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by: Mr. Nestor Miller


Mr. Nestor Miller
GPA 3.52

J. Rayburn

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About this Document

J. Rayburn
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Nestor Miller on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUR 3000 at Florida State University taught by J. Rayburn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/205630/pur-3000-florida-state-university in Public Relations at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
PUR Study Guide Test 3 Good Pr is Built on o Fundamentally sound research and good writing 0 Journalist and PR people use the same model when writing you send info to the media and hope the media will print 0 Write by using inverted pyramid The Inverted Pyramid o Begins with the summary lead 0 Who what where when why how Who what when where will always be included Most important part of the lead usually goes into the first sentence In most instances 95 of the time the what is the most important thing You want to do this because sometimes the reader just reads the first sentence People can generally miss the first few sentences happens in broadcast and 00000 television 0 Adds facts in a descending order of importance 0 Helps because newspapers can cut off bottom if they need to will still have important stuff 0 Done so that the story may be edited to fit available space by cutting off the end of the story nothing of signi cance lost Print vs Electronic Media Leads 0 Hard lead print 0 Simple sentences 0 Active voice 0 2225 words maximum 0 Soft lead electronic 0 Simple sentences 0 Active voice 0 1820 words maximum 0 First 23 words are throwaway Format for News Release 0 Spacing typed double standard page 0 Paper as close to white as possible 0 Identification who is it You want to include the organization and someone the reporter can contact 0 Release date also called embargo date newspaper to run the news release they can run when they want but they usually honor your date 0 Margins use stande margins 0 Length want to try and stick to one page 0 Paragraphs short one to two sentences 0 Slug line more or 0 Suggested headlines gets reporters attention usually changed by the copy people 0 Timing when you will send it to the media this person this time on this day you need to know the deadlines of newspapers and broadcast 0 Using the intemet need to get it to the reporter in the way they want it o Proofreading need good proofreading it is a MUST need to write at the level of your audience helps you write better and adds to your credibility EX you can t write at a PhD level for people in middle school Media Kits A media kit sends supplemental info to reporter to help them write you look for pieces of info to help put the story together These are things that might be included in a media kit does not have to be all 0 Bio straight amp narrative more like a story 0 Backgrounder background info stuff behind the story 0 Feature feature stories additional info on the sides 0 Case History study of start to finish of a problem or a product 0 Byliner written by one person but signed by another usually signed by an important person EX CEO government 0 Memorandum usually internal but can be external 0 Pitch letter sales letter written to appropriate editor 0 Roundup article don t talk about particular company EX you don t talk about Ford you talk about American cars in general also Got Milk 0 Fact sheet bullet points tons of info gives the reporter background 0 Position paper taking a position on something for or against something 0 Standby statement prepare people for bad news 0 Speech News Conference 0 Held where it best suits the media unless the location itself is what is newsworthy 0 Be mindful of media deadlines 0 Hold for major events only o lfyou can get the information to the media in a quicker simpler way eg a news release do it 0 Need to hold one for a good reason if it s not a good reason it can cause the media to not want to cover your PR s media 0 Horse example 0 Should know when deadlines are need to be a major event Exclusives o In general don t use exclusives 0 An exception news of limited interest might get coverage if given as an exclusive 0 Visual exclusives would go on television those with a lot of information would go in newspapers 0 If you do 0 Rotate the exclusives with the mediaidon t play favorites you don t always want to give exclusives to the same reporter reporter s credibility can come into question Taking off the Record 0 In general don t do it o Attribution if someone makes a statement you need to attribute it to someone 0 You don t want the statement to end up being from a maid or something 0 Nothing to gain from this if one person finds out another can also 0 If you must 0 Establish the rules make sure every question is off the record 0 Offer the reporter something in return Managing Crises o The best thing to happen in a crisis is that it won t happen at all 0 There are two types of organizations those who have had a crisis and those that will have a crisis 0 Crisis any situation that can affect the wellbeing of an organization 0 Crisis vs Emergency 0 A crisis is different from an emergency 0 Being sick would be an emergency but a firm alarm going off would be a crisis 0 A crisis affects the well being Timeframe of a Crisis 0 Shock you just don t believe it can t see how it could have happened Ex 911 Anger takes place about 15 minutes after shock Siege mentality you build a web around you and you stay in there Ex After 911 many people decided to stay in their homes because they felt it was safter Adjustment Adaptation Types of Crises Fire Explosions Product tampering 0 Tylenol is a good example of a company doing the right thing they pulled all their products around the world and took measures to stop tampering O Gerber would be a bad example because after glass was found in their food they did nothing Sales fell so much they had to sell their company Law suits crisis waiting to happen Environmental damage 0 Exxon oil spill is a good example ofthis It took place in 1989 and we are still talking about it today It took the CEO two weeks to y to Alaska Product defects products don t always work Terrorism is a different kind of crisis came about after the 911 attacks Ramifications of a Crisis Stock devaluation Decrease in consumer confidence Loss of the public trust Types of Crises Immediate Emerging Sustained Communicating Through a Crises Do not speculate on the cause of the crisis Make your point and repeat it often Establish yourself as the most authoritative source Stay on the record Characteristics of Todav s Reporters Young Inexperienced Not well trained in journalism Don t understand organizations and government and how they work Skeptical of any public relations effort Talking to the Media Speak first and often Don t speculate Stay on the record Stay with the facts Be open and concerned not defensive Make your point and repeat it often Don t wage war with the media Establish yourself as the authority Stay calm and be truthful Never lie


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