone from the US going to any country other then your own the first rule is simple keep your voice down 14 What two uses do colons have Give an example of the first type Give one example of type 2 in a complete sentence Give one example of a type two in a complete the sentence through the bullets sentence Completeing a list Or a sentence being followed by a bulleted list Type 1 I need you to go to the store and pick up some stuff eggs milk rice and sh Type 2 I believe we should switch over to the new routing system for several Reasons 0 It has greater wireless speed 0 It is newer technology 0 It will be easier for IT to run diognostics o It has greater security measures 0 15 What does the acronym KISS stand for Keep It Short and Simple 16 When a sentence gets past EIGHT words what happens to readers If You write a sentence 12 words long what percentage of readers have you lost When a sentence gets to 20 words what percentage of readers do you still have If you write a 28word sentence how many people are still with the writer Past 8 words you begin to lose readers At 12 words you lose 10 of readers At 20 words you lose 20 And at 28 words you have lost 50 17 Give an example of a sentence with good clarity I behaved to the upmost of my ability 18 Rewrite this sentence in active voice with a fresh verb There are plenty of good bands to hear in Tallahassee The many bands in Tallahassee are awesome 19 True or false In US sentence structure patterns the subject and verb stand close together in most strong sentences true 20 Under what circumstances might you want to write passively constructed sentences if someone wants a refund but can t be given one since they have voided the warrenty In this case you would use passive voice To avoid placing blame on the customer or the company 21 Select ve verbs from the list on p 5253 that you like Write a strong interesting they can be funny sentence for each of these verbs Achieved devised formulated initiated directed 22 What is a misplaced modi er Give an example in a sentence and rewrite it correctly It is a word or phrase that describes something else If it describes the wrong thing then it is dangling or misplaced The patient lives at home with his mother father and pet turtle who is presently enrolled in day care three times a week the patient who lives with his mother father and pet turtle is presently enrolled in daycare three times a week 23 What three components should a business paragraph contain Topic sentence explanation and examples meaning Ch 6 Written Communication 1 Is business correspondence more or less formal in countries other than the US Usually it is more forma 2 What is the you approach to writing Which audiences like a you audience S audiences 3 What cultures like a we or our approach to writing business letters Collectivist cultures were using the you approach would make them feel singled out or lose face Audiences such as latin American or Asian cultures 4 Most cultures begin their business letters with a buffer What is that A buffer is a first paragraph that tells or hints at what the letter is about and usually uses pleasantries but communicates yes or no 5 Why do we not use buffers in the US When do we use buffers We tend to not want to wast peoples time and get straight to the point other cultures though may see this as rude We use buffers when we are writing to friends or business in other countries 6 What do you use as an appropriate title if you don t know the title of a person in a business letter Use company manners 7 True or False Formatting of dates in business correspondence is the same in all countries False 8 True or False Single spacing is used in all cultures in business letters False 9 True or False Salutations and closings use more formality in other cultures than the US True 10 In what case for written forms of address and salutations in the chart do you use Excellency to begin a business letter Ambassador 11 A Japanese letter traditionally uses a format that begins with a salutation What follows that It is followed by a poetic comment about the season or the weather 12 Why do the Chinese writers of business letters often use a US format Explain why the Chinese will sometimes switch their names for a US reading audience They do it in defference to the US culture 13 In what seven ways might a British business letter differ from a US letter They are very careful about titles No period after Mr or Mrs or the like It is written in a rough outline form They also tend toward humor and sarcasm 14 What makes a Norwegian business letter sometimes humorous to a US audience They tend to excel in sarcastic humor And tend to be very direct 15 What place does what we think of as exaggeration play in Arabic business letters and why They pride themselves in their use of language It is a part of their culture 16 What percentage of English comes from French out 0 17 What four words does Ryals use to describe French culture in business language that we sometimes mistake for snobbery Courteous polite logical and unemotional 18 What else is different about a French business correspondence The addresses are reversed from the US way of corespondance 19 In what way do some countries date their correspondences differently Norway uses periods instead of dashes The british put the day first followed by month and year 20 What is wrong with this statement The Spanish in Spain have a warmth so deep that anything goes in Spain The anything goes part is wrongthey are still close to the European countries in regards to formalities But you can still feel warmth through the formality 21 How is the Spanish language inherently poetic It contains only 5 