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by: Brennon Lang


Brennon Lang
GPA 3.82

Jessica Alquist

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About this Document

Jessica Alquist
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brennon Lang on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PPE 3003 at Florida State University taught by Jessica Alquist in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/205633/ppe-3003-florida-state-university in Human Development at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Notes 62810 Learning Objectives 1 Know the definition of personality discussed in class 2 What is the difference between personality traits and mechanisms 3 What are three purposes of personality traits 4 What are the three of quot 39 39 First 0 Think of one of your close friends 0 Write down 5 ways that you are different from this friend think broadly 0 We dress differently we enjoy different activities we are attracted to different types of people we react differently to similar situations I am more considerate in regard to other people s needs musical preferences De ning personality traits o A unique set of consistent emotional cognitive and behavioral dispositions or tendencies 3 Levels of Personality Analysis 0 Human nature 0 Individual and Group Differences 0 Individual Uniqueness Human Nature 0 How we are lllike all others 0 Personality traits amp mechanisms possessed by nearly everyone Individual and Group Differences 0 Individual differences ways in which each person is likedifferent from some other people 0 Example being highlow in sensation seeking I Sensation seeking desire to try new and excitingrisky things 0 Group differences how people differ across groups 0 Example cultural differences age differences Individual Uniqueness o How we are lllike no others 0 Everyone has unique qualities not shared by any other person Trait The WHAT of personality 0 Extroversion sensation seeking etc How people are different from each other They are useful because they can 0 Describe people 0 Explain behavior 0 Predict future behavior Mechanisms o The HOW of personality 0 How does personality affect behavior 0 Three ingredients 0 Inputs I Becoming more sensitive to certain information 0 Ex optimists notice more positive events while pessimists notice more negative events 0 Decision rules deals with options you consider I More likely to think about specific options 0 Ex confrontation with roommate if you re an aggressive person you may not even consider talking it out o Outputs behaviors I Guide their behavior to certain kinds of actions 0 Ex extroverts may be more likely to go to a party What influences behavior 0 Personality who you are 69 Environment what happens to you 0 Behavior Notes 63010 Chapter 2 Part 1 0 What s the first thing you learn in most high school science classes particularly in lab classes 0 Measurement I What is you had someone in the lab and you wanted to measure how vampiric they were 0 Ask about blood enjoyment ask when they sleep night or day prefer tan or pale complexion have them stand in front ofa mirror garlic prick your finger and see how they react do you ever see them during


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