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by: Alysson Goyette


Alysson Goyette
GPA 3.6

Nari Berarducci

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About this Document

Nari Berarducci
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alysson Goyette on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FAD 2230 at Florida State University taught by Nari Berarducci in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/205634/fad-2230-florida-state-university in Economic Sciences at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Chapter 6 Choosing a Partner Back to the old drawing board How do you de ne Dating Getting to know each other Hooking up Hanging out Just talking The book says Hanging out refers to going out in groups where the agenda is to meet others and have fun Its also referred to as getting together H00king up is de ned as a onetime sexual encounter which no expectation of seeing each other again How does dating change Middle school High school College Graduate schoolprofessional 30 s40 s50 s Aging population Internet dating Websites match eHarmony Myspace and Facebook Chat rooms Other pro le matching services Other ways of dating Speed dating meet multiple persons in one night who are interested in dating as well Video chatting International data aka mail order brides Dating Funnel o What messages or societal factors are in uencing your choice of mate Where do you start 0 With your m 0 These are a group of individuals who by virtue of background or birth are considered most likely to make compatible marriage partners 0 We all have a different subset of the pool depending upon out standards ML I 1y these are societal and parental messages that in uence how we weed out potential dating candidates Race Religion Physical attractiveness Socioeconomic status Age Marital status Education Intelligence Job prestige Power Personality Values 0 Filters may change through out your life 0 Homogamy like attracts like people tend to marry people of a similar race age education religion and social class Social pressure feeling at home striking a fair exchange Endogamy marry in owns own group such as religious groups Exogamy opposite of exogamy marry outside of one s group there are laws against parents and children brothers and sisters grandparents and grandchildren and children and their aunts and uncles marrying each other as well as a person of the same gender 0 Heterogamy complete opposite of homogamy marrying someone dissimilar in race age education religion and social class opposites attract poor vs rich and intelligent vs nonintelligent o Hypogamy marrying down in social class 0 Hypergamy marrying up in social class Complementary needs dependent vs assertive dominance vs submissive shy vs strong t together like a key in the lock Propinquity geographic closeness Time and place it just happened Might not marry another person if waited If I hadn t gone to the 7 I wouldn t have met this person Life crisis and person are going through a crisis at the same time and you cling to each other for support Some times its because of hormones The Marriage Gradient o This is the tendency for women to marry up with regard to age education occupation and earning potential Chapter 7 Our sexual selves Social aspects of sex Men 0 What does society say about men and sex How do we get it When they can we have it How much of it can they have What about these same questions for women quotmm 11 w 1 1 Sexual Orientation Heteros exuals Homosexuals Bisexuals Some psychologists and biologists believe that we are inherently bisexual These categories are social inventions Environmental origin Genetic origin Research on this has limitations Research and theory on sexual development is rudimentary Love and Marriage Marriage What is marriage 1 A close intimate union a relationship between husband and wife As a law contract upon a voluntary private agreement by a man and a woman to become husband and wife A legal contract Considered the basis of the family unit Vital to the preservation of morals and civilization Changes Over Time Marriage norms Changing over time Women and men are marrying later in life Choosing to wait longer to have children Family Terms Kinship Social organization of the entire family including both consanguineous and conjugal relatives Consanguineous blood related Conjugal related through marriage Family of Orientation family you re born into Family of Procreation formed by marrying and having children Immediate F amily Parents and children Focus of me cultures Extended Family Parents children and other relatives Focus of we cultures Dominant Dyad The centrally important twosome that symbolizes the culture s basic values and kinship obligations Husband and Wife in the ME CULTURES Parent and Child in the WE CULTURES Patterns of Marriage Parallel relationships pattern Assume traditional roles little intimacy live parallel lives Interactional pattern Partners expect companionship and intimacy strong communication Five Marriage Relationships Con ict Habituated Constant battle over almost everything Devitalized Married several years PassiveCongenial Partners never expected emotional closeness Vital Being together and sharing the major joys in life Total Like vital but almost everything is done happily together The Marriage Premise Marriage Premise The couple s acceptance of responsibility to work hard to ensure the relationship continues Base on two expectations Expectations of Permanence Expectations of Primariness Often includes sexual exclusivity In delity why are people unfaithful Is infidelity always wrong What about open marriages 1 I m wl 39wv 3 u D Law quot


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