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by: Mr. Nestor Miller


Mr. Nestor Miller
GPA 3.52

William Gilmer

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About this Document

William Gilmer
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Nestor Miller on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUR 3000 at Florida State University taught by William Gilmer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/205632/pur-3000-florida-state-university in Public Relations at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Ch18 Politics amp Government Google hired lobbyist PlO public informational officer Lobbyist definition Titles of PR s Government Relations Specialists a Public affairs specialists separate departments of government relations who work for companies not for the government Gather information Disseminate management s views iquot Cooperate with government on projects of mutual benefit iv Motivate employees to participate in the political process lt Monitor activities of legislative bodies and regulatory agencies to keep track of issues up for debatevote 2 Influence peddler a People who have served in congress or in state legislature 3 Written tactics a Letters b Oped pieces opposite the editorial page telling your opinion on a certain topic used to influence legislators c Position papers d Newsletters e Planningdeveloping advocacy advertising 4 Most active presence trade associations a 67 monitored gov activity b 58 visited DC or have an office there c 45 had gov offices in Washington 5 Why these specialists a Washing has many interests b BusinessWashington need professional advice on getting their messages heard c PR specialists in this area help journalists politicians and clients 6 Lobbying also needed a Lobbyist person who tries to influence the voting on legislation or decisions of government administrators tries to defeat passage or amend proposed legislation 7 Most influential lobbying groups American association of retired persons American lsrael public affairs committee National federation of independent business National rifle association meUm AFLCIO blue collar labor organization 9 to x x x U 16 17 18 19 Canceling Out a b Influence peddling Competing groups often cancel each out Leaves legislators to decide pros amp cons a Former legislators and gov officials who capitalize on their former connections and charge large fees to influence legislation Controlling Lobbying a Requires registering with Congress and disclosing paid clients and issues lobbied Grassroots Lobbying a Tools include advocacy advertising tollfree phone lines bulk faxing web sites computerized direct mail aimed at generating calls an letters b Stealth Lobbying i Doing grass roots lobbying under a false front ii Ex tobacco Election Campaigns a Candidates retain pro s to organize fundraising activities Government communications a Governmental offices have always engaged llpublic relations officials 527s a Independent partisan organizations b Retain nonprofit status while running issue campaigns c No be directly connected to national parties or candidates Titles a 1913 Fillet Amendment prevented paying quotpublicityquot experts Duties a Communicate works of government agency b Explain helping citizens understand and benefit c Provide feedback d Advise how to communicate an issue e Serve as ombudsman f Educate about how media works President s quotPRquot staff a Director of Communications highest ranking PR official under the president Bush had Karen Hughes b Press Secretary primary spokesperson for the administration 1step below President s Cabinet Presently Dana Perino best known Tony Snow Press Secretary s Duties a Collect info on what is happening inside the administration and around the world b lnfo includes summary of President s daily schedule c Fields questions from White House Press Corps in briefings press conferences amp d Press gaggles on the record briefing wo video recording through transcripts Presidential Press Secretary a Dee Dee Myers first female Clinton b Since 1950 average tenure is 266 c


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