essential vowels so rhyming is inherent 22 How is a Latin American business letter similar to an Arabic business letter Both love their langauges and both love to express themselves through the use of their language 23 After reading business letters from other cultures how does the example of ours show our cultural values We favor efficiency and directness It may seem rude to other cultures but in being direct we show respect for the readers and his time 24 What do we know about the accessibility of FAX computers telephones and other technology in many other countries Not always usable people in many developing countries still lack access to faxes and email accounts and such 25 Assume you re a manager of a company who trains US workers new how to communicate in other countries What basic are you going to emphasize to them Keep it short and simple lengthen it a little if need be to show care courtesy and knowledge of the other culture Remember not to assume that the culture has the same access or understanding of technology that we do Ch 7 Non verbalBody Language 1 When Ryan in a London Pub ordered two beers with two ngers up palm side in and shouted quotTwo Bulmersquot why did the bartender snub him Thought he was ipping him the bird 2 How much of what you quotsayquot is NOT through language alone At least 65 3 What part of the body carries the highest nonverbal sending capacity When giving a speech what should we do with our faces in the US The face make eye contact smile relaxe the facial muscles 4 What two places on your face do people look to for what you re saying in the US Knowing that how do you use these two places to communicate Eyes and mouth make eye contact and smile 5 What are regulators or autistic behaviors Junk motions Such as cracking knuckles or twirling hair 6 Suggest some good ways to use your arms and hands to communicate Use them to illustrate points and back up your words 7 What is the Honor Zone Top of the shoulders down to the waist hip area 8 When you stand for a speech what do you want to remember about feet placement Feet shoulder width apart and keep your weight balanced on your feet 9 Ifyou re a swayer what can you do to bene t communication Walk with a purpose instead of swaying 10 What if you make a mistake while speaking Keep going most audiences will respect you if you stumble and recover 11 Why should you take deep breaths before beginning a speech It oxygenates your blood and relaxes you some 12 What should you drink and not drink before presenting Drink water not booze 13 How can you relax your voice before speaking Visualize releasing your throat muscles lips and tongue 14 What39s a good rule for dressing for a speech Dress a little better then you think you should Or a little better then you think everybody in the room will 15 What happens if you do your speech on time or just a little ahead What if you run suspiciously short What if you run long How can you keep to your time limit If you run on time or slightly ahead people will appreciate you If you run very short you will come across as ill prepared Ifyou run long people will resent you Generally every 125 words will take 1 minute 16 How many words do we speak in one minute on average in the US when doing a presentation 125 17 What technology does Ryals recommend rst for practicing a speech Find a recorder and record yourself rehersing It needs to look natural 18 Why does Dr Ryals suggest banning paper when giving speeches What can one card do Because you never want to read of a piece of paper if you don t have one to read off of you can t do it A card that has simple sentances the show your progression of thought will help you stay on track if you happen to forget where you were heading 19 What does know your audience mean Prepare your speeches and taylor your visual aids for the audience you are speaking to don t use childrens building block in a speech to university proffesors with masters and doctoral degrees 20 Should you define terms when giving a speech Explain De ne technical terms or any terms that you are unsure if the audiences knows what they mean 21 What is meant by use detail in a speech Use stories and examples People relate to them more then they do technical terms 22 What is a transition List a few It is what you say when you move from one thought or idea to another now that we ve talked about how to use good detail in your speechesm you want to make sure you have coherence What s that Simply giving the audience glue to pull them from one point to the next Let me give you an example 23 How can you get a focus when you re writing a speech lVIake sure the topic isn t too broad 24 What is a Zing List the four things that can create a Zing Open with a Zing grab the audiences attention A quick story a startling statement a statistic or a fact 25 Tell the Euthanasia helps no one story Someone very passionate about the wrong that is euthanasia was also a very bad speller When he went to give his speech the heading read YOUTHIN ASIA Spell check didn t catch it thus a read through is always very important 26 What s important about visibility for your audience Make sure everone can see your visuals Make sure you don t put up you visual aids before you talk about it or people will end up reading them and not listening 27 What happens when you re giving a speech and you speak to a screen What can you do to avoid this By speaking to a screen you rob an audience of the most important part of communication eye contact Continuously make eye contact with the audience 28 In collectivist cultures and highcontext cultures greeting rituals may depend on social status Give an example of t is n Oaxaca mexico