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Week 6 notes

by: Morgan Smith

Week 6 notes 2203

Morgan Smith
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

Robert Frost
American Literature Since 1880
Eric Goldman
Class Notes
robert frost
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Smith on Wednesday March 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2203 at University of Connecticut taught by Eric Goldman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see American Literature Since 1880 in Foreign Language at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 03/09/16
English 2203 3/1 03/01/2016 ▯ Frost  Iambic pentameter in Ax Helve  No rhymes- blank verse o Old meter with no rhyme scheme  Ordinary and colloquial diction  Uses old structure to express concerns of his generation  What happens in mass production world o Between people and the objects they use o Between people and people  Suspicious paranoid narrator  Narrative poem : character and conflict  Industrialization/ change of lifestyle o Taking your time from haste of modernity  Axe the narrator has- grain cuts across the curve o Less workmanship o Machine can’t see the grain or curvature of wood o Alienation of people from the things they use  Narrator o Modern character trains o Suspicious about things offered or free  Thinks Baptiste is trying to sell something  Baptiste wants praise about the ax  “exchange” mentality o individuality/ no socializing o guilty about cutting trees which he personifies  themes o natural vs unnatural  plot o narrator interrupted by Baptiste- pissed about it o narrator judges Baptiste- judgey and suspicious o narrator begins to admire/appreciate Baptiste even shares his point of view on education  ax’s are stamped out by machines and so are students  cookie cutter mass education o at the end of the poem narrator withdraws back into suspicion o snake in the garden of evil- negative image  the rocking chair of Mrs. Baptiste o forward and backward motion  allusion to snake in garden of eden o ax to satan o satan’s sin is pride  Baptiste is very proud  Comparing Baptiste to Satan  Narrator is also proud- doesn’t want to be second fiddle to Baptiste  Projecting own anger onto Baptiste  Give Adam and Eve a taste of the world outside- Baptiste doesn’t let him stay in ignorance ▯ Design  Repetition of white (flower, spider, moth)  Usually good but color seems to be evil, meaningless, blankness  Petrarchan sonnet o Elaborate design abbaabba cdccdd o Iambic pentameter  Is there a design in the universe? o Poem itself has an elaborate design  If evil exists, how could a benevolent creator allow it to exist  Justice vs. chance  Morality vs. modernity  Direction of universe? Guided? Adrift?  Contexts o WWI o Darwinian revolution in views of nature  White flower is usually blue  World of design vs. world of chance  Co-evolution/mutation  Spider is eating the moth for fun- playing with its food  Irony o Situation—scene of death takes place on a heal-all o Verbal ▯ Review for Midterm  Change  Gender roles in women  Irony o Dramatic irony: literary form of irony. Audience knows what the character doesn’t know. Doing the opposite you know you should do  Trifles- audience knows more  Audience has priveledged info the characters don’t o Situational irony: difference between what you think should take place and what actually does  Design: heal-all has death scene on it  ▯ ▯


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