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by: Mr. Mikel Tillman


Mr. Mikel Tillman
GPA 3.62

Monica Reed

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About this Document

Monica Reed
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Mikel Tillman on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1300 at Florida State University taught by Monica Reed in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/205642/rel-1300-florida-state-university in Religion at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Shintoism 0 Means the way of the gods 0 Refers to indigenous traditions of Japan 0 Origins probably in nature worship 0 No historical founder or scripture 0 Kami the gods and spirits believed present in nature 0 Communicated with through priestly rituals and mediums Shintoism cont d 0 Emphasis on purity not sin 0 Newer concept of purifying one s heart 0 Acts not thoughts or intentions are important 0 Focus on family ancestors and the community 0 Keep in mind that in Japan it is common to participate in a number of religions 0 Shinto for birth rituals Confucianism for morality Buddhism for funerals 0 After WWII major increase in new religions 0 Emphasis on purity remains unique k yth 0 Creations myths date back to early 8th century 0 Heaven and earth are one mass vegetation develops this gives rise to the first humans 0 Woman speaks rst which is taboo she births a leech 0 Second meeting man speaks and woman gives birth to the universe 0 She dies and he goes to look for her becomes impure 0 Cleans himself in the sea and creates important gods 0 Left eye sun goddess Amaterasu right eye moon god Tsukiyomi nose god of summer wind Susano o 0 Emphasis on purity Dual Shinto 0 Very popular 0 Syncretism between Shintoism and Buddhism 0 Shinto gods worshipped along with buddhas and bodhisattvas 0 Kami understood to be buddhas C Shinto seen as Japanese manifestation of Buddhist truths 0 Led to development of Shinto doctrine 0 Attempted invasion by the Mongols seen as evidence of Shinto power Revivalism 0 Yoshida Kanetomo 1435 1511 rejected Buddhist in uence very early example 0 More common in 17th century 0 Many rejected Chinese in uence and began looking to Japanese poetry and mythology 0 Kokugaku National Learning Movement began 0 1868 State Shinto became official cult of Japan 0 Centered on veneration of the emperor as descendent of the sun goddess 0 Emperor performed rituals and ppl s devotions honored him 0 Abolished after WWII Contemporary Shinto 0 3 main streams today 0 Shrine Shinto 0 Oldest and most popular Devotion puri cation offering prayer and feast Involved worship at home kamidana 0 Folk Shinto 0 Broadly defined 0 Often includes divination spirit possession and Shamanic healing puri cation rituals 0 In uenced by Buddhism but strong emphasis on purity Contemporary Shinto cont d 0 Sect Shinto 0 Refers to 13 groups that developed since mid 1800s Don t have much in common with each other nor with each other Called Sect Shinto in order to allow themselves to continue to practice when Shinto became tradition 0 Little in common with traditional Shinto 0 Do not use shrines meet at congregational halls


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