younger people will take the hands of older and thus more respected people and slightly bow while shaking or kissing the hand In china it is customary to individualy greet or say goodbye to each person in the room 29 How does the exchange of cards in Japanese culture differ from US card exchange In japan it is customary to take time to read the card before putting it away Immediantly putting the business card away signifies disrespect 30 How does the way you dress change the way people will treat you In our culture wearing more formal clothes instinctivlly gives one a higher status in peoples eyes Thus they will treat you differently accordingly 31 Is a smile a smile everywhere Explain No it cultures like Europe or japan a smile and informal buddy buddy language is reserved only for family and the close time proven friends Cultures like Europe think we americans are smiling fools 32 How does photographer Roberta Christie who lives in Oaxaca and has traveled the world and lived in many cultures suggest we avoid offending and being offended by body language like smiles or nonsmiles Cool down the smile and avoid jumping into buddy buddy language 33 True or False Own race identification tend to be more accurate True 34 How do issues of space and touching show up on elevators in US and Spain cultures In the US we need more personal space thus even a crowded elevator still has some room In spain a crowded elevator is lled to capacity and them some There is no room left Personal space is not a big deal for them Ch 8 Going Overseas In what ways were the Americans disrespectful to the French on p 88 He didn t even try to speak in French Then when he didn t get a quick yes or no reply he repeated what he said in a shout Then when the waiter still didn t give him a yes or no answer he left in the middle of the waiters explanation N How can individuals effect country to country relationships Stereotypes can be enforced due to rude behavior or broken if one try s to understand and play by the foreign cultures rulebook LN List 6 of the 8 ways you think you39d find most useful in planning ahead for international travel Check the passport take emergency numbers prepare the budget get cash in major cities have multiple ways of accessing funds tell the bank and credit card companies that you are leaving 4 In two sentences tell someone how to pack for an overseas trip Don t pack expensive or highly sentimental items or electrical appliances Pack a battery alarm clock and any extras you need that should all t into one small and one medium suitcase 5 What and why drink before ying Drink water juice or soft drinks but avoid alcohol To make sure you stay hydrated 6 How should you handle sleep when you travel over many time zones Try to sleep on the plane Once you arrive don t take a nap what until it s time to sleep according to the time zone and not your internal clock 7 What are two important things to remember immediately when you arrive at the other country That you re a guest and be safe keep your stuff near you so it can t be stolen 8 Name 6 of the 9 things you can do once you have been in the new country for a while Get to know people from the host country Learn fty words to start then use those and not English Assume the best of people Be mindful Show patience Keep your voice down think and observe 9 Describe the euphoric stage of culture shock Everything seems fascinating beautiful and new 10 List symptoms of the disillusionment phase of culture shock Homesickness withdrawal a need for extra sleep compulsive eating or drinking irritability exaggerated cleanliness family tension and con ict Stereotyping hostility toward host nationals weeping physical ailments whether real or psychosomatic What four simple ways of living show you that you39ve made it to the adjustment phase of culture shock Food likes and dislikes Parts of town that feel right or wrong Shops you want to return to Others you wouldn t go back to Transacting in the foreign currency When you move more easily into a culture what phase of culture shock are you in The integration phase Name five ways to manage culture shock Bring personal belongings such as photos books music etc Celebrate US holidays Urge family to emailsnail mail you Seek out other US travelers Talk to natives of the host country who understand what your going through Know that it passes laugh What39s reverse culture shock Essentially it is culture shock experienced in returning to one s own culture You wish that parts of your culture where similer in aspect to the foreign culture that you just left Ch 9 Asking the Right Questions N W 5 Now that you39ve read the whole book write what my former student on p 100 did in a Mexican bar that he probably shouldn t have He and his friend got kicked out of a bar because they didn t understand the culture and came in with their direct and to the point American ways and it offended the bar keeper What is projected cognitive similarity The belief that deep down inside everybody is the same it s not true Give examples of stereotyping in the story about Vatican Square A French women made a negative stereotype about all Americans based on a single bad experience with an American Likewise the American made a negative stereotype based on the assumption that the French lady barged right through What39s the difference between a prototype and a stereotype A prototype is exible We view first with our stereotyped information but as we gather new firsthand data we revise our assumptions and expectations to conform more closely with reality Stereotypes are more rigid pre judged behavioral patterns


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