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by: Mr. Nestor Miller


Mr. Nestor Miller
GPA 3.52

William Gilmer

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About this Document

William Gilmer
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Nestor Miller on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUR 3000 at Florida State University taught by William Gilmer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/205632/pur-3000-florida-state-university in Public Relations at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Ch20 Tips for nonprofits 0 Have a key volunteer and staff person trained as a media spokepersons o Createupdate a crisis communication plan 0 Pitch story ideas about your case PR is needed in all nonprofits o All are different but have the same things in common Crucial characteristic of nonprofits o What makes them unique 0 Tax exempt status that is critical for survival 0 Why is government willing to make them tax exempt 0 Because they enhance the wellbeing of their members and society Nonprofits need the following things to succeed 0 They need communication campaigns I Special events web sites brochures radiotv appearances that stimulate public interest 0 They need volunteers I They need trained staffs 0 To handle recruit volunteers and to keep them enthusiastic 0 They need fundraising I They need the plans and means to reach realistic fundraising goals 0 Uniqueness differentiate nonprofits 0 Categories I Membership organizations 0 People with a common interest in business or social life 0 They use a common bond to improve community endorse legislation support causes Types of membership organizations trade associations labor unions professional associations chambers Trade associations 0 They monitor legislations lobby and communicate to membership 0 Communicate latebreaking developments to members 0 Contact governmental officials on a regular basis Labor Unions 0 Serious membership losses since the 1970s 0 Today less than 15 of all workers 0 Bargaining governed by NLRB 0 Changing I Formerly manufacturing was leading field I Today national education association is the largest with 28 million members 0 Unions rely on PR to counter their negative stereotypes o ProfessionalAssociations 0 Skilled professions or crafts Yet similar to labor unions in seeking political clout o Often seek higher wages better working conditions and public acceptance 0 Some just set standards to professional performance AMA 0 Activities I Attorneys recently allowed to hire PR resort to yellow pages and o Entertain clients 0 Publish brochures 0 Hold seminars 0 Publish newsletters Chambers of Commerce 0 Defined a business people working to improve commercial climates o Often the PR arm of a city 0 Activities I Lobby I Produce publications maps for new population or tourists I Conduct polls I Compile statistics about employment schools etc I Advocacy groups Environment is often major agenda item Promote recycling elimination of toxic wastes pure waterair preserving natural resources Try to influence collective conscience 0 Environmental group Greenpeace Environmental Groups biggest group of advocacy groups 0 Greenpeace in 30 countries confrontational character 0 On decline in favor of National Wildlife Association Sierra Club Activities 0 Lobbying national state amp local 0 Litigation file suits and seek court rulings 0 Mass demonstrations demonstrate support 0 Boycotts llhit them in the pocketbook o Reconciliation cooperate with corporations Tools 0 Fundraising o Publicity Social Issue Groups 0 MADD 0 National Organization for Women 0 PETA 0 American Family Association I Social organizations lncludes social service health cultural philanthropic and religious groups Require active creative PR Good guys of society Highminded compassionate 0 Social service agencies meet the social needs of individuals families 0 Health agencies target specific illnesses and use education and research to combat 0 Hospitals I Conduct health programs and other related social services besides caring for ill I May be taxsupported nonprofits or profitmaking but heavy into fu ndralslng 0 Religious Organizations I Distribute charity I Provide moral and ethical leadership 0 Welfare tax supported 0 Cultural I Develop interest and participation 0 Foundations I Include 9 of charitable giving 0 PR goals for volunteer agencies 0 Develop public awareness o Induce use of services 0 Fundraislng tactics 0 Seek corporate and foundation donations 0 Launch capital campaigns 0 Direct mail 0 Special events 0 Telephone solicitations 800 amp 900 numbers 0 Commercial enterprises Volunteers needed in all nonprofits o Retirees excellent source of volunteers 0 Motivations 0 Sense of making a contribution pride 0 Social contacts 0 Social prestige Fundraising is found in all nonprofits 0 Must answers question where will we get the money Motivations for giving 0 Generosity a desire to share 0 Ego satisfaction to get their names on things 0 Peer pressure cant say no to peers 0 Love of what they are giving to


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