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Chapter 7- Mass Waste

by: Elizabeth Rubio

Chapter 7- Mass Waste GEOL 110

Elizabeth Rubio
Long Beach State
Natural Disasters
Ewa Burchard

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About this Document

Hope these help!
Natural Disasters
Ewa Burchard
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Rubio on Wednesday March 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 110 at California State University Long Beach taught by Ewa Burchard in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Natural Disasters in Geology at California State University Long Beach.


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Date Created: 03/09/16
GEOL 110 Chapter 7 Mass wasting La Conchita Southern CA Landslide Disaster 400000ton landslide on January 10 2005 Same location as a 1995 landslide Destroyed about 30 homes and 10 lost their lives Study done after 1995 landslide Showed landslides were common here Complete stabilization would be about 150 million Went with less costly strategies 2005 landslide showed approach was ineffectual Still a highly desirable place to live Property values dropped after each landslide However rebounded in a few years Intro To Landslides Mass wasting Comprehensive term for any type of downslope movement of earth materials Rapid downslope movement of rock or soil as a coherent mass nclude earth flows rock falls and avalanches Described collectively as landslides Slope Processes Slopes are most common landforms on Earth Al slopes are constantly evolving and materials are always in motion downslope Slopes are composed of different segments High cliff or free face Taus slope Convex slope Straight slope Concave slope Types of Landslides Falling Free fall of earth material Sliding Movement of material as a coherent block Slumping sliding along a curved surface Soil slip sliding along tilted surface Rock slide sliding along planar surface Fow Movement of unconsolidated material Creep very slow flowage Earth flow debris flow and avalanche rapid flowage Types of Landslides cont oMany landslides are complex combinations of sliding and flowage Classification of downslope movements Mechanism of movement flow or slide Type of earth material Amount of water present Rate of movement Eurwd lime flunk ll Fiance oung gligmnsr i315rolicreapa Upper slump g Huck Jump F Complex mela Forces of Slopes Driving forces move materials downslope Weight of slope material Examples vegetation fill material or buildings Resisting forces oppose downslope movement Most common is shear strength of the material Resistance of material to sliding or flowing along slip planes Slope stability measured by safety factor SF Ratio of resisting forces to driving forces Stable when gt1 unstable lt1 Forces on Slopes con driving force on slopes is gravity Driving and resisting forces determined by interrelationships of Type of earth materials Slope angle and topography Climate Vegetation because it keeps the soil and the roots in place stable Water Time due to gravity If we put a heavy weight on an weak object time and gravity will make the object break Cont The Role of Earth Material Type Can affect both the type and frequency of movement mportant characteristics Mineral composition Degree of cementation or consolidation Presence of zones of weakness Ability of material to transmit water Mineral composition Shale or weak volcanic pyroclastic materials failure occurs as creep earth flows debris flows or slumps Rock falls occur when very resistant rock overlies weak rock


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